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Year Album Artist
2015 Solid Stax Sensations Photography
2014 The Rebel Kind: Girls with Guitars, Vol. 3 Memorabilia
2014 The Good Foot: The Soundtrack to His Soho Night Snowboy Memorabilia
2013 Classic Innocents The Innocents Liner Notes
2013 Sophisticated Boom Boom: The Shadow Morton Story Memorabilia
2013 The Complete UK Singles (And More) 1961-1966 Del Shannon Memorabilia
2012 Handy Man: The Otis Blackwell Songbook Illustrations
2012 I Wrote a Song: The Complete 1970s Recordings Marty Cooper Illustrations
2012 Nobody Wins: Stax Southern Soul 1968-1975 Cover Photo
2012 Smash Boom Bang! The Songs and Productions of Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer Liner Notes
2011 Before the Fall Photography, Archival Materials
2011 Dance with the Contours The Contours Memorabilia
2011 The Dore Story: Postcards from Los Angeles 1958-1964 Photography, Illustrations, Liner Notes, Memorabilia
2011 The Early Years: 1957-1969 James Burton Illustrations
2010 Califia: The Songs of Lee Hazlewood Illustrations, Quotes Researched & Compiled, References
2010 Just A Little Bit: Federal's Queens Of New Breed R&B Lula Reed / Tiny Topsy Illustrations
2010 Theme Time Radio Hour 3 with Bob Dylan Liner Notes, Memorabilia
2009 Golden Age of American Popular Music: Hits with Strings and Things Photography, Liner Notes, Cover Photo
2009 Golden Age of American Rock N Roll, Vol. 2: Special Doo Wop Edition 1956-1963 Archive Research, Photo Courtesy
2009 Jet Black Leather Machine Vince Taylor Memorabilia
2009 Queen of Rock 'n' Roll Brenda Lee Compilation Producer, Liner Notes, Memorabilia, Photo Courtesy
2009 The London American Label, Year by Year: 1960 Memorabilia
2009 Theme Time Radio Hour: Season 2 Contribution
2009 You Heard Them Here First: Rock's Icons Before They Were Famous Sleeve Notes
2008 Break-A-Way: The Songs of Jackie DeShannon Memorabilia, Photo Courtesy
2008 The Big Top Records Story: Classic New York Pop 1958-1964 Liner Notes
2008 The Golden Age of American Popular Music: The Folk Hits Liner Notes, Annotation
2007 Feeling Happy Big Joe Turner Liner Notes
2007 Radio Gold, Vol. 5 Memorabilia
2007 See You Later Alligator Bill Haley Liner Notes
2007 Teenage Crush, Vol. 5 Liner Notes, Sequencing, Photo Courtesy
2007 That's Alright Elvis Presley Sleeve Notes
2007 The Answer to Everything: Girl Answer Songs of the 60's Annotation
2007 The Rockin' South Liner Notes, Archive Research
2007 When Will I Be Loved? The Everly Brothers Sleeve Notes
2007 Wild Wild Young Men Ruth Brown Sleeve Notes
2006 Beatlemaniacs!!! The World of Beatles Novelty Records Annotation
2006 Brenda, That's All/All Alone Am I Brenda Lee Artwork, Coordination, Memorabilia, Annotation
2006 Garagemental!: The Cuca Records Story, Vol. 2 Liner Notes, Annotation, Photo Courtesy
2006 Golden Age of American Rock N Roll: Special Bubbling Under Edition Liner Notes, Photo Courtesy
2006 Let Me Sing/By Request Brenda Lee Coordination, Annotation
2006 The Golden Age of American Popular Music, Vol. 1 Liner Notes, Memorabilia, Photo Courtesy
2006 The Leiber & Stoller Story, Vol. 2: On the Horizon 1956-1962 Leiber & Stoller Photo Courtesy
2006 The Very Best of the Country Years Wanda Jackson Compilation Producer
2006 White Lightning: Lost Cadence Sessions '58 Link Wray Liner Notes, Annotation
2006 Zero: A Martin Hannett Story Martin Hannett Memorabilia, Sleeve Art, Label Consultant
2005 All the Way/Sincerely, Brenda Lee Brenda Lee Liner Notes, Coordination, Annotation
