Sheila Sachs


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Year Album Artist
2017 Borders Emptyset Design
2017 House and Land House and Land Design
2017 Illinois River Valley Blues Brokeback Design
2017 Song of the Rose Arbouretum Layout
2017 Stop Mute Defeat White Hills Layout
2017 Wesley Stace's John Wesley Harding Wesley Stace Design
2016 Become Zero Helen Money Design
2016 Don't Ever Give Up Andre Williams Design
2016 It's a World of Love & Hope Flat Five Design
2016 Light Falls Wrekmeister Harmonies Design
2016 Meridian Rising Paul Burch Design
2016 No One Deserves Happiness The Body Layout
2016 Real Lydia Loveless Design
2016 Schmilco Wilco Design
2016 Sunlit Cross Luke Roberts Design
2016 The Catastrophist Tortoise Design
2016 Unseen The Handsome Family Layout
2016 Whatever Forever Oozing Wound Design
2016 case/lang/veirs Neko Case / case/lang/veirs / k.d. lang / Laura Veirs Graphic Design
2015 Didn't He Ramble Glen Hansard Design, Layout
2015 Everybody's Boogie Dommengang Design
2015 Fall of Man Holy Sons Design
2015 Galactic Parables, Vol. 1 Exploding Star Orchestra / Rob Mazurek Package Design
2015 It Was Triumph We Once Proposed: Songs of Jason Molina Glen Hansard Design
2015 Life Dan Friel Design
2015 Star Wars Wilco Design
2015 Walks for Motorists White Hills Layout
2014 Alexandria Chris Mills & the Distant Stars Design
2014 Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown The Skull Defekts Design
2014 Earth Suck Oozing Wound Design
2014 Palo Colorado Dream Anthony Pirog Artwork, Design
2014 Return the Tides: Ascension Suite and Holy Ghost Black Cube SP / Rob Mazurek Artwork, Design
2014 Six Thalia Zedek / Thalia Zedek Band Design
2014 Then It All Came Down/You've Always Meant So Much to Me Wrekmeister Harmonies Layout
2014 Things Haven't Gone Well Music Blues Design
2014 Volume X Trans Am Design
2013 Alafia Sidi Touré Design
2013 Back to Land Wooden Shjips Layout
2013 Beija Flors Velho e Sujo São Paulo Underground Design
2013 Brokeback and the Black Rock Brokeback Design
2013 Christs, Redeemers The Body Layout
2013 Coming Out of the Fog Arbouretum Design
2013 Drifter's Temple Plankton Wat Layout
2013 Drive All Night Glen Hansard Design
2013 Fevers Paul Burch Design
2013 Isles Wild Belle Design
2013 Mediation of Ecstatic Energy Dustin Wong Design
2013 Retrash Oozing Wound Design
2013 Self-Titled Wesley Stace Design
2013 Skull Sessions Rob Mazurek / Rob Mazurek Octet Design
2013 The Space Between Rob Mazurek / Rob Mazurek Exploding Star Electro Acoustic Ensemble Design
2013 Wilderness The Handsome Family Design, Layout
2012 Bright Light in Winter Jeff Parker / Jeff Parker Trio Photography, Design
2012 Golden Void Golden Void Design
2012 I Like to Keep Myself in Pain Kelly Hogan Artwork
2012 Nightclub Andre Williams Design
2012 Occupied with the Unspoken Golden Retriever Design
2012 Runner The Sea and Cake Design
2012 The Well Megan Reilly Design
2012 Third Mouth Alexander Tucker Design
2011 Anar Markéta Irglová Layout
2011 Double Demon Starlicker Design
2011 Firewire Lateef the Truthspeaker Layout
2011 Lost in the Glare Barn Owl Design
2011 Peer Amid The Skull Defekts Design
2011 Riot Now! Eleventh Dream Day Design
2011 The Gathering Arbouretum Design
2011 The Moonlight Butterfly The Sea and Cake Design
2011 The Sound of His Own Voice John Wesley Harding Design
2011 Tres Cabeças Loucuras São Paulo Underground Design
2010 Ancestral Star Barn Owl Design
2010 Infinite Love Dustin Wong Layout
2010 Ironto Special Black Twig Pickers Design
2010 Keyboard City Salvador Santana Layout Assistance
2010 Sonoi Sonoi Layout
2010 Stars Have Shapes Exploding Star Orchestra Design
2009 ...And the Horse You Rode in On The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir Design
2009 Honey Moon The Handsome Family Layout Assistance
2009 Of the Cathmawr Yards The Horse's Ha Design
2009 Yellowhammers Yellowhammers Design
2008 Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra Bill Dixon / Exploding Star Orchestra Design
2008 Car Alarm The Sea and Cake Design
2008 Human Bell Human Bell Design
2008 Super Epic Thrill Jockey Mega Massive Anniversary Mix Trey Told 'Em Design
