Brash, soulful, and swaggering, the Seratones play R&B-infused rock & roll with the passion and ferocity of Etta James fronting the Sonics. Founded in Louisiana, the Seratones merge taut but rollicking rock & roll with strong blues and soul influences, while singer A.J. Haynes adds emotional heat as well as rollicking vocal firepower. The band first documented their sound on their 2016 debut album, Get Gone, while they added a bit of funk and production polish when they cut the follow-up, 2019's Power. The Seratones were formed in Shreveport by vocalist and guitarist A.J. Haynes, guitarist Connor Davis, and drummer Jesse Gabriel. The three were friends from the city's music community, and knew each other well from seeing shows together and playing in various short-lived bands. In time, they began working on music together, and when the ...
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Power 2019 Power
Get Gone 2016 Get Gone
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