Ryan Clark


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Year Album Artist
2017 Hydrograd Stone Sour Design
2017 Lo Tom Lo Tom Design
2017 Outlive Demon Hunter Liner Notes, Vocals, Design, Group Member
2017 Phantom Anthem August Burns Red Art Direction, Design
2017 Running Wild Grieves Photography, Design
2016 Exhale Thousand Foot Krutch Art Direction, Design
2016 Honor Is Dead Wovenwar Art Direction, Design
2016 Slow Starflyer 59 Artwork
2015 Found in Far Away Places August Burns Red Art Direction, Design
2015 Madness Sleeping with Sirens Design
2015 Reborn Manafest Art Direction
2015 Rivals Coal Chamber Design
2015 Saint Asonia Saint Asonia Art Direction, Design
2015 Triple Play August Burns Red Design, Illustrations
2015 Venom Bullet for My Valentine Art Direction, Design
2014 A Night To Remember Shonlock Design, Featured Artist
2014 Below Paradise Tedashii Design
2014 Extremist Demon Hunter Vocals, Design
2014 Intolerance Throwdown Illustrations, Design
2014 Killer Be Killed Killer Be Killed Art Direction, Desaccordee
2014 Lowborn Anberlin Artwork
2014 Milking the Stars: A Re-Imagining of Last Patrol Monster Magnet Design
2014 Restoring Force Of Mice & Men Photography, Design
2014 Rise Trip Lee Design
2014 The Moment Manafest Art Direction, Design
2014 Unconditional Memphis May Fire Photography, Design
2013 All Things New All Things New Art Direction, Design
2013 Anchors I Am Empire Design
2013 Christmas Gift Pack Jeremy Camp Art Direction, Design
2013 Creation/Destruction Fit for a King Design
2013 Fear Inside Our Bones The Almost Design
2013 Feel Sleeping with Sirens Art Direction, Design
2013 Last Patrol Monster Magnet Design
2013 Love & Worship Seventh Day Slumber Design
2013 Reckless Jeremy Camp Design
2013 Rescue & Restore August Burns Red Illustrations, Design, Cover Art
2013 The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here Alice in Chains Art Direction, Design
2013 The Other Side Tonight Alive Design
2013 Winter Kills DevilDriver Design
2012 Anthology 1999-2013 Underøath Art Direction, Design
2012 Best of the Best Haste the Day Art Direction, Design
2012 Chasing Ghosts The Amity Affliction Design
2012 Dangerous KJ-52 Illustrations, Design
2012 Fearless Travis Ryan Vocals
2012 Feel the Power Blessed by a Broken Heart Design
2012 Find Your Worth, Come Home To Speak of Wolves Design
2012 For the Glory The O.C. Supertones Design
2012 Hanging On By a Remix The Letter Black Design
2012 I Am Becoming the Archetype Design, A&R
2012 I Still Believe: The Number Ones Collection Jeremy Camp Art Direction, Design
2012 Lights of Distant Cities Bebo Norman Design
2012 Lost Weekend Write This Down Design
2012 Matt & Toby Matt & Toby Design
2012 Mean What You Say Sent by Ravens Design
2012 Murdered Love P.O.D. Illustrations, Design
2012 MyChildren MyBride MyChildren MyBride Design
2012 Rhythm ‘N Moves Capital Lights Art Direction, Design
2012 Sleddin' Hill: A Holiday Album August Burns Red Design
2012 Sublime Currency Abandoned Pools Design
2012 The Rescue Adam Cappa Art Direction, Design
2012 The Quiet Life Anchor & Braille Design
2012 True Defiance Demon Hunter Vocals, Design, Group Member
2012 We Search, We Dig The Overseer Design
2012 World We View Nine Lashes Design, Composer, Vocals
2011 A Decade of Hope Seventh Day Slumber Cover Art
2011 Alive In You 7eventh Time Down Design
2011 Bad Habits Every Avenue Design
2011 Beast DevilDriver Design
2011 Before There Was The Chariot Design
