Serge Bortkiewicz

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Bortkiewicz studied at the Kharkov Music School, the St. Petersburg Conservatory, and the Leipzig Conservatory. He enjoyed some fame as a pianist but was best known as a composer and performer of his…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Preludes (10) for piano, Op.33 1927 Keyboard
Lamentations and Consolations (8), for piano, Op. 17 Orchestral
Etudes (10), for piano, Op.15 Keyboard
Etudes Nouvelles (12), for piano, Op. 29 ("Illustrées") Keyboard
Élégie for piano in C sharp major, Op. 46 Keyboard
Lyrica nova, for piano, Op. 59 1940 Keyboard
Arabische Nächte, ballet, Op. 37 Ballet
Preludes (7), for piano, Op.40 Keyboard
Morceaux (4) for piano, Op. 65 1947 Keyboard
Piano Sonata No. 2 in C sharp minor, Op. 60 1940 Keyboard
Im 3/4 Takt, for piano, Op. 48/2 Keyboard
Esquisses de Crimée, for piano, Op. 8 1908 Keyboard
Etude for piano in G sharp minor, Op.15/6 Keyboard
Aus andersens märchen-Ein musickalisches Bilderbuch, Op.30 Orchestral
Ballade for piano, Op.42 Keyboard
Etude for piano in D flat major, Op. 15/8 Keyboard
Piano Sonata in B major, Op. 9 1909 Keyboard
Prelude for piano in F sharp major, Op. 40/4 Keyboard
Russische Weisen und Tänze, Op. 31 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Suite for violin & piano (Four Pieces), Op. 63 1946 Chamber Music
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