Robert Van Winkle


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Year Album Artist
2017 Party Tyme Karaoke: Billboard Top 40 Karaoke Box Set, Vol. 8 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
2014 300 Hits: Beach Party Composer
2014 90s Anthems: The Ultimate Collection [2014] Composer
2014 Icon Vanilla Ice Composer
2014 NOW: 25 Top Hits of the 1990's Composer, Composer/Lyricist
2013 Brothers of the Highway Dailey & Vincent Composer
2013 Now That's What I Call 30 Years Arranger
2012 Beach Party: Radio Beach Hits Composer
2012 Pearls & Treasures: R'n'B & Hi Composer
2012 The '80s: Right Between the Eyes Composer
2011 100 Hits: 90s Anthems Composer
2011 100 Hits: New Years Eve Party Composer
2011 Hip Hop, Freestyle & R&B Platinum Classics Composer
2011 The Bill Monroe Centennial Celebration: A Classic Bluegrass Tribute Composer/Lyricist
2010 101 Barbecue Songs Composer
2010 Mash Up Mix 90s Composer
2010 Now 1990's Composer
2010 Now That's What I Call Music! 75 [UK] Composer
2010 Original Hits: Rap & Soul Arranger
2010 Planet Jedward Jedward Composer
2010 Totally Pop [2010] Composer
2010 Ultimate Pop Jr. Composer
2009 20 1's: One Hit Wonders Composer
2009 Cyprien Composer
2009 Now! That's What I Call the 90s [2009] Composer
2009 Original Hits: Number 1's Composer
2009 Platinum Hip-Hop Hits: Old School Classics From the '80s & '90s Composer
2009 Super Hits of the '80s into the '90s Composer
2008 4Play, Vol. 08 Mixed by Jimmy Z Composer
2008 Complete Hip Hop [2CD/DVD] Composer
2008 Gay Happening, Vol. 19 Composer
2008 Legendary Disco Composer
2008 Legendary Party Composer
2008 Party Time, Vol. 6 Composer
2008 Playlist: 90's Pop Composer
2008 Pure 90s Pop [3 Discs] Composer
2008 Pure Party Composer
2008 Sounds of the 90's Generation Composer
2008 The Hits Reloaded Composer
2008 This Is...1990 Composer
2008 Top of the Pops 1990 Composer
2008 Vanilla Ice Is Back!: Hip Hop Classics Vanilla Ice Composer
2007 Essential Club Charts 2007 Composer
2007 Ice Ice Baby Madagascar 5 Composer
2007 Pure: 90s [EMI] Composer
2006 Crazy Frog Presents More Crazy Hits Crazy Frog Composer
2005 Complete Urban Composer
2005 One Hit Wonders Composer
2005 Platinum Underground Vanilla Ice Producer, Arranger, Mixing, Executive Producer, Artwork, Design, Composer
2005 Pop Goes the 90's Composer
2005 The Original '90s Album Composer
2004 History Of HipHop [Universal] Composer
2004 Kid's Dance Classics Kid's Dance Express Composer
2004 Rap One Hit Wonders Composer
2004 The Worst Songs of All Time Drew's Famous Composer
2001 Rap Attack [Simply The Best] Composer
2001 The Best of Vanilla Ice Vanilla Ice Composer
2000 Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 1990 Composer
2000 Jumpin' Party Hits Composer
2000 Let It Rock 1990 Composer
2000 Monsters of Rap, Vol. 1 Composer
2000 Nod's Tacklebox O'Fun Composer
2000 Old School Rap, Vols. 1-4 [Box Set] Composer
2000 Smash Hits: Party Mix [Two Disc] Composer
2000 Teen Riot Composer
2000 Ultramix Composer
1999 36 Hits: 1990-1994 Composer
1999 Alive in the 90's, Vol. 1 Composer
1999 Alive in the 90's, Vol. 1-3 Composer
1999 Back to Back: MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice Composer
1999 Millennium Box Set Composer
1999 Old School Rap, Vol. 4 Composer
1999 Party Hard 2000 Composer
1999 Universal Records Rock Sampler [1999] Composer
1998 90's Now, Vol. 1-3 Composer
1998 Back to Back Hits: MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice [1998] MC Hammer Composer
1998 Hard to Swallow Vanilla Ice Composer
1998 Heartthrob Hits Composer
1997 90's Now, Vol. 1 Composer
1997 Living in the 90's [Warlock] Composer
1994 Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 Weird Al Yankovic Composer
1994 Mind Blowin' Vanilla Ice Composer
1992 Greatest Hits of Dance, Vol. 1 Composer
1992 Off the Deep End Weird Al Yankovic Composer
1991 Cutting Their Own Groove Big Daddy Composer
1991 Extremely Live Vanilla Ice Composer
1990 Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice Composer
1990 To the Extreme Vanilla Ice Composer
'80s [Cleopatra] Composer
100 Hits: 90s Classics Composer
20 #1’s: 90s Composer
300 Hits: The '80s Composer
80's [Cleopatra] Composer
90s Hip Hop Composer
90s Mixtape Composer
Billboard 90s, Vol. 8 Composer/Lyricist
Billboard Karaoke: Top 10 Box Set Composer/Lyricist
Body by Jake: '90s Throwback Tune-Up-Biking, Hiking, Climbing, Walking, Lifting [BPM 99-140] Composer
Dance Party 2010 Composer
Drew's Famous - Hits of the 90s Composer
Drew's Famous Wedding Songs: Reception Party Music The Hit Crew Composer
Dubstep Madness Composer
Everybody Loves… The 90'S, Vol. 1 Composer
Eyeless Music Eyeless Composer
Fitness & Workout Box Composer
Formel Eins: Cool Fun! Composer
Guilty Pleasures [Capitol] Composer
Hip Hop Workout Composer/Lyricist
Hip To The Hop Composer
I Love the 90's Presents: The Last Great Decade of Music Composer
Living in the '90s [Razor & Tie] Composer
Massive Hits!: Number 1s Composer
Rowdy Steve Forde & The Flange Composer
School's Out '90s Composer
Skiing Workout Mix Composer
The Greatest Ever: Pop Songs Composer
The Ultimate Collection: Number 1s Composer
Trap Music Box Composer
Turn Off the Lights Dog Blood Composer
Zoom Karaoke Gap Fillers, Vol. 10 Zoom Karaoke Composer