Ross Nyberg


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Year Album Artist
2016 Lingo Phil Parisot Mastering
2011 Transparence Chuck Deardorf Mastering
2010 Artswest: The Vocal Jazz Collective Mastering
2010 Flash Point Randy Halberstadt Mastering
2010 Inner Mission Randy Brecker / Richard Cole Mastering
2010 This Time Nelda Swiggett Mastering
2009 Of Things Not Seen Jeff Baker Mastering
2008 Brindizi David Lee Howard Mastering
2008 Resonance Steve Treseler Mastering
2008 Seaglass Christopher Peacock Mastering
2007 Almost Home David Lange Mastering
2007 Goddess Rising Sandra Locklear Mastering
2007 Malibu Manouche Neil Andersson Mastering
2007 Modern Times Pearl Django Mastering
2007 Shade Richard Cole Mastering
2005 Origins Christopher Peacock Mastering
2004 All Aglow Acousticsol Arranger, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Steel), Guitar (Nylon String), Synthesizer, Percussion, Programming, Bass, Composer
2004 Freehand Orville Johnson Mastering
2004 Piano: A Collection of Seattle's Finest Jazz Mastering
2004 Ride the Lawn Dana Lyons Mastering
2003 Acousticsol Acousticsol Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Nylon String), Organ, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Percussion, Programming, Group Member, Composer
2003 Digga Digga Do Hot Club Sandwich Mastering
2003 Love Letters Christopher Peacock Mixing, Mastering
2003 Mardi Gras in New Orleans File Gumbo Mastering
2003 Silent Night Christopher Peacock Mastering
2003 Still Going Strong Kings of Mongrel Folk Mastering
2002 Come Together: An A Cappella Tribute to the Beatles Mastering
2002 Lost and Found Omar Martinez Mastering
2002 My Beautiful Gypsy Paul Cypress Mastering
2002 Out of Seattle: Live at Jazz Alley Dave Peck Production Assistant
2002 Painting Paradise in the Garden Christopher Peacock Mastering
2002 Stone Garden Stone Garden Restoration
2002 The Funniest Songs in the World Mark Graham Mastering
2002 Travelin' Mood File Gumbo Mastering
2001 Cause and Effect Chuck Bergeron Mastering
2001 Forbidden Songs Tom Kenyon Mastering
2001 Gaia Circles Gaia Consort Mastering
2001 Life Volume Meriphew Mastering
2001 Lucky Hans Teuber Mastering
2001 Off the Map Katya Chorover Mastering
2001 Release the Butterfly Carrie Clark Mastering
2001 Remembered Face/Private Places Ben Black Mixing
2001 Write Your Story Scott Burnett Mastering
2000 Beyond the Sea [Instrumental Version] Gene Nery Mastering
2000 Beyond the Sea [Vocal Version] Gene Nery Mastering
2000 Blueprint for the Blues Orville Johnson Mastering
2000 City of Hymns Tom Kenyon Engineer, Mastering
2000 Crashpilot Cober Mastering
2000 Directions Home Traveling Mercies Mastering
2000 Falling Down Laughing Living Daylights Mastering
2000 Find a Way Ken Boynton Mastering
2000 Latina by Proxy Wenda Zonnefeld Mastering
2000 Lost for Words Acceptance Mastering
2000 Mystagogue Ben Thomas Mastering
2000 Pride And Joy Steve Korn Mastering
2000 Safarini (In Transit): Music of African Immigrants Mastering
2000 Slide and Joy Orville Johnson Mastering
2000 Southern Old-Time Harmonica Mark Graham Mastering
2000 The Forgotten Richard Cole Mastering
2000 Ways of the Hand Marius Butch Nordal Mastering
2000 Yankee Born, Rebel Bred G.L. Williams Mastering
1999 3 and 1 Dave Peck Mastering
1999 Black & White Affair Richard Palalay Mastering
1999 Evolution Magdalen Hsu Li Mastering
1999 For the Beauty of the Earth Eric Daub Mastering
1999 Fresh Raw & Live Swamp Mama Johnson Mastering
