Scott Hiltzik

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Hiltzik seamlessly blends the sounds of jazz, classical, world, and cinematic music into his compositions.
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Scott Hiltzik is a contemporary pianist/composer, which is to say that he performs as pianist -- most often with the jazz quartet House of Games and with others -- and he writes music in a variety of styles, for a variety of musicians. Elements of improvisational jazz, classical, cinematic, and world music are all blended in his compositions. He has worked with guitarist Jimmy Wyble; the shakuhachi and koto duo Hozan and Yuko Nomura; and written three musicals and numerous songs with Michael Cormier. Hiltzik has also published a teaching method series for piano. Several orchestras in North America and Australia have performed his music, and it's also been recorded by California's Bay Brass and by pianist Elina Christova.