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Year Album Artist
2014 Now: 25 Top Hits of the 1970's Guitar (Bass)
2007 Simple Songs of Freedom: The Tim Hardin Collection Tim Hardin Bass
2007 Campfire Hits Guitar (Bass)
2005 The Legendary Okeh and Epic Recordings Ahmad Jamal Project Director
2005 Rock Fest Guitar (Bass)
2003 Legendary Songs of Don McLean Don McLean Guitar (Bass), Vocals
1976 Solo Don McLean Guitar (Bass), Vocals
1974 Playin' Favorites Don McLean Vocals, Bass
1973 Beer Cans on the Moon Ed Sanders and the Hemptones / Ed Sanders Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Percussion, Bass, Fender Jazz Bass
1971 The Big Moose Calls His Baby Sweet Lorraine Jake & the Family Jewels Guitar (Bass), Vocals (Background), Bass
1971 Simpson Simpson Vocals, Organ, Bass
1971 Bird on a Wire Tim Hardin Bass
1971 American Pie Don McLean Bass
1966 Time In Dave Brubeck Project Director
Viral Jams Guitar (Bass)
Viral Hits, Vol. 7 Guitar (Bass)
Viral Hits, Vol. 6 Guitar (Bass)
Vibras Clásicas Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Viaje A 1971 Guitar (Bass)
Trending Now, Vol. 19 Guitar (Bass)
Trending Now, Vol. 17 Guitar (Bass)
Trending 2021 [March 5] Guitar (Bass)
Throwback Summer Essentials [August, 2022] Guitar (Bass)
Throwback 70s Guitar (Bass), Vocals
The Old Beach Guitar (Bass)
The Best 70s Album in the World...Ever! Guitar (Bass)
The Beach That Makes You Old Guitar (Bass)
The Best Road Trip Album in the World...Ever! Guitar (Bass)
The Best Long Versions Guitar (Bass)
Thanksgiving Mix Guitar (Bass)
Temazos Épicos Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Temazos y Hitazos: 70's Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Tailgate Party [2020] Guitar (Bass)
Tailgate Party Guitar (Bass)
Sunday Vibes Guitar (Bass)
Summer of Rock Guitar (Bass)
Stranger Things Can Happen Guitar (Bass)
Songs to Wash Your Hands To Guitar (Bass)
Songs About Music [2019] Guitar (Bass)
Sing-Along Classics Guitar (Bass)
Seventies Music Guitar (Bass)
Sad [2022] Guitar (Bass), Vocals
RockandLove Guitar (Bass)
Rock for Kids [2022] Guitar (Bass)
Rock for Children Guitar (Bass)
Rock for All Guitar (Bass)
Rock and Love Guitar (Bass)
Rock Classics [2022] Guitar (Bass)
Rock As Melhores Guitar (Bass)
Rock Anthem Hits Guitar (Bass)
Road Trip Classics [2021] Guitar (Bass)
Road Trip 2019 Guitar (Bass)
Relaxed Driving Music Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Radar de Éxitos: Legendarios Guitar (Bass)
Radar de Éxitos: Esenciales Guitar (Bass)
Pub Songs Guitar (Bass)
Pub Rock Sing Along Guitar (Bass)
Pub Feed Guitar (Bass)
Poppin Guitar (Bass)
Patriotic Classic Rock Guitar (Bass)
Pa Landet Guitar (Bass)
Original Cover Versions Guitar (Bass)
Old School Classics Guitar (Bass)
Música dos Anos 70 para Crianças Guitar (Bass)
Música Para Niños: Rock Guitar (Bass)
Music for the Car Guitar (Bass)
Mother's Day Guitar (Bass)
Memorial Day Classic Rock Guitar (Bass)
Mega Hits 2021 Guitar (Bass)
Mad Libs Live! Liner Notes, Composer
Love Me & Love Me Guitar (Bass)
Let's Rock 70's Guitar (Bass)
Karaoke Party Guitar (Bass)
July 4th Classic Rock Guitar (Bass)
I Heart 70s Guitar (Bass)
Home Office Music Guitar (Bass)
Hippie Rock Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Grilla! Composer, Guitar, Guitar (Bass)
Greatest Hits [Universal] Guitar (Bass)
Graduation Songs [2021] Guitar (Bass)
Good Times Guitar (Bass)
Golden Oldies Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Fourth of July 2021 Guitar (Bass)
Flower Power Classics Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Dosis De Rock Anglo Guitar (Bass)
Dad Rocks [2021] Guitar (Bass)
Crowd Pleasers [2020] Guitar (Bass)
Country Pop Para Crianças [2022] Guitar (Bass)
Country Music for Kids Guitar (Bass)
Coffee House: The Originals Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Classic Rock Summer Guitar (Bass)
Classic Rock Mixtape Guitar (Bass)
Classic Road Trip Songs Guitar (Bass)
Classic Pub Rock Guitar (Bass)
Class of '71 Guitar (Bass)
Chilled Summer [2019] Guitar (Bass)
Best of the 70s Guitar (Bass)
Best Camping Songs Ever! Guitar (Bass)
Best 70s Rock 2022 [Septenber 16, 2022] Guitar (Bass)
Backpack Australia Guitar (Bass)
Back to School [Rock Edition] Guitar (Bass)
BBQ Summer [Universal] [2019] Guitar (Bass)
American Rock Hits Guitar (Bass)
American Pie [Single] Don McLean Guitar (Bass)
American Pie Don McLean Guitar (Bass)
Alternative Folk Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Afternoon Delight [2022] Guitar (Bass)
Acoustic Relaxations Guitar (Bass), Vocals
70s for Kids Guitar (Bass)
70s Rock [2019] Guitar (Bass)
70s Rock Hits [Universal] Guitar (Bass)
70s Rock Anthems Guitar (Bass)
70s Pop Anthems Guitar (Bass)
70s Mix [Universal] Guitar (Bass)
70s Memories Guitar (Bass), Vocals
70s Festival Guitar (Bass)
70's Hits Guitar (Bass)
50 Years in 2021 And...Still Cool Guitar (Bass)
4th of July Cookout Guitar (Bass)
40 Éxitos: Retro Guitar (Bass)
40 Éxitos: En Inglés Guitar (Bass)
40 Éxitos De Los 70's Vol. 1 Guitar (Bass)
4 All Ages: Rock Music Guitar (Bass)
2021 Mega Hits Guitar (Bass)
1971 [Universal] Guitar (Bass)
1970s Rock for Kids Guitar (Bass), Vocals
1970s Jams Guitar (Bass)
1970s Country for Kids Guitar (Bass), Vocals
100% Éxitos: Rock, Vol. 2 Guitar (Bass)
100% Exitos: Clasicos Vol. 2 Guitar (Bass)

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