Stephanie Villa


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Year Album Artist
2014 New Ways: Music From the Documentary I Dream of Wires Solvent Mastering
2012 Mars Sinkane Mastering
2010 Jauría Jauría Mastering
2010 Subject to Shift Solvent Mastering
2010 The Restless Striking Back Mastering
2010 The Way I Fell In The Morning Of Mastering
2009 Greatest Hits, Vol. 16 The Donnas Mastering Assistant
2009 Little Parts Kate Higgins Mastering Assistant
2009 Sinkane Sinkane Mastering
2009 Somewhere Else Stephen Lawrenson Mastering
2008 Advances Kinch Mastering
2008 Eric Sardinas and Big Motor Eric Sardinas Assistant
2008 Indigo Red [Irma] Amana Melome Mastering
2008 Instantaneous Koa'Uka Mastering
2008 The Ocean and the Sun The Sound of Animals Fighting Mastering
2007 Bitchin' The Donnas Guitar Technician, Mastering Assistant, Drum Technician, Bass Technician
2007 Breathing Under Water Jean Mazzei Mastering
2007 Libbie Schrader Libbie Schrader Assistant
2007 Tiger & the Duke The Sound of Animals Fighting Mastering
2006 Everything Is Now Michael Bross Mastering
2006 Lover, The Lord Has Left Us... The Sound of Animals Fighting Mastering
2006 Oaksong Advanced Bliss Mastering
2006 The Middle Man Brandon Rice Mastering
2005 S.O.L. Lucky Leo Mastering
2003 The Length of the Day Brax Engineer
EP Nate Jones Band Mastering
Every Single Day Thomas Hornig Mastering
Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 The Alley Cats Mastering
Just a Machine Piqued Jacks Mastering
On The Run Truckstop Mastering
Pasta Sunday John Trusso Mastering
Sabung El Haru Kuroi Mastering
Winter Moon: Songs For Christmas Mindy Gledhill Mastering