Ronn McFarlane

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McFarlane is an expert lutenist, collaborating with many of the world's other Renaissance music specialists and keen to promote his instrument and its music to a wider audience.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
A Day in November, for lute & ensemble 03:53 Chamber Music
Early Christmas Morning, for lute 01:59 Chamber Music
My Lady Carey's Dompe / Lady Wynkfield's Rownde, medley for harp & lute (after anonymous melodies) 03:01 Chamber Music
Dowland's Goodnight, for lute 02:12 Chamber Music
Nocturne, for chorus & lute 02:54 Choral Classical Crossover
Chocolate Factory, for lute & percussion 03:43 Chamber Music
Wolf Summit, song 04:40 Vocal Music Classical Crossover
Indigo Road, for lute 03:14 Chamber Music
Dorrington Lads / Yeil, Yeil / A Wife of My Ain, medley for fife & lute (after traditional Scottish melodies) 08:13 Chamber Music
Cathedral Cave, for lute, flute, bass & percussion 03:57 Chamber Music
On the Heath, for 2 lutes 08:35 Chamber Music
Thistleheart, for lute, flute & bass 03:36 Chamber Music
Union Bridge, song 03:00 Vocal Music Classical Crossover
Sycamore, for lute, flute & bass 04:26 Chamber Music
Sitting in the Stern of a Boat / Thugamar Fein an Samradh Linn / The Road to Lisdoonvarna / The Star Above the Garter / Carnac, medley for fife & lute (after traditional British Isles melodies) 07:05 Chamber Music
Blue Norther, for lute 04:31 Chamber Music
Sings in Her Sleep, song 05:55 Vocal Music Miscellaneous (Classical) Classical Crossover
Gigue, for lute 01:50 Chamber Music
Bad Hair Day, for lute, sounds & ensemble 03:44 Chamber Music
Overland, for lute, harp, string quartet, bass & percussion 03:48 Chamber Music
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