Robin Carlsson

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Year Album Artist
2019 Teen Spirit [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Composer
2019 Something Like a War Kindness Composer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
2019 Ever Again Robyn Composer
2019 Chilled Classics Heritage Orchestra / Pete Tong Composer
2019 Between the Lines Robyn Composer
2019 BK25 Beverley Knight Composer
2018 Tween Hits 12 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer/Lyricist
2018 Only Human Calum Scott Composer
2018 Missing U Robyn Composer
2018 Honey Robyn Composer
2018 Honey Robyn Composer
2018 Carry My Heart Indra Rios-Moore Composer/Lyricist
2018 Best of 2018 Year Mix, Pt. 2 Composer
2016 The Voice: The Complete Season 9 Collection Jeffery Austin Composer
2016 Pride Jams Tyler Oakley Composer
2016 Dancing on My Own Calum Scott Composer
2015 Who Do You Love? Kindness Composer
2014 Remember When Allison Weiss Composer
2014 Otherness Kindness Composer
2013 The Voice: The Complete Season 4 Collection Michelle Chamuel Composer
2013 Girls, Vol. 1: Music from the HBO Original Series Composer
2012 R&B: The Collection [Rhino] Composer
2012 Colours Christopher Composer
2011 Mad Decent, Vol. 1 Composer
2011 Just Dance, Vol. 4 Composer
2010 Original Album Classics Darin Composer
2010 Body Talk, Pt. 3 Robyn Composer
2010 Body Talk, Pt. 2 Robyn Composer
2010 Body Talk, Pt. 1 Robyn Arranger, Composer
2010 Body Talk Robyn Composer
2009 Ultra Dance Anthems Composer
2009 Ultimate R&B Love 2009 Composer
2009 The Sweptaways Show The Sweptaways Composer
2009 The Singles Collection [Single Disc] Britney Spears Vocals (Background)
2009 The Singles Collection [Box Set] Britney Spears Vocals (Background)
2009 The Cherrytree Sessions Robyn Composer
2009 Cream: Future Electro Composer
2009 Chilled Euphoria [Ministry of Sound] Composer
2008 Piece of Me Britney Spears Vocals (Background)
2008 It's All About Me Jamie Meyer Composer
2008 How to Lose Friends and Alienate People Composer
2008 Hed Kandi: The Mix 2009 Composer
2008 Be Mine! Robyn Composer
2007 With Every Heartbeat Kleerup / Robyn Composer
2007 Break the News Darin Composer
2007 Blackout Britney Spears Main Personnel, Vocals (Background)
2006 Rakamonie Robyn Composer
2005 Robyn Robyn Composer
2005 Girl's Mind Play Composer
2005 Absolute Hits 2005 Composer
2004 This Is My Time Raven-Symoné Composer
2003 Replay Play Composer
2001 Kidz Bop Kidz Bop Kids Composer
1999 Quel Bordel Christian Falk Composer
1997 Absolute Stars, Vol. 2 Composer
Złamane Serce Composer
Yoga Songs 2020 Composer
Workout With Weights Composer
Workout Music Hits 2020 Composer
Work Music 2020 Composer
Work From Home Hustle Composer
Work From Home Bops [November] Composer
Work From Home Bops Composer
With Every Heartbeat Phats & Small / Son of 8 Composer
Warm-Up 2021 Composer
Voices Cyril Hahn Composer
Valentines Day 2021 [January 29, 2021] Composer
Valentines Day 2021 [February 13, 2021] Composer
Ultimate Covers Composer
Tropical Summer Composer
Trainwreck Composer
Training Music 2020 Composer
Top Hits Acústico Composer
Throwback Hits Composer
Thoughtful Music Composer
The Greatest Love Songs Composer
The Cherrytree House Sessions, Vol. 1 Composer
The Best Love Songs Album in the World...Ever! Composer
Sunset Chilled Composer
Sunset Chill 2020 Composer
Sunday Mood Composer
Summer Hit Mix 2017 Composer
