Born in 1953 in Dorno, Italy (a town south of Milan), by an early age the boy who would later become Ron, Rosalino Cellamare, showed an interest in singing, and soon began taking vocal lessons and participating in local festivals and competitions. In 1970, at only 16, the young artist made his debut at the annual San Remo Festival with Nada, and the duo placed seventh with their song "Pà Diglielo a Mà." Two years later, a piece he wrote, "Piazza Grande," was performed at the festival by Lucio Dalla, and that same year his debut full-length, Il Bosco degli Amanti, was released under the name Rosalino Cellamare. For his next two records, Dal Nostro Livello (1972) and Esperienza (1975), he used solely his given first name, but in 1980, after having taken a break from music to explore acting, the singer issued his first disc under the name ...
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