Ron de la Vega


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Year Album Artist
2009 Cotton Sam Baker Cello, Bass (Upright), Bass (Electric)
2008 Hopewell Walt Wilkins Drums, Bass
2008 Monte Montgomery Monte Montgomery Cello
2007 American River: a Song For Tara Cole Nashville Session Players Bass
2007 Dream Big! Roger Day Producer, Conductor, Cello, Bass (Upright), Bass, String Arrangements
2007 Only Way Home Tom & Barb Webber Bass (Upright)
2007 Pretty World Sam Baker Main Personnel, Cello, Bass (Upright), Bass (Electric), Group Member
2007 Slow Train Bradley West Bass
2006 Animal Totems, Vol. 2 Arvel Bird Cello, Bass (Electric)
2005 Blues and Lamentations Kate Campbell Main Personnel, Cello
2005 Every Stone You Throw Mike Younger Cello
2005 Mustang Island Walt Wilkins Bass (Upright), Bass (Electric)
2005 River of Dreams Arlene Faith Main Personnel, Bass Instrument
2005 Soft to the Touch Bonnie Bishop Cello, Bass
2004 Hearts in Mind Nanci Griffith Main Personnel, Guitar (Bass), Group Member
2004 Mercy Sam Baker Main Personnel, Cello, Bass (Upright)
2004 Renaissance of Me Tom Trabucco Cello
2004 Who Am I Chris Graves Cello
2003 Prodigal Son Dave Isaacs Cello, Bass (Upright)
2003 Til the Wheels Fall Off Amy Rigby Cello
2003 Welcome to Stay Melissa Gibson Cello, Bass (Upright), Bass
2003 Where Does the Time Go Ron Davies Cello, Bass (Upright)
2002 I Will Cathryn Craig Double Bass
2002 Light Through the Trees Dave Patrick Cello, Bass
2002 Winter Marquee Nanci Griffith Vocals, Cello, Bass
2001 Greatest Hits... And Then Some Danny Estocado Bass
2001 Philadelphia Folk Festival: 40th Anniversary Vocals, Bass
2000 Drama Queen Judith Edelman Cello
2000 Lookin For Trouble Damon Gray Bass
2000 Short Stories Scott Christopher Murray Cello, Fretless Bass
2000 Sparks Are Gonna Fly Joanie Keller Bass
1999 Lighthouse Point Melissa Gibson Cello
1999 The Dust Bowl Symphony Nanci Griffith Guitar (Acoustic), Bass (Electric)
1998 Old Dogs The Old Dogs Cello
1998 Only Sun Judith Edelman Cello, Bass
1998 Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back to Bountiful) Nanci Griffith Vocals, Gut String Guitar, Cello, Bass (Upright), Vocals (Background), Bass, Tic Tac
1998 Shine On Gove Scrivenor Bass
1998 Spirit Nation Spirit Nation Cello
1998 Treasures Left Behind: Remembering Kate Wolf Fretless Bass
1998 Where Have All the Flowers Gone: The Songs of Pete Seeger Bass
1997 Blue Roses from the Moons Nanci Griffith Cello, Bass (Electric), Fretless Bass, Bass, Vocal Harmony, Tic Tac
1997 Stone Country: Country Artists Perform the Songs of the Rolling Stones Bass, Vocal Harmony
1996 Byzantium Deep Blue Something Cello
1996 Feed Me a Dream Thom Bishop Cello, Bass (Upright), Bass (Electric)
1996 Looking Glass Doug Wayne Bass
1996 Not Fade Away (Remembering Buddy Holly) Bass
1996 Perfect World Judith Edelman Cello, Bass
1995 No Yesterday Billy Montana & the Long Shots Cello
1994 Flyer Nanci Griffith Cello
1982 Poet in My Window Nanci Griffith Cello, Bass
An Offering Amanda Pearcy Bass (Acoustic), Bass (Electric)
Ode to Baby Boomers Ben Wasson Cello
Over the Horizon Joe Turley Bass
Volume Two The Old Dogs Cello
Volumes One & Two The Old Dogs Cello
What We Lost Ben Bedford Cello
Why Does Gray Matter? Roger Day Bass, Cello, String Arrangements