Between the years 1976 and 2000 -- years that bridge the gap in time from Howard Devoto's departure from Buzzcocks to the year in which Devoto and fellow Buzzcocks founder Pete Shelley began working together for a second time -- Shelley, as it is well-known, continued with Buzzcocks on through the next century with a breakup period that lasted most of the '80s. He also made some solo records and was involved with a short-lived band called Zip. Devoto formed Magazine after parting ways with Shelley in 1977 (after the release of Buzzcocks' infamous Spiral Scratch EP), a band that made three excellent post-punk records. After Magazine's end in 1981, Devoto briefly went solo and busied himself for a brief spate in the late '80s and early '90s as one half of the duo Luxuria. After that, he was perfectly content to leave music and work at a ...
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Buzzkunst 2002 Buzzkunst
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