2008 You Are All My People I'm Not Jim Design
2007 Black Pompadour The Zincs Artwork
2007 Everybody The Sea and Cake Design
2007 Glitter Glamour Atrocity White Hills Layout
2007 Heavy International The Eternals Assistant
2007 King for a Day Bobby Conn Layout Design
2007 Make It Stop! The Most of Ross Johnson Ross Johnson Design
2007 Rites of Uncovering Arbouretum Layout Design
2007 Sex Change Trans Am Layout Design
2007 We Are All from Somewhere Else Exploding Star Orchestra Design
2006 'Sno Angel Like You Howe Gelb Design
2006 A Lazarus Taxon Tortoise Design
2006 Animal Crackers Wee Hairy Beasties Design
2006 Come on Like the Fast Lane The Silos Layout Design
2006 East to West Paul Burch Artwork, Design
2006 In Praise of Shadows Chicago Underground Duo Design
2006 Last Days of Wonder The Handsome Family Design Associate
2006 Let Your Ghost Go Megan Reilly Design
2006 Moving Rhymes for Modern Times Jim Gill Illustrations, Design
2006 Pyramids Pit Er Pat Layout Assistance
2006 Up Above Town and Country Layout Design
2006 Zeroes and Ones Eleventh Dream Day Design
2005 Arizona Amp and Alternator Arizona Amp and Alternator Design
2005 Dimmer The Zincs Portraits
2005 Evergreen Evergreen Artwork
2005 Go Lightnin' Joel Paterson Design
2005 In Your Lonesome Town Devil in a Woodpile Design
2005 In the Reins Calexico / Iron & Wine Design
2005 Live Classics, Vol. 1 Bobby Conn / Bobby Conn & The Glass Gypsies Design
2005 New Folk, New Blues Scott Rosenberg Design
2005 Rivers Roll on By Jim & Jennie and the Pinetops Design
2005 Shakey Pit Er Pat Layout Assistance
2005 The Relatives Jeff Parker Design
2005 The Soul and Gone Harris Eisenstadt Design
2005 Thinking of You Freakwater Design
2005 Universe and Villa Le Concorde Design, Cover Photo
2005 Who's Your New Professor Sam Prekop Design
2005 Wilderness Archer Prewitt Design, Layout Design
2004 Back Together Again Fred Anderson / Hamid Drake Design
2004 Don't Cry to Me Jimmy Martin Package Design
2004 Gasps & Fissures Kyle Bruckmann Design
2004 Heron King Blues Califone Pre-Press Layout
2004 In Chicago There Is Willy Exciting Trio Design
2004 It's All Around You Tortoise Pre-Press Layout
2004 Le Concorde Le Concorde Design, Cover Photo
2004 Leaves Leader Grimble Grumble Design
2004 Out of Season Dave Rempis Design
2004 Popcorn The Coctails Design, Layout Design
2004 Rawar Style The Eternals Design
2004 Shed Grace Sticks and Stones Design
2004 Slon Chicago Underground Trio Design
2004 The Homeland Bobby Conn / Bobby Conn & The Glass Gypsies Design
2004 Til the Dawn Nora O'Connor Design
2004 Trust Not Those in Whom Without Some Touch Of Madness Thalia Zedek Design
2003 3 The Dishes Design
2003 5 Town and Country Design
2003 Afternoon Owls The Kingsbury Manx Design
2003 Document Chicago: New Jazz and Improvisation Various: Document Chicago Design
2003 Dragging Wonder Lake Janet Beveridge Bean / Janet Beveridge Bean and the Concertina Wire Design
2003 Fool for Love Paul Burch Design
2003 Forms and Follies The Lonesome Organist Design
2003 Glass The Sea and Cake Design
2003 How to Create Words Grey Ghost Design
2003 In Seed Comes Fruit Poi Dog Pondering Repackaging Design
2003 Looks at the Bird Brokeback Design
2003 Missing Dragons A Grape Dope Design
2003 One Bedroom The Sea and Cake Design
2003 Plays and Sings/Nobody's Favorite Chris Mills Design
2003 Quicksand/Cradlesnakes Califone Design
2003 Rapid Croche Jason Roebke Design
2003 Singing Bones The Handsome Family Design Assistant
2003 Still Lookin' Good to Me Band of Blacky Ranchette Design
2003 The Goodbyes Have All Been Taken Deanna Varagona Design
2003 The Listener Howe Gelb Preparation
2003 Weary Already of the Way Matt Bauder Design
2002 Anniversary Sinister Luck Ensemble Design
2002 Axis and Alignment Chicago Underground Duo Design
2002 C'mon Town and Country Design
2002 Cover Magazine Giant Sand Design
2002 Cut Yourself a Switch Catherine Irwin Design
2002 Fed Plush Layout Design
2002 Impasse Richard Buckner Design
2002 Mansion Boas Design
2002 One More in the Cabin Jim & Jennie and the Pinetops Design
2002 Shadyside Sue Garner Design