1999 Giving up the Ghost Tim Wray Mastering
1999 Joy to the World Gene Nery Mastering
1999 North Sycamore Elizabeth Naccarato Mastering
1999 Speakin' Out New Stories Mastering
1999 Stone Cottage Elizabeth Naccarato Mastering
1999 Traveler Christopher Peacock Mastering
1999 Xmas Insanity! Moe's Art Mastering
1998 3 A.M. on a Tuesday Jim Farrand Mastering
1998 Cows with Guns: The Cow Pie Nation Cowpilation [Bonus Tracks] Dana Lyons Mastering
1998 Daisy Petals on My Head Kate Wolf Mastering
1998 Enchanted Parkway Diamond-Fist Werny Mastering
1998 Full Moon Big Circle Tina Lear Mastering
1998 Here Marjorie Richards Mastering
1998 Hominy Hominy Mastering
1998 Insularia Faith & Disease Mastering
1998 Language Arts Pax Wallace Mastering
1998 Summer Place Gene Nery Mastering
1998 Surrounded by Green Lynette Westendorf Mastering
1998 The Clearing Katya Chorover Mastering
1998 Third Floor Evan Brubaker Mastering
1998 Trio Dave Peck Mastering
1997 An Opera Martini Manfred Mastering
1997 Beso Espanol Julio America Mastering
1997 Big World Rail Mastering
1997 Peachfish Stew Swamp Mama Johnson Mastering
1997 Simple Gifts Christopher Peacock Mastering
1997 Strikes the Earth Deathstar Mastering
1997 This Is Jennie Micro Mini Mastering
1996 Afrophobia Pho Bac Mastering
1996 Bite Back: Live at the Crocodile Cafe Mastering
1996 Convergence James Murphy Mastering
1996 Cows with Guns Dana Lyons Mastering
1996 Deraindamaged Vince Valenzuela Mastering
1996 Doghead Doghead Mastering
1996 Force Majeure Craig Erickson Mastering
1996 Kedu America Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe Mastering
1996 Pianoforte 4: Love Songs Eric Daub Mastering
1996 Pianoforte, Opus 5: Broadway Christopher Peacock Mastering
1996 Secret Language Annie O'Neill Mastering
1996 Solo Dave Peck Mastering
1996 Spiritus: Breath of Life Lorellei Mastering
1996 The Apocalypse Chime James Byrd Mastering
1996 The Man Downstairs The West Section Line Mastering
1996 Wetlands Swamp Mama Johnson Mastering
1995 A Pocket Lipstick, Now! The Noses Mastering
1995 Science Takes Over Drone Mastering
1995 Secret About the World Erin Corday Mastering
1995 Seven Hills Tony Gable & 206 Mastering
1995 Tia's Simcha Songs Tia Engineer, Mixing, Vocals (Background)
1995 Tribute Greg Keplinger / Rick Mandyck Mastering
Blue-Eyed Painted Lady Nelda Swiggett Mastering
Center Song Steve Treseler Mastering
Clarity Dave Anderson Quartet Mastering
Come Out Swingin' Eugenie Jones Mastering
Creekside Phil Parisot Mastering
Dave Anderson's Blue Innuendo Dave Anderson Mastering
Douce Ambiance Douce Ambiance Mastering
Easy Living Diana Page Mastering
Eleven Pearl Django Mastering
Idyl Wild Jon Hamar Mastering
Lunar Endemic Ensemble Mastering
Lunar Recon Endemic Ensemble Mastering
Modern Romance: Live at Jazz Alley Dave Peck Mastering
Open Road Robin Bessier Mastering
Pagan Babies Pagan Babies Mastering
Rising Tide Frank Kohl Mastering
Rumbler Bill Anschell Mastering
Scenes and Voyages Greg Williamson Quartet / Greg Williamson Mastering
Snapshot Janette West Group Mastering
Sunday Nights: Live at Boxley's Danny Kolke Trio / Danny Kolke Mastering
The Dudley Manlove Quartet...Are Go! Dudley Manlove Mastering
This Music Will Eat Your Planet: Project London Mastering
Time Flies... Pearl Django Mastering
Trio Plus One: Live at Boxley's Pete Christlieb / Danny Kolke Trio Mastering
Tropical Footprint Ocho Pies Mastering
With Friends Like These Pearl Django Mastering