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Year Album Artist
2021 Coalescence Casey Dierlam / Kenneth Tse Mastering
2020 James Campbell, Clarinet James Campbell Mastering
2020 Fine Arts Brass Quintet Fine Arts Brass Quintet Mastering, Digital Transfers
2020 Christopher Leuba, horn Kevin Aanerud / Christopher Leuba Mastering
2018 Trumpeter Extraordinaire Thomas Stevens Mastering
2018 Snapshots Anthony Plog Mastering Engineer
2018 Los Angeles Brass Quintet Los Angeles Brass Quintet Mastering Engineer
2018 Brass Roots Stanley Chaloupka / Sharon Davis / Los Angeles Brass Quintet / Los Angeles Percussion Ensemble Mastering
2017 Westwood Wind Quintet Augmented Westwood Wind Quintet Mastering
2017 Mille Morte: Recital Pieces for Bassoon and Piano David Muller Mastering
2016 Rojak Rocks John D. Rojak Engineer, Producer
2016 Petite Delights: Romantic Music for Flute and Harp Arioso Duo Engineer
2016 Double Concertos for Violin & Clarinet: Richard Mills, Stephen Chatman, Paul Chihara, Thomas Christian David Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr / Walter Verdehr Digital Mastering
2016 American Images 7 Verdehr Trio Digital Mastering
2015 Prokofiev: Sonatas for Violin and Piano; Rachmaninov: Marguerite; Tchaikovsky: Melodie Jeanne Weiss / Sidney Weiss Mastering
2015 Fate and Fire Westwood Wind Quintet Mastering
2014 Sonatas for Violin and Piano by Copland, Ives & Maury Lowndes Maury / Myron Sandler Mastering
2014 Forever is Composed of Nows Annapolis Brass Quintet / Elaine Bonazzi / Heidi Lehwalder / John McDonough Digital Mastering
2014 Beethoven: Sonata No. 9 "Kreutzer"; Franck: Violin Sonata in A major Weiss Duo Mastering
2013 Saxophone Pictures Kenneth Tse Mastering
2013 Rainbow Sundae: Trios, Quartets & Quintet Westwood Wind Quintet Mastering
2012 Trumpet Fiesta: A Celebration of Rafael Mendez Wayne Bergeron / David Hickman / Robert Karon / Arturo Sandoval / James Wilt Engineer, Editing
2012 David Craighead: Organ David Craighead Digital Mastering
2012 A Harvest of 20th Century Bassoon Music Joseph W. Polisi / Leonard Sharrow Digital Mastering
2011 Tubby's Revenge New York Brass Quintet / New York Tuba Quartet Digital Mastering
2011 Eclecticism Carolyn Hove Engineer
2010 Sextuor à Vent Harvey Pittel / Westwood Wind Quintet Mastering, Digital Transfers
2009 European Adventure Jennifer Showalter Editing, Engineer, Mastering
2009 Duos for Cello and Bass Coenraad Bloemendal / Joel Quarrington Mastering
2007 Viola and the Winds James Dunham / Jack Sanders / Westwood Wind Quintet Engineer
2007 Tangos y Serenatas Alan Durst Editing, Engineer, Mastering
2007 Rainbo-Bo: The Man With the Golden Tuba Roger Bobo Digital Mastering, Engineer
2007 Alex Shapiro: Notes from the Kelp Alex Shapiro Mixing, Editing, Recording
2006 Brahms: Piano Sonata No. 3; Intermezzi; Rhapsody Zora Mihailovich Engineer
2005 Beyond Beethoven: 20th Century Chamber Music Les Amis Musicalles Editing, Engineer
2004 Chausson, Leclair, Debussy Weiss Duo Digital Processing, Engineer, Mastering
2002 Juggernaut Jeremy Justeson Digital Mastering, Digital Recording, Editing, Recording Supervision
2001 Woodwind Treasures Westwood Wind Quintet Mastering, Digital Transfers
2001 Alan Hovhaness Songs Alan Hovhaness Digital Mastering
2000 Vintage Woodwinds Saeculum Aureum Players Engineer
2000 Sergei Rachmaninoff: Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 36; Moments Musicaux, Op. 16; Preludes, Op. 3, Op. 23 and Op. 32 Zora Mihailovich Engineer
2000 Piano Dance: A 20th-Century Portrait Gloria Cheng Production Assistant
