The mainstream may not understand his role in the history of punk rock, but one of the most important artists to grace the '80s scene was Roger Miret. As the singer for Agnostic Front, he helped create a bare-knuckled form of hardcore that combined the raw emotional abandon of punk rock with the vicious technical approach of heavy metal. The genre was given several names, but what was even more important was that the New York City scene was revived and artists from Sick of It All to Unsane learned their lessons at the alter of Agnostic Front. When the Reagan era ended, Miret was busted for drug possession and spent almost two years in jail. Upon returning, there were younger and more vital acts that had stepped into Agnostic Front's shoes, and despite an enthusiastic crew of older fans awaiting his return, it wasn't the event it could ...
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Gotta Get Up Now 2011 Gotta Get Up Now
My Riot 2006 My Riot
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