The experimental pop project of Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss, Sleigh Bells combine sugary hooks with a loud, rhythmic crunch. Just how they juxtaposed these elements changed with almost every album. On 2011's acclaimed debut album Treats, they pitted hip-hop beats against punk riffs and Krauss' pure pop vocals; on 2012's Reign of Terror, they paired R&B and hair metal. By the time of 2016's Jessica Rabbit, Sleigh Bells were capable of moments of vulnerability that hit just as hard as their outbursts. The duo rang in the 2020s with 2021's Texis, an album that reaffirmed their status as innovators who foreshadowed the rise of hyperpop, Grimes, Poppy, and other artists who brazenly ignored genre boundaries and united the extremes of sweet and heavy. Sleigh Bells formed in 2008 in New York, where Miller (a Florida native and onetime ...
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