Si Song Li

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Year Album Artist
2010 Sparklers Amber Kuo Composer
2009 Alan Tam & Hacken Lee Live 2009 Hacken Lee / Alan Tam Composer
2008 Back to Black Series: Ai Nai Duo Yi Xie "Jing Jacky Cheung Composer
2008 Bao Jian (4 CD) Composer
2008 Concert Hall Hacken Lee Composer
2008 It's My Day Fiona Sit Composer
2008 Jam Hsiao Jam Hsiao Composer
2008 Jing's Note Jing Huang Composer
2007 My Story 2006 Best Selected Stefanie Sun Composer, Lyricist, Producer
2007 No. 1 Hits Hacken Lee Composer
2007 The Power Of Love 1996-2006 A-Mei Producer
2006 Complete Sammi Cheng Producer
2006 De Xin Ying Shou Yan Chang Hui 2006 Hacken Lee Composer
2006 Love & Symphony/Music Horizons Live Jacky Cheung Composer
2006 Love Songs For Myself Gigi Leung Composer
2005 AK Trilogy: Yours Truly Greatest Hits Aaron Kwok Producer
2005 Ai Yu Jiao Xiang Qu Jacky Cheung Composer
2005 E Lang Chuan Shou Jacky Cheung Composer
2005 Liu Hang Zuo Pin Gang Qin Ji By Heart Composer
2005 Mi Century Sammi Cheng Producer
2005 Shi Fang Zi Ji Jacky Cheung Composer
2005 Zhang Xue You Qing Ge Sui Yue Jing Xuan Jacky Cheung Composer
2005 Zhen Ai: Xin Qu + Zhen Zheng Jing Xuan Jacky Cheung Composer
2005 Zi Yuen Yi Sheng Ai Yi Ren Jacky Cheung Composer
2004 Qing Qing Ta Ta Yan Chang Huai 2002 Hacken Lee Composer
2004 Stefanie Stefanie Sun Composer
2003 Alan Tam & Hacken Lee Live 2003 Alan Tam Composer
2003 Custom Made Hacken Lee Composer
2003 Music Odyssey Grand Finale Jacky Cheung Composer
2003 To Be Continued... Stefanie Sun Composer, Producer
2002 Leave Stefanie Sun Composer, Producer
2002 Sun Yan-Zi Start Concert Stefanie Sun Composer
2002 Zhen Jin Dian Priscilla Chan Composer
2001 2000 Live Concert Stefanie Sun Composer, Producer
2001 Fei Hua Hacken Lee Composer
2001 First Time Yuki Masuyama Producer
2001 I Am Not an Angel Na Ying Vocal Producer, Producer
2001 Kite Stefanie Sun Composer
2001 Piano Hits of Jacky Cheung By Heart Composer
2001 San Nian Liang Yu Jacky Cheung Composer
2001 Truth A-Mei Producer
2000 Huan Qiu Yi Shuang Qing Yuan Xi Lie Priscilla Chan Composer
2000 Sun Yan-Zi Stefanie Sun Executive Producer, Composer, Lyricist, Producer
1999 Huan Qiu 2000 Chao Ju Xing Xi Lie Priscilla Chan Composer
1999 So Afraid Aaron Kwok Lyricist, Producer
1999 You Ge Ren Yan Chang Hui 1999 Jacky Cheung Composer
1997 Ban Li Jin 88 Ji Pin Yin Se Xi Lie Priscilla Chan Composer
1996 Wang Ji Ni Wo Zuo Bu Dao Jacky Cheung Composer
1995 Guo Min Shi Jie Jacky Cheung Composer
1995 Yong You Jacky Cheung Composer
2 Her Composer, Producer
Alone Doesn't Mean Lonely Hsiao Huang Chi Composer
Back to Priscilla: 30th Anniversary Collections Priscilla Chan Composer
Cantonese 101 Composer
Chen Hui Xian 32 Shou Xuan Priscilla Chan Composer
Cliff To the Heaven Jess Lee Composer
Dragon Heart Ron Korb Composer
Drama 35 Composer
Edmond Hits 48 Edmond Leung Composer
Friendless Collection Hacken Lee Composer
Hacken Lee & Hong Kong Sinfonietta Concert Hall 2011 Hacken Lee Composer
Hacken Lee Friendless Collection Hacken Lee Composer
Hins Cheung Unplugged in Guangzhou Hins Cheung Composer
Hsun Hsien Chi Shih Hsin Hsuan Chi Eric Moo Composer
Huan Qiu Ci Xuan-Zhou Li Mao Composer
Jacky Cheung 15 [2019] Jacky Cheung Composer
Jacky Cheung In Concert '95 Jacky Cheung Composer
Jam Wild Dreams Jam Hsiao Composer
Jam's Live World Tour Taipei 2012 Jam Hsiao Composer
Love Storm Jess Lee Composer
Love Tiger Huang [09 Exclusive New EP] Tiger Huang Composer
My Dearest A-Mei: The Music Within Me A-Mei Producer
My Desired Happiness Stefanie Sun Executive Producer, Composer, Producer
My Story, Your Song: 2006 Greatest Hits Collection Stefanie Sun Composer, Producer
Myself World Tour: Live Jolin Tsai Composer
Ni De Ke Qin Yan Zou Ting Yan Chang Hui Hacken Lee Composer
OK Man Jing Huang Composer
Once Upon a Time Ron Korb Composer
One More Time, One More Chance Tiger Huang Composer
Princess 2.0 Jam Hsiao Composer
Qing Ge Ji Ivana Wong Composer
Reflection of Desire Jam Hsiao Composer
Ron Korb [Roi] Ron Korb Composer
Sha Qing Ge Jing Xuan Eric Moo Composer
Simple or Not Tiger Huang Composer
Thank You My Love Jess Lee Composer
The Lead [Original Soundtrack] Composer
The Moment Stefanie Sun Composer, Producer
The Power of Love, Vol. 3 Composer
Totally Giving Up Na Ying Composer
Tou Xin Jacky Cheung Composer
True Legend 101 Sammi Cheng Producer
True Legend 101 Aaron Kwok Producer
Unforgettable Sammi Cheng Producer
Women. Love: Best of Gigi Leung 2007 Gigi Leung Composer
Yi Qian Ling Yi Wan Cass Phang Composer
Yong Heng De Zhen Tan Yong Lin Jiu Qi Jin Qu Hui Gui Yan Chang Hui Alan Tam Composer
Zhang Xue You 4 He 1 Zhen Zang Ji Jacky Cheung Composer
Zhe Ge Dong Tian Bu Tai Leng Jacky Cheung Composer
Zuo Lin You Li Yan Chang Hui 2003 Alan Tam Composer