2005 Early Girls, Vol. 4 Compilation Producer
2005 Elemental Instrumentals Liner Notes, Creative Consultant, Annotation
2005 The Road Is Rocky: Complete Studio Masters 1956-1971 Gene Vincent Photography, Illustrations
2005 These Ghoulish Things: Horror Hits for Halloween Annotation
2004 "They're Outta Here," Says Archie Link Wray Liner Notes
2004 Crazy 'Bout an Automobile Liner Notes, Archive Research
2004 Dance to the Bop Gene Vincent Sleeve Notes
2004 Dancehall Stringbusters!: Crunchy Guitar Instros from the '60s Source Material
2004 Gene Vincent Cut Our Songs: Primitive Texan Rockabilly & Honky Tonk Photography, Liner Notes, Annotation
2004 Golden Age of American Rock 'N' Roll: Special Doo Wop Liner Notes, Archive Research
2004 Grandma, What Great Songs You Sang!/Miss Dynamite Brenda Lee Illustrations, Liner Notes, Coordination, Cover Art, Annotation
2004 Rockin' From Coast to Coast, Vol. 3 Annotation
2004 That'll Flat Git It!, Vol. 20 Photography, Illustrations
2004 The Swan Singles Collection 1963-1967 Link Wray Liner Notes, Project Coordinator
2004 This Is...Brenda/Emotions Brenda Lee Liner Notes
2004 UK Sue Label Story: The World of Guy Stevens Liner Notes
2004 Yea! Yea! It's Vince Eager! Vince Eager Photography, Illustrations, Liner Notes
2003 Chartbusters USA, Vol. 3 Liner Notes, Annotation
2003 Cruisin' the Drive In Eddie Cochran Liner Notes
2003 Golden Age of American Rock 'n' Roll: Special Novelty Edition Annotation
2003 Impossible But True: The Kim Fowley Story Annotation, Photo Courtesy
2003 King Rock 'N' Roll Liner Notes, Annotation
2003 Pet Projects: The Brian Wilson Productions Annotation
2003 Talk About a Party: The Crest Records Story Photography, Liner Notes, Supervisor
2002 Chartbusters USA, Vol. 2 Research, Annotation
2002 Golden Age of American Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 10 Compilation Coordinator, Annotation
2002 Land of 1000 Dances, Vol. 2: 1956-1966 Annotation
2002 Law of the Jungle Link Wray Liner Notes
2002 More Rockin' on Broadway Liner Notes
2002 The Golden Age of American Rock 'N' Roll: Special Country Edition Illustrations, Liner Notes, Annotation
2002 These Boots Are Made for Walkin': The Complete MGM Recordings Lee Hazlewood Liner Notes
2001 All American Rock 'n' Roll: The Fraternity Story, Vol. 2 Liner Notes, Research
2001 Angel Baby Revisited Rosie & the Originals Liner Notes, Coordination
2001 Radio Gold, Vol. 4 Liner Notes
2001 Rare West Coast Surf Instrumentals Liner Notes, Cover Art, Annotation
2001 The Golden Age of American Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 9 Liner Notes, Sequencing, Archive Research
2001 The Modern Records Story Liner Notes
2000 Barbed Wire Link Wray Producer, Liner Notes, Coordination
2000 Co-Ed Records Story Liner Notes, Coordination
2000 Complete Hits of Linda Scott Linda Scott Liner Notes, Memorabilia, Photo Courtesy
2000 Complete Hits of Vic Dana Vic Dana Liner Notes
2000 Early Girls, Vol. 3 Cover Photo
2000 Great R&B Duets Photography, Memorabilia
2000 Hard to Find 45's on CD, Vol. 5: 60's Pop Classics Liner Notes
2000 King Rockabilly Liner Notes, Research
2000 Long Gone Daddies Liner Notes, Tape Research
2000 Queen of Rockabilly Wanda Jackson Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
2000 Rockin' on Broadway: The Time, Brent, Shad Story Liner Notes, Archive Research
2000 Stax Story Cover Photo, Tray Photo
2000 Teenage Crush, Vol. 3 Photography, Memorabilia
1999 Chartbusters USA, Vol. 1 Compilation Producer
