Sally Browder


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Year Album Artist
2010 Outlaw Mark Chesnutt Mixing
2009 Even Things Up Pete Anderson Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2009 My Turn Tanya Tucker Engineer
2008 Have Faith James Intveld Mastering
2008 The Ed Mitchell Clinic Mostly Bears Mastering
2007 Already Moved On Moot Davis Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2007 Different Groove Adam Hood Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2007 Musicians for Minneapolis Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2006 The Bourbon Legend Jason Boland Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2006 Too Far Down the Road Chris Jones Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2006 We Watched the Headlights; We Watched the Stars Archer Avenue Editing
2005 Passionate Voice [Word] Lisbeth Scott Mixing
2005 Snow Curt Kirkwood Mixing
2004 7740 Valmont St. Cisco Engineer, Mastering
2004 Beautiful Dreamer: The Songs of Stephen Foster Mixing
2004 Daredevil Pete Anderson Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Main Personnel, Mastering
2004 Moot Davis Moot Davis Engineer, Mixing
2004 More Dangerous Madness Wayne Kramer Engineer, Mixing
2004 Passionate Voice [Zone] Lisbeth Scott Mixing
2003 I've Always Been Crazy: A Tribute to Waylon Jennings Engineer
2003 Population Me Dwight Yoakam Engineer
2003 Ready Sexed Go! The Joykiller Producer, Audio Production
2003 The Seventeen Jewels The Blazers Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2002 18 Again: An Anthology Amy Rigby Engineer
2002 Absolutely The Young Dubliners Engineer
2002 Estoy Como Nunca Eliades Ochoa Engineer
2002 Pepesito Reyes Pepesito Reyes Mixing, Mastering
2002 Reprise Please Baby: The Warner Bros. Years Dwight Yoakam Engineer
2002 Sharp Dressed Men: A Tribute to ZZ Top Engineer
2002 Your Favorite Fool Rex Hobart Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2001 Divide and Conquer Danni Leigh Engineer
2001 Down Here William Norman Edwards Engineer, Mixing
2001 Earl Scruggs and Friends Earl Scruggs Engineer
2001 More Country Fun Engineer
2001 Pouring Gasoline The Boneshakers Engineer
2001 South of Heaven, West of Hell Dwight Yoakam Engineer
2001 The I-10 Chronicles, Vol. 2: One More for the Road The I-10 Chronicles Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2000 A New Reason to Care Scott Joss Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2000 Sleepytown Flaco Jiménez Engineer
2000 The I-10 Chronicles The I-10 Chronicles Engineer, Mixing
2000 Tomorrow's Sounds Today Dwight Yoakam Engineer
2000 Watching Life Through a Windshield Bill & Bonnie Hearne Engineer, Mixing
2000 We're Not the Meatmen... But We Still Suck! Engineer, Mixing
2000 Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down R.L. Burnside Digital Editing
2000 Young Guitar Slingers: Texas Blues Evolution Engineer
1999 I've Got News for You Hadda Brooks Mixing
1999 Last Chance for a Thousand Years: Greatest Hits from the 90's Dwight Yoakam Engineer
1999 Teenage Disaster The Suicide Kings Mixing
1999 The Siouxicide City Chicken Hawks Engineer
1998 Buck [Sympathy for the Record Industry] Buck Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1998 Euphoria, Confusion, Anger and Remorse The Humpers Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1998 Kool Trash The Plimsouls Engineer, Mixing
1998 Uprooted: The Best of Roots Country Singer/Songwriters Engineer
1997 Butch The Geraldine Fibbers Mixing
1997 Citizen Wayne Wayne Kramer Engineer, Mixing
1997 Confidential The Eyeliners Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1997 Generations, Vol. 1: A Punk Look at Human Rights Engineer
1997 Happy Birthday to Me The Muffs Engineer
1997 Life Could Be a Dream Auntie Christ Producer
1997 Plastique Valentine The Humpers Engineer, Mixing
1996 Big Six Bottom Feeders Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1996 Dangerous Madness Wayne Kramer Engineer, Mixing
1996 Darlahood Bobsled Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1996 Diary of a Mod Housewife Amy Rigby Engineer
1996 Live Forever or Die Trying The Humpers Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1996 Saltbox Red Aunts Producer, Engineer
1996 Scuse the Excursion [ep] Claw Hammer Producer, Engineer
1996 Six Foot Seven and Rising Andy Kaulkin Producer, Engineer
1995 #1 Chicken Red Aunts Engineer
1995 Blonder and Blonder The Muffs Engineer
1995 Piel Ajena Eduardo Capetillo Mixing Assistant
1995 Rubberneck Toadies Engineer
1995 Thank the Holder Uppers Claw Hammer Mixing
1995 The Hard Stuff Wayne Kramer Engineer, Mixing
1994 Anything But Ordinary Patrice Rushen Assistant Engineer
1994 Bluest Eyes Storyville Assistant Engineer
1994 Box Set Wool Engineer
1994 Rev Ten Foot Pole Producer, Engineer
1994 Susan Across the Ocean The Silos Engineer, Mixing
1993 Fishy Pants Muzza Chunka Engineer
1993 Test Your Own Eyes Dog Society Assistant Engineer
1992 Budspawn Wool Engineer
1992 Method to the Madness Killer Dwarfs Engineer, Mixing
1992 Straight Talk Assistant Engineer
1991 Gypsy Moon Troy Newman Assistant Engineer
1991 Swallow This Live Poison Engineer
1991 The Narada Collection, Vol. 3 Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1990 Dave Koz Dave Koz Assistant Engineer
1990 Dirty Weapons Killer Dwarfs Assistant Engineer
1990 Just Say Ozzy Ozzy Osbourne Assistant Engineer
1990 Narada Equinox Sampler, Vol. 2 Assistant Engineer
1990 Twelve Tribes Richard Souther Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1989 Les Amours Du Dimanche Marc Lavoine Assistant
Country: The Collection Assistant Engineer
Introducing Rockin' Raffi Arto Rockin' Raffi Arto Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Rhino Hi-Five: Southern Pacific Southern Pacific Assistant Engineer