Siggi Bemm


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Year Album Artist
2012 The Scarred People Tiamat Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Mixing, Keyboards, Vocals (Background), Mastering, Composer
2010 The Music Of Led Zeppelin Indigo Strings / Kazda / Jan Kazda Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2009 We Should Believe Without Wax Producer
2008 Sworn Allegiance/Where No Life Dwells Unleashed Engineer
2008 Viking Raids - 1991-2004: Best of Unleashed Unleashed Engineer
2007 A Rose of the Dead/In Perspect Theatre of Tragedy Mixing
2007 Aeonics: An Anthology Samael Engineer, Mixing
2007 Commandments: An Anthology Tiamat Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2007 Faith Eyes of Eden Engineer
2007 Illumination Tristania Engineer
2007 Thanatiphoro Anthologio Rotting Christ Mixing, Mastering
2006 Emissaries Melechesh Supervisor
2006 Era One + Lesson in Magic Samael Mixing
2006 Memorial Moonspell Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant, Assistant Producer
2006 The Church of Tiamat [DVD] Church of Tiamat Mixing
2005 Accessories: Rarities & B-Sides The Gathering Engineer, Mixing
2005 Razorbliss Flowing Tears Engineer
2004 Incorporated Grip Inc. Engineer
2004 The Other Side Farmer Boys Mixing, Mastering, Mixing Engineer
2003 S.E.T.I. Kovenant Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Bass, Mastering
2003 Two Originals Theatre of Tragedy Mixing
2003 Why? Mercury Tide Producer, Engineer, Mastering
2002 Kill My Super Ego Colour Trip Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2002 Of Human Bondage Angel Dust Engineer
2002 Serpentine Flowing Tears Engineer, Mastering
2002 Shadow Hearts Caliban Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2002 Shadows in the Deep/Across the Open Sea Unleashed Engineer
2001 Border of Reality Angel Dust Mixing, Mastering
2001 Closure: Live Theatre of Tragedy Mixing
2001 Heute Vor Dreissig Jahren Peter Maffay Producer
2001 Unleashed Memories Lacuna Coil Engineer
2000 Deggial Therion Producer
2000 Enlighten the Darkness Angel Dust Producer, Vocals
2000 Inperspective Theatre of Tragedy Mixing
1999 All Little Devils Dismal Euphony Engineer, Mastering
1999 Metal Dreams Producer
1999 Second War in Heavan Seven Witches Vocals
1999 Small Is Beautiful Uncle Ho Mixing
1999 Solidify Grip Inc. Engineer
1998 Aegis Theatre of Tragedy Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1998 Frozen Sentenced Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
1998 Nexus Polaris Kovenant Producer, Mastering
1998 Sin/Pecado Moonspell Mixing
1997 A Dead Poem Rotting Christ Mixing, Mastering
1997 A Deeper Kind of Slumber Tiamat Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1997 Down Sentenced Engineer, Audio Engineer
1997 Nemesis Grip Inc. Engineer
1997 Nighttime Birds The Gathering Producer, Engineer
1997 The Other Side Alastis Engineer
1996 Feel Sorry for the Fanatic Morgoth Engineer
1996 Irreligious Moonspell Engineer
1996 Scenarios of Violence Kreator Producer, Engineer, Remixing, Sampling, Digital Remastering
1996 Tribute To Judas Priest Legends Of Metal Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1995 Backyards of Pleasure Tom Mega Engineer, Mixing
1995 Grandmother's Teaching Harry Beckett / Marilyn Mazur / Chris McGregor Engineer
1995 Mandylion The Gathering Producer, Engineer, Liner Notes
1995 Power of Inner Strength/Nemesis Grip Inc. Engineer
1995 Rebellion Samael Engineer, Mixing
1994 Ceremony of Opposites Samael Assistant Engineer
1994 Ceremony of Opposites/Rebellion Samael Engineer, Mixing, Assistant Engineer
1994 Wildhoney Tiamat Engineer
1994 Wildhoney/Gaia Tiamat Engineer
1993 Odium Morgoth Engineer, Mixing
1992 Clouds Tiamat Engineer
1992 Jacques Brel [ITM] Jacques Brel Engineer
1992 Shadows in the Deep Unleashed Engineer
1992 Square Dance Intergalactic Maiden Ballet Engineer
1991 Cursed Morgoth Engineer
1991 The Astral Sleep Tiamat Engineer
1991 Where No Life Dwells Unleashed Engineer
Discography Peter Kowald Engineer
Gothic Spirits, Vol. 16 Composer