This four-piece band from Hamilton, Ontario, was formed in 1973 by Edgar Breau on lead guitar and vocals, Kevin Christoff on bass, Neil DeMerchant on drums, and Ping Romany on electronics. Though Simply Saucer had the guts to bring together tremendous influences from rock's past, including the Velvet Underground, early Pink Floyd, and the Stooges, the band was hardly noticed outside of its local area. After numerous lineup changes and shifts in sound, Simply Saucer disbanded by the end of the '70s, leaving only partial live recordings and a few studio tracks produced by Bob and Daniel Lanois in their basement. The Lanois brothers would become super-producers, but the only lasting product of that time was a reissue on Fistpuppet/Cargo, which includes the original Lanois recordings and some live tracks recorded on top of a shopping mall in ...
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Half Human, Half Live 2008 Half Human, Half Live
Cyborgs Revisited 1994 Cyborgs Revisited
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