2000 Orion Saxophone Quartet with Special Guest, Harvey Pittel The Orion Saxophone Quartet Engineer
2000 Just Preludes: Jack Sanders, Guitar Jack Sanders Engineer, Editing, Mastering
2000 Balancing Act William Booth Engineer
1999 Intermezzo: Works of Martinu Michele Zukovsky Engineer
1999 Finesse Todd Oxford Balance Engineer, Editing, Mastering
1999 Douglas Hill: The Modern Horn Douglas Hill Mastering
1999 Continental Flavors Clayton Haslop / Jack Sanders Editing, Mastering, Recording
1998 Tania Gabrielle French: Chamber Music Editing, Engineer
1998 Spirits of Fire Summit Brass Artistic Producer, Editing, Engineer
1998 Rendezvous and Dreams Peter Christ Engineer
1998 Beethoven: Piano Concerto "Emperor"; Symphony No. 7 Gloria Cheng-Cochran Digital Editing
1997 Romantic Masterworks Lieurance Wind Quintet Digital Mastering
1997 Robert Planel: Concerto for Trumpet and Strings; Michael Conway Baker: Summit Concerto David Hickman Compilation Editing, Mastering
1997 Now Playing - James Thatcher, Horn James Thatcher Unknown Contributor Role
1997 Moving Along Harvey Pittel Engineer, Editing, Mastering, Balance Engineer, Recording Supervision, Recording
1997 Martinu: Chamber Music Michele Zukovsky Editing, Engineer, Mastering
1997 International Double Reed Society, 25th Anniversary International Double Reed Society Engineer, Editing, Digital Editing, Digital Tape Master
1997 Gravity Is Light Today Roger Bobo Engineer
1997 A Brassy Night at the Opera Thomas Bacon / David Hickman / Sam Pilafian / Timothy Russell Editing, Engineer
1996 Thomas Stevens, Trumpet Thomas Stevens Engineer, Mastering, Digital Tape Master
1996 The Making of a Medium, Vol. 5 Verdehr Trio Engineer
1996 The Carnival of Venus Allen Vizzutti Digital Mastering, Editing
1996 Splendor and the Brass: Festive Music of the Baroque Digital Mastering
1996 Skyrocket Allen Vizzutti Digital Mastering
1996 Orchestral Excerpts for Tuba Gene Pokorny Digital Mastering
1996 Chopin: Piano Sonatas 2 & 3; Polonaise Op. 44 Zora Mihailovich Engineer
1996 Beethoven: Quintet, Op.16; Trio, Op. 38 Amici Quartet Mastering
1996 Ascending to Superlatives Carolyn Hove Engineer
1996 20th Century Music for English Horn and Oboe Carolyn Hove Engineer
1995 Voices Within Digital Mastering, Editing
1995 Trumpet Vocalise Raymond Mase Digital Mastering
1995 The Legendary Trumpet Virtuosity of Rafael Méndez Volume I Rafael Méndez Digital Mastering, Transfers, Unknown Contributor Role
1995 The Legacy Rafael Méndez Digital Editing, Mastering, Transfers
1995 Summit Brass: Paving the Way Summit Brass Editing, Engineer
1995 Shared Reflection Philip Farkas Mastering Engineer
1995 Orchestral Excerpts for Horn David Krehbiel Editing, Engineer
1995 Orchestral Excerpts for Bass Trombone Michael Mulcahy / Jeffrey Reynolds Editing, Engineer, Mastering Engineer
1995 Olivier Messiaen: Quartet for the End of Time Amici Quartet Digital Mastering
1995 Mendelssohn: Symphony No.4/Violin Concerto Op.64/A Midsummer Night's Dream Engineer, Unknown Contributor Role
1995 Hope's Journey: The Music of Michael Conway Baker Michael Davis / David Hickman / Timothy Russell Editing
1995 Getting It Together Travelin' Light Digital Mastering
1995 Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 1 Aeborsold & Neiweem Piano Duo Digital Mastering
1994 The Manhattan Transfer Meets Tubby the Tuba The Manhattan Transfer Editing
1993 Walter Cosand plays Music by Ned Rorem, David Cohen, Holon Matthews & Walter Aschaffenburg Walter Cosand Editing, Engineer
1993 Pops Saint Louis Brass Engineer, Editing
1993 Orchestral Excerpts for Trombone Ralph Sauer Editing, Engineer