2002 Silver Line Chris Mills Design
2002 Three Archer Prewitt Design, Layout Design
2001 Amorphic Winged Rob Mazurek Design
2001 Chicago Underground Quartet Chicago Underground Quartet Design
2001 Confluence Howe Gelb Design
2001 Duets 2001: Live at the Empty Bottle Fred Anderson / Robert Barry Design
2001 Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt Andrew Coleman Design
2001 Jim Gill's Irrational Anthem and More Salutes to Nonsense Jim Gill Design
2001 Morse Code in the Modern Age: Across the Americas Brokeback Design
2001 Roomsound Califone Repackaging Design
2001 Second Nature All Natural Design
2001 The Golden Age Bobby Conn Layout Design
2001 Viewfinder Pullman Layout Design
2001 World of Gold The Nerves Design
2000 Dark Edson Tiger Rick Rizzo Layout Design
2000 Decoration Day Town and Country Layout Design
2000 Division Street Devil in a Woodpile Design
2000 Imp Years The Spinanes Design, Layout Design
2000 It All Has to Do with It Town and Country Layout Design
2000 Kiss It Goodbye Chris Mills Design
2000 Oui The Sea and Cake Design
2000 Stalled Parade Eleventh Dream Day Design
2000 Synesthesia Chicago Underground Duo Design
2000 Tangled Messages Deanna Varagona Design
2000 The Hill Richard Buckner Package Design
1999 Cavalcade The Lonesome Organist Design
1999 End Time Freakwater Design
1999 Field Recordings from the Cook County Water Table Brokeback Sleeve Design
1999 Jim Gill Sings Do Re Mi on His Toe Leg Knee Jim Gill Design
1999 Llovessonngs Bobby Conn Layout Concept
1999 Natural Thing Poi Dog Pondering Repackaging Design
1999 Sam Prekop Sam Prekop Design
1999 White Sky Archer Prewitt Layout Design
1998 Awake John Wesley Harding Photography, Design, Redesign
1998 Cloudy Cloud Calculator Takako Minekawa Design
1998 Turnstyles and Junkpiles Pullman Artwork, Layout Design
1997 1 Ciao Bella Design
1997 Cosmic Gold Millennium Samarai Celestial Design
1997 Eighth Eleventh Dream Day Layout Design
1997 In the Sun Archer Prewitt Layout Design
1997 Liquid White Light Poi Dog Pondering Design
1997 Live in Chicago Cordell Jackson Design
1997 Roomic Cube Takako Minekawa Artwork
1997 Sticktoitiveness The Super Friendz Design
1996 A Digest Compendium of the Tortoise's World Tortoise Layout Design
1996 Coctails The Coctails CD Layout, Typesetting
1996 Electrique Plummagram Poi Dog Pondering Photography, Design
1996 Fried New Duncan Imperials Design
1996 Millions Now Living Will Never Die Tortoise Layout Assistance
1996 Pop American Style Artwork, Design
1996 Rotisserie Twist Civil Tones Design
1996 Stop the Ride Wake Ooloo Photography, Design, Cover Photo
1995 Jim Gill Makes It Noisy in Boise, Idaho Jim Gill Design
1995 Live in Chicago Tiny Tim Design
1995 Odessa The Handsome Family Computer Design
1995 Pomegranate Poi Dog Pondering Executive Producer, Design
1995 Pravda Records: 10 Year Anniversary Design
1995 Small Time Heroes Wanna Bees Design, Cover Collage
1995 What About It Wake Ooloo Design
1994 Palm Fabric Orchestra Poi Dog Pondering Design
1994 Parlez-Vous Francais? Willie Wisely Trio Design
1994 Star Power Design
1994 Vague Gropings in the Slip Stream Palm Fabric Orchestra Design
1993 Jim Gill Sings the Sneezing Song and Other Contagious Tunes Jim Gill Design
1993 Loserville New Duncan Imperials Design
1993 This Was the Service This Was the Service Photography, Design
1993 We're in a Band New Duncan Imperials Design
1992 20 More Explosive Fantastic Rockin' Mega Smash Hit Explosions! Design
1992 Fort Fun The Slugs Design
1992 Live in Chicago Hasil Adkins Design
1991 20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosions! Design
1991 The Hymns of Bucksnort New Duncan Imperials Design
1990 Hanky Panky Parley Voo! New Duncan Imperials Design
1988 Prairie School Freakout Eleventh Dream Day Design
Cicada Music Frank Rosaly Artwork, Design
Dorwytch Alexander Tucker Design
Explodes and Disappears Walter Salas-Humara Design
Quartet: Vortices Nate Lepine Design
Time and Temperature Judson Claiborne Design
We Have Not Doors You Need Not Keys Judson Claiborne Design
What's In Between Pedaljets Layout
Work, Pt. 1 Walter Salas-Humara Design