2011 Celestial Completion Becoming the Archetype Design
2011 Children of Fire Oh Design
2011 Crazy Love Hawk Nelson Design
2011 Death, a Destination Demon Hunter Liner Notes
2011 Dedicated to Chaos Queensrÿche Design
2011 Fire It Up Artwork
2011 Hyperventilation Nazca Lines Layout
2011 Kings I Am Empire Design
2011 Let's Cheers to This Sleeping with Sirens Design
2011 Leveler August Burns Red Design
2011 Live At the Masquerade Thousand Foot Krutch Art Direction, Design
2011 My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go! FM Static Design
2011 Neutralize the Threat Earth Crisis Design
2011 Not Myself Anymore Jessa Anderson Design
2011 Room to Run States Design
2011 Scripted Icon for Hire Design
2011 Stay/Restored/Beyond Measure Jeremy Camp Design
2011 Ten Years Emery Art Direction, Design
2011 The 2nd Era Zao Art Direction, Design
2011 The Architects Of Guilt The Famine Design
2011 The Anthem of Angels Seventh Day Slumber Art Direction, Design
2011 The Family Sign Atmosphere Art Direction, Design
2011 Together/Apart Grieves Illustrations, Art Direction, Design
2011 We Do What We Want Emery Design
2011 Weights & Measures Hyland Design
2010 Are You Listening? Emery Cover Art
2010 Bleeding Through Bleeding Through Illustrations, Art Direction, Design
2010 Blood In the Gears The Showdown Design
2010 Concerning the Way It Was Haste the Day Art Direction, Design
2010 Dynasty As They Sleep Design
2010 Everything You've Been Looking For Jaymes Reunion Art Direction, Design
2010 Hanging on by a Thread The Letter Black Design
2010 Home August Burns Red Illustrations, Design
2010 Just You and Me Adie Design
2010 Mastermind Monster Magnet Illustrations, Design
2010 Ocean Bebo Norman Art Direction, Design
2010 Our Graceful Words Sent by Ravens Design
2010 Teenage Fantasy Secret and Whisper Design
2010 The Changing of the Guard Starflyer 59 Design
2010 The Infinite Order Living Sacrifice Layout
2010 Vessels Ivoryline Cover Design
2010 Write This Down Write This Down Design
2009 Awake? Zao Design
2009 Complete Collection The Crucified Design
2009 Constellations August Burns Red Illustrations, Design
2009 Cosmic Egg Wolfmother Design
2009 Deathless Throwdown Design
2009 Everybody, Come Outside! Pomegranates Design
2009 Fangs! Falling Up Illustrations, Design
2009 Felt Anchor & Braille Design
2009 Ghosts of the Past Starflyer 59 Design
2009 Haunted Horse: Songs of Love, Defiance... Neon Horse Illustrations, Design
2009 Let the Road Pave Itself Phillip LaRue Design
2009 Live Life Loud! Hawk Nelson Design
2009 Live in Nashville Demon Hunter Vocals, Design
2009 Love Drunk Boys Like Girls Design
2009 Naked and Cold Advent Design
2009 Pray for Villains DevilDriver Illustrations, Design
2009 Son of the Morning Oh Design
2009 Songs from the Penalty Box, Vol. 6 Illustrations, Design
2009 Songs from the Penalty Box, Vol. 7 Illustrations, Design
2009 Take Everything Seventh Day Slumber Design
2009 The Fear of God Showbread Design
2009 To Die as Kings The Ascendicate Design, A&R
2009 Wars and Rumors of Wars The Chariot Design
2009 Welcome to the Masquerade Thousand Foot Krutch Design
2009 Who Speaks for Planet Earth? And Then There Were None Design
2008 A Fire So Big the Heavens Can See It Search the City Illustrations, Design
2008 Anorexia Showbread Design
2008 Back Breaker The Showdown Design
2008 Cruel to Be Young Jonezetta Design
2008 Dead Alive Soul Embraced Package Design, A&R
2008 Dichotomy Becoming the Archetype Guest Artist, Vocals, Design, A&R
