Roderick Williams

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British baritone Williams is best known as a Mozart singer, but also has an impressive modern repertoire and has worked extensively with contemporary composers.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Is 5 (Sonnet No. 2) 03:21 Choral
This is the work of Christ, for chorus & piano 03:28 Choral
A Coat, for voice & piano 02:58 Vocal Music
Holy Father, Great Creator, for chorus & piano 04:29 Choral
Goodwood by the Sea, for piano 03:31 Keyboard
Everyone Sang, for chorus 04:32 Choral
Quare fremuerunt gentes, for baritone & chorus 05:06 Choral
Christmas Bells, for chorus & piano 03:49 Choral
A Red, Red Rose, for voice & piano 02:40 Vocal Music
O Saviour of the World, for chorus & piano 05:08 Choral
And a Little Child Shall Lead Them, for chorus & piano 08:05 Choral
O Guiding Night, for choir 09:05 Choral
Mary had a baby, for chorus 02:00 Choral
Love bade me welcome, for chorus & piano 04:09 Choral
Let nothing trouble you, for choir 06:45 Choral
La Trinité ne change jamais, for chorus & piano 03:31 Choral
Children, go where I send thee, for chorus & piano 04:36 Choral
O Adonai, for choir 07:19 Choral
The Lord's Prayer, for chorus & piano 02:56 Choral
Hymne, for chorus & piano 03:39 Choral
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