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Year Album Artist
2021 陳慧琳經典快歌精選 [Kelly Chen Classic Fast Songs Selection] Kelly Chen Composer
2011 Carry On Kary Ng Composer
2008 Concert Hall Hacken Lee Composer
2008 Best Hits in Danieland Daniel Chan Arranger, Composer
2007 Simply Me Miriam Yeung Composer
2007 No. 1 Hits Hacken Lee Arranger, Composer
2007 In Control Kary Ng Producer
2007 Everyone Is No.1 2000-2007(2CD+DVD) Andy Lau Composer
2006 With a Boy Like U Kary Ng Composer, Producer
2006 Love '06: Qing Ge Ji Composer
2006 De Xin Ying Shou Yan Chang Hui 2006 Hacken Lee Composer
2006 10 X 10 Wo Zhi Ai Yan Chang Hui Composer
2005 My Story Zhi an Xu Composer
2005 Make Up Miriam Yeung Composer
2005 M Vs M [Second Half] Miriam Yeung Composer
2005 Lost in Paradise Live Kelly Chen Composer
2005 Lost and Found Shawn Yue Arranger, Composer
2005 Liu Hang Zuo Pin Gang Qin Ji By Heart Composer
2005 Hip Hip Hurray Aaron Kwok Arranger, Composer, Producer
2005 Fascinating Aaron Kwok Arranger, Composer, Producer
2005 Da de Dum (Wo Shi Lian) Kelly Chen / Hui Lin Chen Arranger
2005 Completely Yours...Sammi Sammi Cheng Arranger, Composer, Producer
2005 Alex Fong New Songs + Greatest Hits Alex Fong Composer
2005 AK Trilogy: Yours Truly Greatest Hits Aaron Kwok Arranger, Composer, Producer
2004 Zuo Lin You Li Zuo Lin You Li Composer
2004 Smart I.D. Hacken Lee Composer
2004 Si Jia Ge: New Songs + Greatest Hits Wen Hui Ye Composer
2004 Qing Qing Ta Ta Yan Chang Huai 2002 Hacken Lee Composer
2004 Never Walk Alone Alex Fong Producer
2004 Miriam Yeung New Songs + Greatest Hits (CD + VCD) Miriam Yeung Composer
2003 True Alex Fong Composer, Producer
2003 Music Odyssey Grand Finale Jacky Cheung Composer
2003 I Want to Be Daniel Chan Chang Zuo + Zi Xuan Qing Daniel Chan Arranger, Composer
2003 Custom Made Hacken Lee Arranger, Composer
2003 Ai Kelly Chen / Hui Lin Chen Composer
2002 Zheng Dong Se Shi Feng Qu By Heart Composer
2002 Shan Liang Mei Yi Tian Shining Xin Ge + Jing Xuan Hui Lin Chen Composer
2002 Nicam Greatest Hits 2002 Aaron Kwok Producer
2002 Don't Mention at All Daniel Chan Composer
2001 Pure Energy Collection New Song + Greatest Hits Aaron Kwok Arranger, Composer
2001 In the Party Kelly Chen Composer
2000 Journey - Cheer Aaron Kwok Arranger, Composer, Producer
2000 Fearless vs. Future Aaron Kwok Producer
1999 Love You Very Much Sammi Cheng Arranger, Composer, Producer
1998 In the Wind Aaron Kwok Arranger, Composer
經典合唱K歌 [Classic Chorus K Song] Vol.1 Arranger, Composer, Producer
Zui Tong Wu Sheng Eric Suen Arranger, Composer
Zui Ai Qing Ge Ji Composer
Zhu Ti Qu 101 Arranger, Composer
Yi Yu Dao Po JC Chen Yongtong Composer, Producer
Yan Huo Jing Xuan Leon Lai Composer, Producer
Y100+ Composer
Xin Ju Ru Huo Patrick Tang Producer
Xian Ren Peng You JC Chen Yongtong Composer
Xia Ban Chang Leon Lai Composer, Producer
Wo Ke Yi Wang Ji Ni Leon Lai Composer, Producer
Wo Ke Yi Wang Ji Ni JC Chen Yongtong Composer, Producer
Wish Janice Vidal Composer, Producer
Wei Lan Yan Chang Hui Bei Ke Zhi Xuan 1 Janice Vidal Composer, Producer
Unforgettable 20 Eric Suen Arranger, Composer
Unforgettable Andy Lau Composer
True Legend 101 Aaron Kwok Arranger, Composer, Producer