2008 Dreamer Haste the Day Illustrations, Design
2008 Good 2B Alive Steelheart Design
2008 Great White Whale Secret and Whisper Illustrations, Design
2008 Lies Bon Voyage Design
2008 Love at the Core Run Kid Run Cover Art
2008 Mirror of Souls Theocracy Back Cover
2008 My Grandfather, the Cubist Joy Electric Cover Design
2008 Nervosa Showbread Design
2008 Quiet Revolution Telecast Design
2008 Remove the Earth Advent Vocals
2008 Roots Run Deep Jadon Lavik Design
2008 Safety in the Sea Sever Your Ties Design
2008 Speaking Louder Than Before Jeremy Camp Design
2008 Take Me Anywhere Chris Taylor Design
2008 The Becoming, Vol. 1 We Are the Becoming Design
2008 The North Pole Project Number One Gun Design
2008 The Raven and the Reaping The Famine Illustrations
2008 The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole Trenches Vocals, Design
2008 These Are the Good Times People The Presidents of the United States of America Design, Layout Design
2008 This Is an Outrage! Capital Lights Illustrations, Design
2008 Unbreakable MyChildren MyBride Design
2008 You Are My Sunshine Copeland Design
2007 A Toast to Bad Taste Far-Less Design
2007 Become Who You Are Mainstay Design
2007 Cities Anberlin Design
2007 Cover Your Eyes Sullivan Design
2007 Get Damned The Agony Scene Illustrations, Design
2007 I'm Only a Man Emery Design
2007 Lost Songs Anberlin Design
2007 Messengers August Burns Red Design
2007 Neon Horse Neon Horse Design
2007 Pressure the Hinges Haste the Day Illustrations, Design
2007 Secondhand Dreaming Ruth Illustrations, Design
2007 Secret Art of Science, Vol. 2: Then and Now dB Cover Design
2007 Secret Weapon MxPx Design
2007 The Brothers Martin The Brothers Martin Illustrations, Design
2007 The Fiancee The Chariot Design
2007 The Flame in All of Us Thousand Foot Krutch Design
2007 The Otherly Opus Joy Electric Cover Design
2007 The Physics of Fire Becoming the Archetype Design, A&R
2007 The Unveiling Cry of the Afflicted Design
2007 This Is Solid State, Vol. 6 Design
2007 Venom & Tears Throwdown Design
2007 When I Am God Oh Design
2006 Beyond Measure Jeremy Camp Design
2006 Suck out the Poison He Is Legend Design
2006 The Lost the Sick the Sacred Inhale/Exhale Design
2006 Vices Dead Poetic Design
2005 Terminate Damnation Becoming the Archetype A&R
2005 The Everglow Mae Illustrations
2005 The Question Emery Design
2004 Freedom: Dedicated to U.S. Troops Oksana Arranger
2004 Legendary Zao Liner Notes
2004 Sea of Faces Kutless Vocals
2004 Without Peace Moiré Guitar, Vocals (Background), Group Member
2003 Four Months of Darkness Saxon Shore Design
2003 Tradition: Legacy of the March, Vol. 4 Texas A&M Bands Trombone
2002 Angelic Winters Oksana Cover Design, Web Design
2002 Control Pedro the Lion Illustrations, Design, Layout Design
2002 Free Floating Oksana Cover Illustration, Web Design
2002 Take 2 Ill Harmonics Cover Photo
2001 Bright Spaces Vocals
2001 Cadet Cadet Design, Layout Design
2000 A Sign of Things to Come 3rd Root Paintings
2000 Cries of the Past Underøath Reissue Art
1999 Act of Depression Underøath Reissue Art
1999 If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die Death by Stereo Photography
1997 Watusi Silage Drums
1996 We've All Got Stories: Songs from Dream Project Jane Sapp Vocals
Echo of Love An Epic No Less Design
From Water to War Nine Lashes Design
Remembering You Poema Design
The Anaesthete Rosetta Logo Design
The Old Believer Atlas Moth Design
Young London Young London Design