1999 Deep In The Heart Of Twangsville: The RCA Years - 1962-1964 Duane Eddy Essay
1999 Golden Age of American Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 8 Liner Notes, Sequencing, Compilation Research, Archive Research
1999 Rockin' From Coast to Coast, Vol. 2 Photography, Liner Notes, Research, Compilation Research, Archive Research
1999 Teenage Crush, Vol. 2 Liner Notes
1999 Texas Rockabilly Cover Art Concept, Photo Courtesy
1999 West Texas Bop Coordination
1998 Golden Age of American Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 7 Photography, Liner Notes, Sequencing
1998 Miami Rockabilly Liner Notes
1998 On the Continent Cliff Richard Discography, Essay
1998 Piltdown Men Rides Again Piltdown Men Memorabilia, Cover Art
1998 Rare 'n' Rockin' Eddie Cochran Liner Notes
1998 The Domino Records Story Liner Notes, Sequencing, Archive Research
1998 The Tequila Man Chuck Rio Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
1998 The Tex-Mex Fireball George Tomsco Concept, Compilation Research, Archive Research
1997 Early Girls, Vol. 2 Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
1997 Fabulous Flips, Vol. 3 Sequencing, Liner Note Adaptation
1997 Go, Jimmy, Go!: The Very Best of Jimmy Clanton Jimmy Clanton Compilation Producer, Photography, Liner Notes, Annotation
1997 Golden Age of American Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 6 Liner Notes, Sequencing, Photo Courtesy
1997 Hey Baby! the Rockin' South Liner Notes, Cover Art Concept
1997 Later Singles The Champs Label Design
1997 Teen Beat, Vol. 4 Compilation Producer
1997 Teenage Crush Liner Notes, Photo Courtesy
1996 Dot Rock 'N' Roll Photography, Graphic Design
1996 Rockin' With Ricky Rick Nelson Sheet Music
1996 Rockin' from Coast to Coast, Vol. 1 Liner Notes, Sequencing
1996 The Sue Singles Baby Washington Cover Photo
1995 Dot Records Cover to Cover...Hit Upon Hit Cover Design, Memorabilia, Sleeve Notes
1995 The Cadence Story Sleeve Notes
1994 More Hollywood Rock 'n' Roll Concept, Archive Research, Cover Photo
1994 That'll Flat Git It!, Vol. 6 Liner Notes
1994 The Golden Age of American Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 3 Photography, Liner Notes, Concept
1994 The Golden Age of American Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 4 Liner Notes
1994 The Return of the Del-Fi & Donna Story Photography, Liner Notes
1994 Twangin' from Phoenix to L.A.: The Jamie Years Duane Eddy Liner Notes, Source Material, Discography
1993 Carlo and the Belmonts Carlo & the Belmonts Liner Notes
1993 The E.P. Collection Little Richard Liner Notes
1993 The Golden Age of American Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 2 Liner Notes, Sequencing, Cover Photo
1993 Wing Ding The Champs Cover Design
1992 The Complete Indigo Recordings The Innocents Liner Notes
1991 Golden Age of American Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 1 Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
1991 Let's Go Jivin' to Rock and Roll Liner Notes
1991 The Decca Years & More Bill Haley & His Comets Photography
1990 The Way I Walk: The Original Carlton Recordings 1958-1960 Jack Scott Liner Notes
1989 Hollywood Rock 'n' Roll Liner Notes
1988 The Early Years Eddie Cochran Liner Notes
1987 The Fifties: Rockabilly Fever Liner Notes
1957 On the Road with Rock 'n' Roll Mando & the Chili Peppers Liner Notes
(Not Just) A Pretty Face & A Pompadour Liner Notes
Brent: Superb 60s Soul Sounds Liner Notes
The London American Label Year By Year: 1956 Illustrations