Sammy Huen


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Year Album Artist
2010 Back on Money Kane & Abel Mastering
2008 Back by Blockular Demand Slim Thug Mixing
2007 I Hear You Talkin Behind My Back Wine-O Mixing, Mastering
2007 Thank You Alkendria Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2006 Both Sides, Vol. 2 Max Minelli Mastering
2006 Enter the Matrix [Bonus Tracks] President Bell AKA The Neo Mastering
2006 Look at Me Cadillac Don / J-Money Mastering
2006 The Warehouse Bodaiga Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2005 Cholos, Cholas y Pistolas DJ Payback Garcia Composer
2005 The Game Praise Me: Chopped and Screwed Bodaiga Mixing, Mastering
2004 Anointed for Purpose Jai Reed Mastering
2004 Both Sides of the Track S.C.C. & Boosie Mastering
2004 Camp IV: Thuggin' from the Inside C-Loc Mastering
2004 Da Block Party Producer
2004 Deuce & A Quarter Deuce & a Quarter / T-BO Mastering
2004 Third World, Pt. 2 South Coast Coalition Mastering
2004 Trunk South South Coast Coalition Mastering
2004 Youngest of da Camp Boosie Mastering
2003 Firecracker T-BO Mastering
2003 From the Ghetto Shut 'Em Down Family Mastering
2003 Ghetto Minista Erbman Mastering
2003 It's a Gamble C-Loc Mastering
2003 The Bull Point Blank Mastering
2003 The Caper Man Gerttown Red Mastering
2003 The Ultimate Cartel Baby Beesh Mastering
2003 World of Illusions Shadowyze Mastering
2002 Brand New Day Sporty T Mastering
2002 Bring Da Noise Black Despos Mastering
2002 Choppa Style Choppa Editing, Mastering
2002 Entourage, Vol. 2 Da Entourage Mastering
2002 How I'm Livin Lavish Mastering
2002 Living The Blues Stephanie McDee Mastering
2002 Loyalty The Mob Mastering
2002 Mexicans & Cappin Aggravated Mastering
2002 Same Game New Hustle Beelow Mastering
2002 Somethin' to Lean To: Da Trill-ogy - Chopped & Skrewed PSK-13 / Somethin’ To Lean To Mastering
2002 The Ghetto Strikes Back Producer, Mastering
2002 The Tonyies Live @ Chocolate City D'Wayne Wiggins Mastering
2002 Trinity Garden Greatest Hits Mike B. Mastering
2002 Under Surveillance Latin Legacy Mastering
2002 Y.A.B. Baby Boy G Mastering
2001 6 Ft. From Home Wet Boys Mastering
2001 Barrio Dope Capone Composer
2001 Chief Executive Hustler Den Den Mastering
2001 Da Lean Is on Me! Mash Da Gaz Mastering
2001 Greatest, Vol. 1 Bounce Kings Mastering
2001 Greatest, Vol. 2 Bounce Kings Mastering
2001 Introducing Ki Mastering
2001 Lucky Me Lucky Luciano / Lucky Mastering
2001 My Soul, Your Ears Short Texas Mastering
2001 Peepin' in My Window Lil' Keke Mastering
2001 Ryda Thugz, Vol. 1 Mastering
2001 Screwed, Leaned & Chopped Lifestyl Mastering
2001 Sew'd It Up Solo Slim Mastering
2001 The Chosen One Mr. Coop Mastering
2001 The IV Horsemen Black Menace Mastering
2001 The Legend DJ Screw Mastering
2001 Unfinished Business Reese & Bigalow Mastering
2001 Wanted Lone Star Ridaz Producer
2001 What's the Dam Deal Heavy Hittaz Mastering
2000 5th Ward Soundtrack Deluxe Edition, Vol. 1 Mastering
2000 Ain't No Stopping Us 615 Mastering
2000 American Dream, Vol. 3 Mastering
2000 Camp III Thug Brothas Mastering
2000 Freez World Rob Free Mastering
2000 Mega Soulja Israal Mastering
2000 Mexican Gangster Latin Circle Mastering
2000 Mob Hits Playboy Shane Mastering
2000 Niggaracci in P.I.M.P. Born 2wice Mastering
2000 Now Who Dat Ice Lord Mastering
2000 Possession with Intent to Distribute Profound Mastering
2000 Sexology: The Science Of O'Flava Psi Mastering
2000 Somethin' to Lean To, Pt. 2 [Chopped & Screwed] Nightshift Hustlas Mastering
2000 The Man and His Music Stick Mastering
2000 The Projects Presents: Balhers Forever Mastering
2000 Throwed Yung Playa (Original) Yungstar Mastering
2000 Time Is Money South Park Mexican / S.P.M. Producer
1999 3rd Wish to Rock the World South Park Mexican Producer
1999 601 Boo Mastering
1999 Against the Grain Wood Mastering
1999 Business First Pleasure Later Black & Dangerous Mastering
1999 Bussen Heads and Gettin' Paid Smoked Outt Mastering
1999 Dy'n Ain't No Way 2 Make a Livin' Sixx Nine Mastering
1999 Flagrant: The Hustle Game Project, Vol. 1 PSK-13 Mastering
1999 Latin Throne Soundtrack Producer, Mixing, Mastering
1999 Max Pain Max Minelli Mastering
1998 Affiliated 4 Life: If Ya Black & Jay Mastering
1998 Whores Pimps Niggaz, Vol. 2 Cheeky Blakk Mastering
Pasión De La Guitarra Amin Safari Mastering