Stefan Granados


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Year Album Artist
2017 On Our Way Home Mortimer Liner Notes, A&R
2015 Who's Wrong? Mod Bedlam 1965-1969 The Truth Producer, Liner Notes
2013 Something About Suburbia: The Sixties Sounds of Tim Andrews Tim Andrews Reissue Producer, Liner Notes, A&R
2011 Shy Boy: The Complete Recordings 1967-1969 Kippington Lodge Reissue Producer, Liner Notes
2010 The Irrepressible Tymon Dogg: A Collection 1968-2009 Tymon Dogg Producer, Liner Notes, Annotation
2009 Everything's Alright: The Complete Recordings The Mojos Liner Notes
2009 The Decca Years 1965-68 The Majority Producer, Liner Notes
2009 With a Little Help from My Friends Young Idea Producer, Liner Notes, Annotation
2008 Glass Menagerie Liner Notes
2008 Let's Live for Today: The Rokes in English 1966-1968 The Rokes Producer, Liner Notes
2008 Treacle Toffee World: Further Adventures into the Pop-Psych Sounds from the Apple Era 1967-1969 Producer, Liner Notes
2007 Around the BBC Grapefruit Producer, Liner Notes
2007 Jawbone Jawbone Producer, Liner Notes
2007 Revola Rock Machine Turns You On Compilation Producer, Reissue Producer
2007 Strange Light from the East: The Complete Recordings 1966-1969 Tuesday's Children Producer, Liner Notes, Annotation
2007 Swinging London: A Trunk Full of 60s Pop Exotica Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
2007 Time Time Time: The Complete UK Singles (And More) 1965-1967 The Knack Producer, Liner Notes
2007 What's the Rush, Time Machine Man?: Psychedelic Jumble, Vol. 1 Producer, Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
2006 An Apple a Day: More Pop Psych Sounds from the Apple Era 1968-1970 Producer, Liner Notes, Concept
2006 Listen to the Sky: The Complete Recordings 1964-1969 The Others Producer, Liner Notes
2006 The Further Adventures of Flossie Fillett: The Complete Recordings Turquoise Producer, Liner Notes
2006 Tomorrow Never Knows - The Pop Sike World of the Mirage: Singles & Lost Sessions The Mirage Producer, Liner Notes
2005 Rainbow Rockin' Chair: The Definitive Collection 1969-1971 Majority One Producer, Liner Notes, Concept, A&R
2003 94 Baker Street: The Pop-Psych Sounds of the Apple Era: 1967-1969 Producer, Liner Notes
1997 Restless Night...Plus Octopus Producer, Liner Notes
1973 Lemmings Bachdenkel Liner Notes
1969 The Fool The Fool Liner Notes
1968 Mortimer Mortimer Producer, Liner Notes
1968 The Five Day Week Straw People The Five Day Week Straw People Liner Notes, Coordination
1967 Two of a Kind Paul & Barry Ryan Liner Notes
A Groovy Kind of Love: The Complete LP's & Singles 1966-1968 The Mindbenders Compilation Producer, Liner Notes