Sigfrid Karg-Elert

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German composer and organist Sigfrid Karg-Elert, though not widely known, had a prodigious output, having composed his greatest bulk of work for the organ and harmonium. A reappraisal of his work began…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Nun danket alle Gott, marche triomphale (chorale improvisation) for organ (& brass ad lib), Op. 65/59 1908 03:51 Chamber Music Keyboard
Homage to Handel, 54 studies for organ in variation form on a bass of Handel, Op. 75b 1922 16:15 Keyboard
Marche triomphale for organ 04:11 Chamber Music
Sonata Appassionata for flute solo in F sharp Minor, Op. 140 1917 04:51 Chamber Music
Ach bleib mit deiner Gnade, Symphonic Chorale for organ, Op. 87/1 07:56 Keyboard
Symphonic Canzone for flute & piano, Op 114 09:08 Chamber Music
Pastels (3) for organ, Op 92 16:01 Keyboard
Jugend, for flute, clarinet, horn & piano, Op. 139a 1919 18:42 Chamber Music
Symphony for organ in F sharp minor, Op 143 32:21 Keyboard
Fuge, Kanzone und Epilog for organ, Op 85/3 10:58 Keyboard
Rondo alla campanella, for organ, Op. 156 1931 04:16 Keyboard
Sonata for flute & piano in B major, Op. 121 1918 15:45 Chamber Music
Fugue on a Credo theme, for organ 04:28 Keyboard
Aus meinen Herzens Grunde, for organ, Op. 78/3 03:31 Keyboard
Introitus, for organ, Op. 154 1932 02:18 Keyboard
Passacaglia and Fugue for organ on B-A-C-H, Op. 150 19:49 Keyboard
Arrangement of Bach's Adagio (Air célèbre), BWV 1068 06:23 Keyboard
Chorale improvisation & fugue after Bach's "Singt dem Herrn ein neues Lied" (BWV 225) 1909 08:46 Keyboard
Suite pointillistique, for flute & piano, Op. 135 1919 19:43 Chamber Music
Kaleidoscope for organ in E minor, Op 11 20:23 Keyboard
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