1993 Olivier Messiaen: Et Expecto Resurrectionem Mortuorum; Silvestre Revueltas: Homenaje a Garcías Lorca Ensemble 21 Editing
1993 Ives: Variations on a National Hymn kx3; Persichetti: Hollow Men Op25 David Hickman / Naples Philharmonic / Timothy Russell / Todd Wilson Editing
1993 A Musical Painting Comes to Life David DeBolt Mastering
1992 The Christmas Songs & Carols Hollywood Trombones Producer, Engineer, Trombone
1992 Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker Naples Philharmonic / Timothy Russell Digital Editing
1992 Slide Area Joseph Alessi Engineer
1992 John Cerminaro, Horn John Cerminaro Engineer
1992 Delights Summit Brass Editing, Engineer
1991 The Golden Age of Brass, Vol. 2 American Serenade Band / David Hickman / Mark Lawrence Editing, Engineer
1991 Summit Brass: American Tribute Summit Brass Editing
1991 Music of the Civil War Americus Brass Band Producer, Editing, Mastering, Engineer
1991 Joan Tower: Music for Clarinet Robert Spring Editing, Engineer
1990 Weiss Duo in Recital: Mozart & Grieg Weiss Duo Editing, Engineer
1990 The Trumpet in Baroque Chamber Settings Anthony Plog Editing, Engineer
1990 The Mystery Man Mike Garson Engineer
1990 The Golden Age of Brass, Vol. 1 American Serenade Band / David Hickman / Mark Lawrence Editing, Engineer
1990 Hindemith: Complete Brass Works Summit Brass Editing, Engineer
1990 Claude Debussy: Clair de lune; La Terrasse des audiences du clair de lune; Ondine; Images, Book I Caio Pagano Editing, Engineer
1990 Beethoven: Sonata Op. 10/3; Sonata Op 53 (Waldstein); Für Elise Caio Pagano Editing, Engineer
1990 Anthony Plog: Colors for Brass St. Louis Brass Quintet / Summit Brass Editing, Engineer
1989 Toccata & Fugue Summit Brass Editing, Engineer, Producer
1988 Bartok, Guiliani, Kohn, Leisener, Sarasate, Sarasate/Bizet Clayton Haslop / Jack Sanders Editing, Engineer
1978 The Big Trombone & Sterling Brass David Hickman / Daniel Perantoni / Jeffrey Reynolds Digital Transfers, Engineer, Mastering
1969 Wilmer & the Dukes Wilmer & the Dukes Trombone
Wind Effusions Danilo Lozano / David Muller Mastering
Voices of Trumpets and Organ Byron Pearson / Donald R. Tison / Arthur Vidrich Digital Mastering
Trumpet Sounds Michael Chunn Digital Mastering
The Tubadours The Mighty Tubadours Engineer
The First Carnegie Hall Euphonium Recital Brian Bowman Mastering Engineer
Sonatas by Beethoven, Hindemith and Heiden John Cerminaro Engineer
Screamers: Difficult Works for the Horn John Cerminaro Engineer, Mastering
Saint-Saëns, Martinu, Rabaud, Bjelinski, Ladmirault Michael Edwards Editing, Mastering, Recording
Roger Bobo: Tuba Libera Roger Bobo Editing
Philharmonic Brass Philharmonic Brass Digital Transfers, Mastering Engineer
Paper Clips: Works for Trombone Andrew Malloy Engineer
Music for Koto and Flute Engineer
Mendelssohn: Concerto in D Minor; Haydn: Concerto in F Major Weiss Duo Engineer
Love Letters David Shostac Digital Transfers, Mastering
Halsey Stevens: Sonata for Trombone: Henry Cowell: Hymna and Fuguing Tune; Bernstein: Elegy for Mippy II Ronald Borror Digital Transfers, Mastering
Frøydis Ree Wekre, Horn Frøydis Ree Wekre Engineer
Brassucopia Chicago Brass Quintet Mastering
Brahms: Two Sonatas for Clarinet & Piano Mitchell Lurie Mastering
Biggs: Songs of laughter, Love, and Tears; Gold: Songs of Love and Parting; Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Coplas Engineer
Bassoon Power David Breidenthal Digital Mastering, Engineer
Alec Wilder: Woodwind Quintets Nos. 5, 7, 8, 10 & 12 Solaris Wind Quintet Mastering
20th Century Settings for Trumpet Anthony Plog Engineer