Born in New York and raised in Puerto Rico, Robi Rosa got involved in music while he was a child, listening to the Beatles and local salsa acts. Nevertheless, Rosa started playing covers of classic hard rock and heavy metal songs, participating in a band called Admir before he joined Menudo. Soon after, he became the first member of the group to resign, leaving the group in the middle of a tour. The artist settled down in Brazil for a short period, recording songs in Portuguese. In addition, Robi Rosa was captivated by different art forms, such as literature and painting. Back in the U.S., the singer/songwriter decided to try acting, getting a role in the 1988 movie Salsa. In addition, he participated in an alternative band called Maggie's Dream and later started his solo career with the release of his debut album, called Frio, issued in ...
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Como Me Acuerdo 2004 Como Me Acuerdo
Mad Love 2004 Mad Love
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