Sean Magee


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Year Album Artist
2017 Final Symphony: Music from Final Fantasy VI, VII and X London Symphony Orchestra Mastering
2017 Greatest Hits Six by Seven Mastering
2017 Ladilikan Kronos Quartet / Trio Da Kali Mastering
2017 Maduritos y Resultones Mojinos Escozios Mastering Engineer
2017 Neuk Wight Delhi All-Stars Suhail Yusuf Khan / Jon Thorne / James Yorkston Mastering
2017 Permo Spinning Coin Mastering
2017 The Best of... So Far The Kooks Mastering
2017 Tomorrow Forever Matthew Sweet Mastering
2016 Here Teenage Fanclub Mastering
2016 The Peace & Truce of Future of the Left Future of the Left Mastering
2015 No Place in Heaven Mika Mastering
2014 Icon John Lennon Mastering
2014 Seven Dials Roddy Frame Mastering
2014 The Cellardyke Recording and Wassailing Society James Yorkston Mastering
2014 The Japan Box The Beatles Mastering
2014 The U.S. Albums The Beatles Mastering
2013 Tell Where I Lie Fossil Collective Mastering
2012 The Plot Against Common Sense Future of the Left Mastering
2011 BBC Radio 1 Peel Sessions 1977-1979: Movement Mastering
2011 In Silence Marc Carroll Remastering
2011 Mirror Mirror Sons and Daughters Mastering
2011 The Flowerpot Sessions Mastering
2011 The Phantom Forest Bearsuit Mastering
2011 Until Spring Wild Palms Mastering
2010 1962-1970 The Beatles Remastering
2010 Apple Box Set Remastering
2010 Come and Get It: The Best of Apple Records Remastering
2010 Gimme Some Truth John Lennon Remastering
2010 Meta' Sonohra Mastering
2010 Our Inventions Lali Puna Mastering
2010 Power to the People: The Hits John Lennon Remastering Engineer
2010 Self Preserved While the Bodies Float Up Oceansize Mastering
2010 Signature Box John Lennon Remastering, Remastering Engineer
2009 Brand New Version Rozalla Miller / Rozalla Mastering
2009 Chlorine-Colored Eyes The Crash That Took Me Mastering
2009 Dust of Rumour Marc Carroll Remastering
2009 For Lies I Sire My Dying Bride Mastering
2009 Libres Sonohra Mastering
2009 Sturm The Notwist Mastering
2009 Take Off! Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra Mastering
2009 Thank God for Beatniks 3 Shades Mastering
2009 The Beatles in Mono [Box Set] The Beatles Remastering
2009 The Beatles: Stereo Box Set The Beatles Remastering
2009 The Hut Recordings Placebo Mastering
2009 The Platinum Collection Tina Turner Mastering
2009 Touch and Go: Anthology 02.78 - 06.81 Magazine Digital Remastering
2009 Travels with Myself and Another Future of the Left Mastering
2009 You Are Here thenewno2 Mastering
2008 Bad for You Baby Gary Moore Remastering, Mastering
2008 Blink Blink Mastering
2008 Najam Najam Sheraz Mastering
2008 No. 1 in Your Heart Herbie Goins & the Night-Timers Mastering
2008 Olhos Nos Olhos Luís Represas Mastering
2008 The Best of the Specials The Specials Mastering
2008 The Devil, You + Me The Notwist Mastering
2008 When the Haar Rolls In James Yorkston Mastering
2007 6 Days to Nowhere Labyrinth Mastering
2007 Close as You Get Gary Moore Mastering
2007 Collection The Alarm Compilation Engineer
2007 Gatos y Palomas Coti Mastering
2007 Gift Pack Placebo Remastering, Mastering
2007 Id Anna Maria Jopek Mastering
2007 Orchestrated Kaleidoscopes The Crash That Took Me Mastering
2006 Amber Clearlake Mastering
2006 Ballad of the Broken Seas Isobel Campbell / Mark Lanegan Mastering
2006 Day of the Lone Wolf Astrid Williamson Audio Engineer, Mastering
2006 Inside In/Inside Out The Kooks Mastering
2006 Inside In/Inside Out: Live Acoustic @ Abbey Road The Kooks Mastering
2006 Planet Earth [Original Television Soundtrack] BBC Concert Orchestra / George Fenton Mastering
2006 Under Attack The Alarm Mastering
2006 Willow She Weeps John Power Mastering
2006 Yes! Tinnitus! Shooting at Unarmed Men Mastering
2005 Dance Me In Sons and Daughters Mastering
2005 Everything Ecstatic Four Tet Mastering
2005 Fur Archie Bronson Outfit Mastering
2005 Hybrids The Ripple Effect Mastering
2005 Postcards from Hell Get Amped Mastering
2005 Somewhere Else Is Here The Funky Lowlives Mastering
2005 Songs from the Gutter Thea Gilmore Mastering
2005 Sweet Forever The Ruppes Mastering
2005 The Best of British One Pound Notes John Lydon Remastering
2005 The Fool Esoterica Mastering
2005 World on a Wire Marc Carroll Remastering
2004 Blind Pilots The Cooper Temple Clause Mastering
