Soul'd Out -- comprised of lead MC Diggy Mo, beatboxer and second-string MC Bro Hi, and producer/DJ Shinnosuke -- released their first album, a self-made limited-edition effort, in late 2002. The group uses a fairly pop-friendly approach to hip-hop, sporadically taking elements from the group members' respective influences to add touches of surprise to otherwise fairly formulaic party hip-hop. To the mix, Diggy Mo adds a few elements of his classical training (prior to mainstream success), Bro Hi adds small touches of beatboxing (he turned to hip-hop after being amazed at a Roots concert during Rahzel's prime), and Shinnosuke adds a strong pop-conscious R&B sensitivity, drawing from Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis as major influences. Touring with the Heartsdales, the band continued building a following, leading to a major-label single in ...
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