Sean Moore


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Year Album Artist
2018 Damaged Goods [1988-2018] Composer
2013 Rewind the Film Manic Street Preachers Composer
2011 National Treasures: The Complete Singles Manic Street Preachers Group Member
2010 Essential Mixes Kylie Minogue Composer
2010 Essential: The 90s Composer
2010 Pure... Guitar Heroes Composer
2009 101 Indie Classics Composer
2009 Journal for Plague Lovers Manic Street Preachers Drums, Percussion, Group Member, Composer
2009 No More Heroes Sol.illaquists of Sound Violin, Trumpet
2008 100 Hits: Pop Composer
2008 I Love You Mum Composer
2008 One for the Lads Composer
2008 Top Gear Anthems 2008: Seriously Hot Driving Music Composer
2008 We Substitute Radiance Lid Embra Supervisor, Assembly
2007 Absolute Radio Hits Composer
2007 Confide in Me: The Irresistible Kylie Kylie Minogue Composer
2007 Generation Terrorists/Gold Against the Soul Manic Street Preachers Drums, Percussion, Programming, Vocals (Background), Group Member, Composer, Drum Programming
2007 Headliners: The Ultimate Festival Line Up Composer
2007 Oh No Not Stereo [EP] [2007] Oh No Not Stereo Chant
2007 Send Away the Tigers Manic Street Preachers Drums, Percussion
2007 So Lucky Noël Akchoté Composer
2007 The Brit Box: U.K. Indie, Shoegaze, and Brit-Pop Gems of the Last Millennium Drums, Vocals (Background), Composer
2006 Reason Isn't Radar Lid Emba Editing, Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar, Design, Generator
2006 The Sea & The Beast Band Marino Violin
2005 Cool Britannia [Universal] Composer
2005 Indie Anthems Composer
2005 Kylie Minogue/Impossible Princess Kylie Minogue Drums, Composer
2004 Always Right as in We Are Rory Violin
2004 Greatest Hits 87-99 Kylie Minogue Composer
2004 Lifeblood Manic Street Preachers Composer
2004 Popstars Live: The Finalists Composer
2004 Simply Rock Moods Composer
2004 The Artist Collection: Kylie Minogue [UK DVD] Kylie Minogue Composer
2003 CM2: Interpretation by Cornelius Cornelius Composer
2003 Hallucinations David Usher Composer
2003 Hang All DJ's, Vol. 3 Soulwax Composer
2003 Lipstick Traces: Secret History of Manic Manic Street Preachers Composer
2003 Live Forever: The Best of Britpop Composer
2003 M Traks, Vol. 1 Composer
2003 Man Made Filth Legion of Parasites Composer
2003 There by the Grace of God [Canada EP] Manic Street Preachers Composer
2002 Confide in Me Kylie Minogue Composer
2002 Country Classics Don Williams Composer
2002 Forever Delayed: The Greatest Hits Manic Street Preachers Composer
2002 Hits 50: 50 Tracks - 50 Hits! Composer
2002 Karaoke Rock in the UK Composer
2002 Q Anthems Composer
2002 Reloaded, Vol. 4 Composer
2002 XFM's the Remix Album Composer
2001 Greatest Number 1's Ever Greatest No 1 Singles Composer
2001 Know Your Enemy Manic Street Preachers Trumpet, Drums, Programming, Composer, Drum
2001 Modern Sound Files Composer
2001 Music: Today's Definitive Hits, Vol. 2 Composer
2001 Reloaded, Vol. 2 [Universal] Composer
2000 Best Anthems...Ever! [2000] Composer
2000 Best of British [Sony] Composer
2000 Hits + Kylie Minogue Composer
2000 Masses Against the Classes Manic Street Preachers Composer
2000 Music of the Millennium, Vol. 2 [Universal] Composer
2000 Touch My Soul, Vol. 14 Composer
1999 Cold Feet [Global] Composer
1999 Crossing All Over, Vol. 9 Composer
1999 Greatest Hits '99 Kylie Minogue Composer
1999 Intimate and Live Kylie Minogue Composer
1999 Music for Life: 38 Massive FM Hits Composer
1999 Music of the Millennium, Vol. 1 [Universal] Composer
1999 New Hits '99 Composer
1999 Platin, Vol. 6: Das Album der Megastars Composer
1999 The Everlasting, Pt. 2 Manic Street Preachers Composer
1999 Tsunami [CD Single] Manic Street Preachers Composer
1999 You Stole the Sun from My Heart [CD Single] Manic Street Preachers Composer
1998 Bravo Hits, Vol. 23 Composer
1998 Brothers Gonna Work It Out The Chemical Brothers Composer
1998 Ellis Island Sound Ellis Island Sound Composer
1998 Faster Gravity 3d5spd Sound Effects
1998 Impossible Remixes Kylie Minogue Composer
1998 Indie 2000, Vol. 2 Composer
1998 Mixes Kylie Minogue Composer
1998 Q 1998: Best Tracks from the Best Albums of 1998 Composer
1998 The Best of Shine Composer
1998 This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours Manic Street Preachers Drums, Programming, Composer
1998 You Stole the Sun from My Heart [Epic] Manic Street Preachers Composer
1997 Absolute Music, Vol. 26 Composer
1997 Impossible Princess Kylie Minogue Drums, Composer
1997 Love's Sweet Exile Manic Street Preachers Composer
1997 Some Kind of Bliss Kylie Minogue Composer
1997 This Is TripHop, Vol. 2 Composer
1997 Twin Town Composer
1997 You'll Never Walk Alone: The Hillsbough Justice Concert Composer
1996 Blues, Barrelhouse & Boogie Woogie: 1946-1955 Amos Milburn Composer
1996 Everything Must Go Manic Street Preachers Trumpet, Drums, Percussion, Vocals (Background), Soloist, Composer
1996 Huge Hits 1996 Composer
1995 Flower of Scotland Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Composer
1995 Rocks Off Composer
1995 Sharks Patrol These Waters Drums, Composer
1995 Tonnage: A Compilation Composer
1995 Wake Up & Listen Composer
1994 The Holy Bible Manic Street Preachers Member of Attributed Artist, Drums, Composer
1994 Volume 11 Composer
1993 Bigger Thomas Bigger Thomas Trumpet, Horn (Baritone), Group Member
1993 Dining Hall Classics Composer
1993 Gold Against the Soul Manic Street Preachers Composer, Drums, Percussion, Programming, Drum Programming, Sampling, Vocals (Background)
1992 Generation Terrorists Manic Street Preachers Drums, Percussion, Vocals (Background), Group Member, Composer
1992 Theme from M.A.S.H. (Suicide Is Painless) Manic Street Preachers Drums, Percussion, Vocals (Background), Composer
1991 Stay Beautiful Manic Street Preachers Composer
100 Hits: Just Be Good to Me Composer
100 Hits: The Best Rock & Power Ballads Composer
Buy British Composer
Dad Songs Composer
Drew's Famous Instrumental Alternative Collection, Vol. 3 Composer
Just Great Songs, Vol. 4 Composer
Meant to Mend Edisyn Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Composer
Original Hits: Military Bands Composer
Pop Quiz The Ocean Floor Trumpet, Violin
Really Free Composer
Solo John Hammond Composer
Tenth to the Moon Tenth to the Moon Drums
The Classic Rock Collection [Sony Music] Composer
The Pop Years: The 90s Composer
Tolerated Manic Street Preachers Composer
Top Gear 'Full Throttle' Composer
Twelve Inch 90s: Feel Good Composer
Twelve Inch 90s: Insomnia Composer
Twelve Inch 90s: Loaded Composer