Study Vibes 2020 Composer
Study Songs Composer
Study Chill 2020 Composer
Stay Chill Composer
Sport Music 2021 Composer
Spinning Music 2021 Composer
Songs for the Sad & Lonely Composer
Songs for the Sad Composer
Something Like Me Chris Kläfford Composer
Soft Pop Hits [2021] Composer
Soft Pop Hits 2020 Composer
Smart Working [Soundtrack] Composer
Smart Working Playlist per lavorare Composer
Slow Songs for Relaxing Composer
Slow Sad Songs Composer
Sleepy Songs Composer
Sleepy Pop Composer
Sleeping Songs 2020 Composer
Sleeping Music [Universal] Composer
Sleeping Music 2020 Composer
Sleeping Music Composer
Skiing Music Composer
Singles Awareness Day Composer
Singer Songwriters Composer
Simplemente OT Composer
Self Isolation Vibes Composer
Self Isolation Bangers Composer
Self Care Songs Composer
Sad Vibes Composer
Sad Songs for Crying Yourself to Sleep Composer
Sad Songs 2020 Composer
Sad Songs Composer
Sad Song Composer
Sad Music for Crying Composer
Sad Lyrics 2020 Composer
Sad Heartbreak Songs 2020 Composer
Sad Girl Composer
Sad Breakup Songs [2020] Composer
Running Workout [Universal] Composer
Running Songs 2020 Composer
Running Songs Composer
Romantiska låtar Composer
Road Trip: Chill Composer
Ritmo Total Ot Composer
Resting Brunch Face Composer
Remixed and Redone Composer
Remixed Hits Composer
Relaxing Acoustic Composer
Relax and Chill Composer
Relax al mattino ambient music Composer
Relax Pop Composer
Relax Fall 2020 Composer
Recover 2017 Composer
Really Sad Songs Composer
Rain & Chill Composer
R&B [Rhino] Composer
Quiet Music 2020 Composer
Power House Composer
Pop of the 2000s: Celebrating Pride Composer
Pop Triste Composer
Pop Posée Composer
Pop Peace Composer
Pop Pausée Composer
Pop Para Relaxar [September 25, 2020] Composer
Pop Classics Composer
Pop Chill Composer
Party on My Own Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Tween Party Pack, Vol. 3 Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Tween Hits, Vol. 12 Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Pop Female Hits 8 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Pop Female Hits 2 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke-Tween Party Pack 3 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer/Lyricist
Para Ouvir Na Chuva Composer
OT a Domicilio Composer
Nyårsmiddag [December 2020] Composer
New Year New You [2020] Composer
Musique Relaxante Composer
Musica per lavorare al pc Composer
Music for the Waiting Room Composer
Music Is Universal: Pride by James Bay Composer
Music Is Universal: Pride by Fletcher Composer
Music Is Universal: Pride by Fletcher Composer
Music Is Universal: PRIDE by Tove Lo Composer
Ministry of Sound: House Heads Composer
Ministry of Sound: Chillout Sessions XIII Composer
Mellow Rock [2019] Composer
Me Encanta OT Composer
Matin Automne 2020 Composer
Marathon Training Composer
Lunch Music 2020 Composer
Lovesongs Composer
Love Songs 2021 [January 21, 2021] Composer
Love Songs 2020 [November] Composer
Love Hurts [Universal] Composer
Love Ballads [Febrauary, 2021] Composer
Love Ballads Composer
Lounge Music 2020 Composer
Long Distance Lovers Composer
Long Distance Composer
Lazy Sunday Vibes 2020 Composer
LOVE 說愛・情歌集 Composer
Keep This Fire Burning HOLA! Composer
Karleksfulla Latar [2021] Composer
KIDZ BOP Super Hits Kidz Bop Kids Composer
Just Let It Go Robin Bengtsson Composer
Jesen u Meni Composer
