Robert Lucas Pearsall

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While Robert Lucas Pearsall wrote instrumental and orchestral music, he is best known for his vocal works, particularly for his madrigals and part songs, which he composed as a means of reviving Renaissance-era…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Who Shall Have My Lady Fair, song 02:24 Choral
Sing we and chaunt it, for 4 voices 00:57 Choral
Lay a Garland, for 8 voices 1840 03:02 Vocal Music
O who will o'er the downs so free 02:09 Miscellaneous (Classical)
In dulci jubilo, for soloists & chorus 03:26 Choral
Great God of love, for 8 voices 1839 02:37 Choral
'Tis raining, for chorus 01:07 Choral
My mother loves me not, for chorus 02:24 Choral
Sir Patrick Spens, ballad-dialogue for 10 voices 1838 03:51 Choral
There is a paradise on earth 03:21 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Light of my soul, for 6 voices 1838 03:16 Choral
Sing we and chaunt it, for 8 voices 1840 01:43 Choral
Down by a river straying, for chorus 03:04 Choral
True love, today I must away!, for chorus 01:36 Choral
Take heed, ye shepherd swains, for chorus 03:15 Choral
No, no, Nigella, for chorus 00:55 Choral
Hie away!, for chorus 01:55 Choral
Springs she not as light as air, for chorus 02:00 Choral
I saw lovely Phillis, for chorus 01:57 Choral
Summeris y-coming in, for 6 voices 184? 00:55 Choral
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