True Legend 101 Sammi Cheng Arranger, Composer, Producer
Touch of Love Jacky Cheung Arranger, Composer
Theme Songs 101 Arranger, Composer
The Law of Truth Sammy Sum Composer
The Present Concert: Live in Hong Kong 2013 Kary Ng Composer
The First Album of Siu Fay Siu Fay Producer
Ten Alfred Hui Composer
Superwoman, Vol. 3 Composer
Simpler Than Love Kary Ng Composer, Producer
Sammi by My Side Birthday Gig Sammi Cheng Composer
Sammi Ultimate Collection Sammi Cheng Composer, Producer
Sammi I Concert '99 Sammi Cheng Arranger, Composer
Sammi #FOLLOWMi World Tour [Live] Sammi Cheng Composer
Red Xin Qu+Jing Xuan Kelly Chen Composer
Qian Hua Sheng Fang Miriam Yeung Composer
One on One Miriam Yeung Composer
Ni Jiang Ni Ai Wo Yusobeit Composer
Ni De Ke Qin Yan Zou Ting Yan Chang Hui Hacken Lee Composer
My Better Half: Live 2017 Edmond Leung Composer
Modern Age Daniel Chan Arranger, Composer, Producer
Miraculous Journey Alfred Hui Arranger, Composer, Producer
Love Songs About Women Composer, Producer
Love Songs About Men Composer
Love Songs About Man and Woman Producer
Love Miriam Miriam Yeung Composer, Producer
Love Kelly Zui Ai Jing Xuan Ji Kelly Chen Composer
Live On Stage: In Concert 2000/01 Aaron Kwok Arranger, Composer
Leon Dawn Leon Leon Lai Composer
Leon Dawn Leon Lai Composer, Producer
Last Love Song [Mandarin Greatest Hits] Composer
Last Love Song [Cantonese Greatest Hits] Producer
Kary 18 Cuts Kary Ng Producer
Janice 3000 Day & Night Concert Janice Vidal Composer
Imposter Alfred Hui Arranger, Composer, Producer
Impact 25 Anniversary Arranger, Composer
Huai Hen Jiu De Jiu Justin Lo Composer, Producer
Hit New Song & Chosen Leo Ku Composer
Hacken Lee Friendless Collection Hacken Lee Arranger, Composer
Hacken Lee & Hong Kong Sinfonietta Concert Hall 2011 Hacken Lee Composer
Guo Yu Jing Dian 101, Vol. 3 Composer
Guai Yi Ba Mayao Ma Composer, Producer
Greatest Hits 2006 Aaron Kwok Arranger, Composer, Producer
Greatest Hits Kary Ng Composer, Producer
Gold Typhoon 10 Years Best Edmond Leung Composer, Producer
Friendless Collection Hacken Lee Composer
Electric Girl Miriam Yeung Composer, Producer
Effort & Love Edmond Leung Composer, Producer
Edmond Leung Yong Bao Xin Jiu Ji Yi Edmond Leung Composer
Edmond Hits 48 Edmond Leung Composer, Producer
E11 Janice Vidal Composer, Producer
Do U Know… Janice Vidal Composer, Producer
Dian Ying Ge Qu 101 Arranger, Composer
Dear Secret [2nd Edition] Gin Lee Composer
Dating Karena Karena Lam Arranger, Composer, Producer, Programming
Cinepoly 40th Anniversary Classic 101 Arranger, Composer, Producer
Cinepoly 25th Anniversary: Go East 15th Anniversary Classic 101 Composer
Chang Qing Leon Lai Composer, Producer
Cantonese 101 Composer
BieTum Wo JC Chen Yongtong Composer, Producer
Bian Anita Mui Composer
Believe in Mi Sammi Cheng Composer, Producer
Be Apart [The Theme Song of "The Ex-file: The Return of the Exes"] Tia Ray Composer
Ban Bian Sheng Ming Edmond Leung Composer
Album 1 JC Composer, Producer
Alan Tam X Hacken Lee Live 2013 Alan Tam Composer
Ai De Xiang Fan Xiao Chun Chen Producer
Absolute Voices Collection Composer, Producer
2004 Kai Dai Miriam Yeung Arranger, Composer, Lyricist, Producer
101 Dear Jane Composer

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