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Year Album Artist
2022 Honeybee Table at the Butterfly Feast Teen Suicide Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Composer, Lyricist
2019 ERYS Jaden / Jaden Smith Composer
2018 A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This American Pleasure Club Composer
2017 SYRE Jaden Smith Composer
2017 2009-2016 Loose Tracks Ricky Eat Acid Composer
2016 It's the Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir the Honeypot Teen Suicide Composer, Engineer
2015 I Will Be My Own Hell Because There Is a Devil Inside My Body Teen Suicide Engineer, Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Drum Machine, Bass, Composer
2015 DC Snuff Film/Waste Yrself Teen Suicide Producer, Engineer, Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Composer
2011 Like I Was Floating Ricky Eat Acid Composer
2011 April Ricky Eat Acid Composer
2010 Sometimes You Make People Sad Ricky Eat Acid Composer
2007 New Epidemic Metro Riots Composer
2006 When You're Gone Metro Riots Composer
Tick Tock Rock Blippi Composer
The Pom-Poms The Pom Poms Composer
Talk_to_You_Later_ Heroin_Party_ Composer
Sometimes We're Blue Ricky Eat Acid Composer
Rose Gold Kitty Composer
Pink Salt Kitty Composer
Miami Garden Club Kitty Composer
Hugs Ricky Eat Acid Composer
Get the Wiggles Out Blippi Composer
Dance, Move & Groove! Blippi Composer
Dance With U Ricky Eat Acid Composer
Ambien Music Ricky Eat Acid Composer

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