Roland Vernon


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Year Album Artist
2005 Surround Yourself with Enrico Caruso Enrico Caruso Liner Notes
2000 Golden Age of Singing Vol.2 (1910-20) Liner Notes
2000 The Golden Age of Singing, Vol. 1, 1900-1910 Synopsis
1999 Highlights from Prima Voce Liner Notes
1999 I Got Rhythm [Giants of Jazz] Oscar Peterson / Oscar Peterson Trio Drums
1999 Mozart: Die Zauberflöte Thomas Beecham Liner Notes, Synopsis
1999 Prima Voce: Elizabeth Rethberg Elisabeth Rethberg Liner Notes
1999 Prima Voce: Marcella Sembrich Marcella Sembrich Liner Notes
1999 Prima Voce: Pasquale Amato Pasquale Amato Synopsis
1998 Mozart Portrait Liner Notes
1997 Richard Crooks in Songs and Ballads Richard Crooks Liner Notes
1995 Prima Voce: Geraldine Farrar in French Opera Geraldine Farrar Liner Notes
1995 Prima Voce: Schipa in Song Tito Schipa Liner Notes
1995 Tito Schipa in Opera and Song Tito Schipa Liner Notes
1994 Farrar In Italian Opera Geraldine Farrar Liner Notes
1994 Great Singers At La Scala, Milan Liner Notes
1994 Highlights from Faust & French Opera Liner Notes
1994 Prima Voce: Caruso in Opera, Vol. 2 Enrico Caruso Liner Notes, Synopsis
1994 Puccini: La Bohème Beniamino Gigli Biographical Notes, Liner Notes
1993 Amelita Galli-Curci Vol.2 Amelita Galli-Curci Liner Notes
1993 Lauri-Volpi sings Verdi Giacomo Lauri-Volpi Liner Notes
1993 Prima Voce: Björling, Vol. 2 Jussi Björling Liner Notes, Synopsis
1993 Prima Voce: Flagstad Kirsten Flagstad Liner Notes
1992 Antonio Cortis Antonio Cortis Liner Notes
1992 Conchita Supervia: In Opera And Song Conchita Supervia Liner Notes
1992 Covent Garden 1904-1939 Royal Opera House Covent Garden Chorus and Orchestra Synopsis
1992 Great Singers at the Berlin State Opera Liner Notes
1992 Great Singers in Mozart Liner Notes
1992 In Opera: Prima Voce John McCormack Liner Notes
1992 Muzio Claudia Muzio Liner Notes
1992 Prima Voce: Divas, Vol. 2 - 1909-1940 Liner Notes
1991 Martinelli, Vol. 2: 1913-1923 Giovanni Martinelli Synopsis
1991 Prima Voce: Tibbet in Opera Lawrence Tibbett Liner Notes
1991 Schumann-Heink Ernestine Schumann-Heink Liner Notes
1991 Tenors 1904-1937: Caruso, Schipa, McCormack Enrico Caruso / John McCormack / Tito Schipa Liner Notes, Synopsis
1990 De Luca - Prima Voce Giuseppe de Luca Liner Notes
1990 Great Singers, Vol. 2, 1903-1939 Liner Notes
1990 Melchior Lauritz Melchior Liner Notes
1990 Music in the Ragas/Kannada/Des Dr. N. Ramani Photography
1990 Prima Voce: Beniamino Gigli Vol. I Beniamino Gigli Liner Notes
1990 Prima Voce: Galli-Curci Amelita Galli-Curci Liner Notes
1990 Prima Voce: Ruffo Titta Ruffo Liner Notes
1990 Prima Voce: Schipa Tito Schipa Liner Notes
1990 Prima Voce: Tetrazzini Luisa Tetrazzini Liner Notes
1989 Great Singers, 1909-1938 Liner Notes
1989 Prima Voce: Divas, 1906-1935 Synopsis
1989 Prima Voce: Martinelli Giovanni Martinelli Liner Notes
1989 Prima Voce: Ponselle Rosa Ponselle Liner Notes, Synopsis
1985 Carols for Christmas Willcocks Tenor (Vocal)
1985 Carols for Christmas, Vol. 2 Tenor (Vocal), Soloist
1984 Carols for Christmas, Vols. 1 & 2 David Willcocks Vocals, Tenor (Vocal), Soloist
1982 Leoncavallo: Pagliacci/Mascagni: Cavalleria Rustivana Beniamino Gigli Liner Notes