2004 Fall New August Mastering
2004 Once More with Feeling: Singles 1996-2004 Placebo Remastering, Mastering
2004 Stars: The Best of Dubstar Dubstar Mastering
2004 The Difference Between Me and You Is That I'm Not on Fire Mclusky Mastering
2004 The Runaway Found The Veils Mastering
2004 Zurawski Zurawski Mastering
2003 All Tomorrow's Parties 3.0: Autechre Curated Mastering
2003 Avalanche Thea Gilmore Mastering
2003 Cedars Clearlake Mastering
2003 In the Zone Britney Spears Engineer, Mixing, Editing
2003 Leave Me Out of This Fiel Garvie Mastering
2003 More Better Different Mick Karn Mastering
2003 Radio Contact Acoustic Alchemy Mastering
2003 Roundabout Fanzine Mastering
2003 Sleeping with Ghosts Placebo Mastering
2003 Starhead Experience Jetscreamer Mastering
2003 The Director's Cut Si Begg Mastering
2003 What in the World [Enhanced Single] Aubrey Lemmon Mastering
2002 All Tomorrow's Parties 1.1: Sonic Youth Curated Mastering
2002 Audio Manifesto Soundisciples Mastering
2002 Ming Star King of Woolworths Mastering
2002 Nuada Candidate Mastering
2002 SG5 Silver Ginger 5 Mastering
2002 The Very Best of the Moody Blues The Moody Blues Mastering
2002 Tiger Flies Candidate Mastering
2002 Writers Without Homes Piano Magic Mastering
2001 Dead Media Hefner Mastering
2001 Future Songs Cranes Mastering
2001 Lab Funk Atjazz Mastering
2001 Minitinfinity Rocketfield Mastering
2000 1 The Beatles Remastering
2000 It's All True Bellatrix Mastering
2000 Red to Violet Red to Violet Mastering
2000 The Greatest Show on Earth Martin Darvill Mastering
1999 One [EFA] Producer, Mastering
1998 Breaking God's Heart Hefner Mastering
1998 Bulldog Tuna Wasp Gravity Wheel Mastering
1998 Color in Rhythm Stimulate Mind Freedom USG Mastering
1998 Mr. Brubaker's Strawberry Alarm Clock Neotropic Mastering
1998 The BBC Sessions Buzzcocks Mastering
1998 To You in Alpha Scala Mastering
1997 For Roseanna Trevor Jones Mastering
1996 Radikal Fear: The Chicago All Stars Mastering
1992 Outernational Billy Mackenzie Digital Remastering
1990 Wild and Lonely The Associates Digital Remastering
1989 Monty Python Sings Monty Python Mastering
1988 Past Masters The Beatles Remastering
1984 Milk and Honey John Lennon / Yoko Ono Remastering
1983 Jerky Versions of the Dream Howard Devoto Remastering
1981 Magic, Murder and the Weather Magazine Remastering
1980 The Correct Use of Soap Magazine Remastering
1979 Secondhand Daylight Magazine Remastering
1978 Real Life Magazine Remastering
1977 A Farewell to Kings Rush Mastering
1976 2112 Rush Mastering
1976 Ramones Ramones Remastering Engineer
1976 Station to Station David Bowie Liner Notes, Cut
1975 Rock 'n' Roll John Lennon Remastering
1974 Walls & Bridges John Lennon Remastering Engineer
1973 1967-1970 The Beatles Remastering
1973 Mind Games John Lennon Remastering Engineer
1972 Some Time in New York City John Lennon / Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band Remastering Engineer
1971 Imagine John Lennon Remastering Engineer
1970 A Beard of Stars T. Rex / Tyrannosaurus Rex Mastering
1970 Plastic Ono Band John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band Remastering Engineer
1970 T. Rex T. Rex Mastering
1969 Abbey Road The Beatles Remastering
1969 Yellow Submarine The Beatles Remastering
1968 The Beatles [White Album] The Beatles Remastering
1967 Magical Mystery Tour The Beatles Remastering
1967 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles Remastering
1966 Revolver The Beatles Remastering
1965 Help! The Beatles Remastering
1965 Rubber Soul The Beatles Remastering
1964 A Hard Day's Night The Beatles Remastering
1964 Beatles for Sale The Beatles Remastering
1964 Meet the Beatles! The Beatles Mastering
1963 Please Please Me The Beatles Remastering
1963 With the Beatles The Beatles Remastering
Biggest Horizon [CD #1] The Clint Boon Experience Mastering
Biggest Horizon [CD #2] The Clint Boon Experience Mastering
Central State Mark Tulk Mastering
Earth on an Axis Andrea Soler Mastering
Ignition Drivetime Engineer
Katrina Soulscript Mastering
Old Man Reverb The Jigsaw Seen Digital Mastering
Seven Hours Douglas Dare Mastering
So Long John Fante The Lost Brothers Mastering
Sweet Gems Steve Schuster Mastering
The Pines Phantom Limb Mastering
Unfolding Balsamo Deighton Mastering
Walking In The Unknown Brad Reiman Mastering