Indestructible Freja Kirk Composer
Indestructible Robyn Composer
In the Mix [2020] Composer
In Your Feels Composer
In My Feelings Composer
If Not With You, for You Chris Kläfford Composer
Ibiza Composer
Höstmys Composer
Hot Summer 2020 Composer
Home Dinner Party Composer
Hits Acoustiques Composer
Hiking Music 2020 Composer
Heartbreak [2020] Composer
Heartbreak Songs Composer
Heartbreak Hits [Universal] Composer
Have a Cry Composer
Gym Motivation 2021 Composer
Good Mornings Composer
Get Rich Or High Tryin': EP Savage Skulls Composer
Frio e Cobertor Composer
Exitos Acusticos Composer
Every Heartbeat Pete Tong Composer
Edzésre Fel! Composer
Easy Listening: Pop Songs Composer
Easy Listening [Universal] Composer
Drew's Famous the Instrumental Dance Collection The Hit Crew Composer
Drew's Famous Instrumental Pop Collection, Vol. 48 Composer/Lyricist
Drew's Famous Chartbusting Party Music The Hit Crew Composer
Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Do Robyn Composer
Dirty With You Players Since Creation Composer
Dinner With Friends: Best Dinner Music Composer
Dinner With Friends [Universal] Composer
Dinner Party Composer
Deep Chill Composer
Date Night [Universal] Composer
Dancing on My Own [The Voice Performance] Paxton Ingram Composer
Dancing on My Own Hunter Plake Composer
Dancing on My Own Elle Fanning Composer
Dancing on My Own Chriddy Black Composer
Dancing on My Own Robyn Composer
Cuddle Season Composer
Crying at 3AM Composer
Crying Songs [November] Composer
Crying Songs 2020 Composer
Crying Sad Songs Composer
Crowd Pleasers Composer
Cozy Winter Evenings Composer
Cozy Songs 2020 Composer
Covers Composer
Coração Partido Composer
Cool: R&B Composer
Comfort Zone 2020 Composer
Coffee Break [2020] Composer
Coeur Brisé Composer
Cocooning: Weekend Chill Composer
Classic Love Songs [Universal] Composer
Classic Love Songs [2020] Composer
Classic Covers [Universal] Composer
Chris Klafford: Best of, Pt. 1 Chris Kläfford Composer
Chillout Music 2020 Composer
Chillout Composer
Chillen 2020 Composer
Chillax Composer
Chill Songs Composer
Chill Pop Composer
Chill House Composer
Chill Hits Composer
Chill Fall 2020 Composer
Chill FM Composer
Chill 2020 Composer
Candle Light Dinner 2020 Composer
Canciones Para Adoloridos Composer
Calming Music Composer
Call Your Girlfriend: Remixes Robyn Composer
Call Your Girlfriend Vanessa Carlton Composer/Lyricist
Call Your Girlfriend Michelle Chamuel Composer
Brit Awards 2017 Composer
Breakup Songs to Cry To Composer
Breakup Songs 2020 Composer
Breakup Songs Composer
Breakup Music Composer
Breakup Hits Composer
Break-Up Songs [2020] Composer
Break Up Songs [2021] Composer
Break Up Songs Composer
Break Up Anthems Composer
Big Girls Don't Cry Composer
Best Shots 2008 Composer
Best Love Ballads Composer
Best Karaoke Love Mix 2021 Composer
Best Covers [2020] Composer
Beach2k20 Robyn Composer
Beach Lounge [Universal] Composer
Baby Forgive Me Robyn Composer
Autumn Chill 2020 Composer
Autumn Afternoon Composer
Au réveil Composer
Always Lovin Composer
Aerobic Music 2021 Composer
Acoustic Rock Composer
Acoustic Pop Edition Composer
Acoustic Love [Universal] Composer
Acoustic Love [Feb 05, 2021] Composer
Acoustic Hits Composer
Acoustic Chill Music Composer
Acoustic Chill 2020 Composer
Acaba Con El Insomnio Composer
95 Abidaz Composer
2000s Love Songs Composer
2000's Pop Anthems Composer
10s Mixtape Composer