Ricky Ho


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Year Album Artist
2008 Those Were the Days When My Heart Was Fei Yu-Ching Arranger
2007 If [for Digital] Wang Yun-Tsan Arranger
2007 Remember Our Commitment Yeh Huan Arranger
2006 A Game Annie I Arranger
2006 Annie's Dancing Compilation Annie I Arranger
2006 Fun Girl's Happy Tune Annie I Arranger
2006 I Have Never Dreamed of Loving You Ma Tsuii-Ju Arranger, Composer
2006 Sacred Woman's Romance Annie I Arranger
2006 Sparing Flower in a Rain Day Annie I Arranger
2006 Swimming Fish Zhang Yu-Sheng Arranger
2006 Woman in Love Annie I Arranger, Composer
2005 24K Mastersonic Compilation Lui Fong Arranger
2005 24k Mastersonic Compilation Aaron Kwok Arranger
2005 24k Mastersonic Compilation, Vol. 2 Aaron Kwok Arranger
2005 A Terra-Cota Dream Sally Yeh Arranger
2005 AK Trilogy: Yours Truly Greatest Hits Aaron Kwok Arranger
2005 All the Best George Lam Arranger
2005 Another Day with You Again Sally Yeh Arranger
2005 Decision George Lam Arranger
2005 Everlasting Greatest Hits George Lam Arranger
2005 Lam II: 24K Mastersonic Compilation George Lam Arranger
2005 Love Season Lui Fong Arranger
2005 Love Story George Lam Arranger
2005 Love Story New Songs/Greatest Hits Sammi Cheng Arranger
2005 Loving You One More Day Lui Fong Arranger
2005 Mandarin Album Sally Yeh Arranger
2005 Mandarin Compilation 90 Aaron Kwok Arranger
2005 My Lovely Legend Lui Fong Arranger
2005 Real Love Songs: Greatest Hits Lui Fong Arranger
2005 True Love for the Whole Life Sally Yeh Arranger
2005 U Really Hurt My Heart This Time George Lam Arranger
2002 Live Contact Lam 2001 George Lam Arranger
2001 Aaron Kwok Aaron Kwok Arranger
2001 Zhen Jin Dian Amanda Lee Composer
2000 The Best Seller of Warner Music George Lam / Sally Yeh Arranger
2000 To Love Sammi Cheng Arranger
1998 Two Castles: Can't Awake From Dream Kwan Ter-Hwei Arranger
1997 It's Time to Wake Up Michelle Pan Arranger
1997 Li Pi-Hua Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 Li Pi-Hua Arranger
1997 Love Sharing Aaron Kwok Arranger
1997 Sally Yeh Mandarin 24K Mastersonic Compilation Sally Yeh Arranger
1996 Aaron Kwok Memorandom Compilation Aaron Kwok Arranger
1996 Chieh Lin's Cover Version Zan Chieh Lin Arranger
1996 Even Man Would Be Hurt Chiang Yu-Heng Arranger
1996 The Voice of Silence Wang Chieh Arranger
1996 Wang Chieh Masterpiece Compilation Wang Chieh Arranger, Remix Engineer
1995 I Do Care Chiang Yu-Heng Arranger
1995 I Would Rather Lose Freedom Wang Chieh Arranger
1994 A Migratory Bird Wang Chieh Arranger
1994 Changes Julie Su Arranger, Engineer, Producer
1994 Dark Side Temps Aaron Kwok Arranger
1994 Dreams of Lonely Star Wang Chieh Arranger, Composer, Lyricist, Producer, Remix Engineer
1994 Just You Love Me Wang Chieh Arranger
1994 Soundtrack Album Aaron Kwok Arranger
1994 Trace of Tears Li Pi-Hua Arranger
1993 Hands in Hands Julie Su Arranger
1993 Me Wang Chieh Arranger, Composer
1993 Rememberance Li Pi-Hua Arranger
1993 She Wang Chieh Composer
1993 The Road Wang Chieh Arranger, Composer, Lyricist, Producer
1993 Tomorrow Wang Yun-Tsan Arranger
1993 We Are Always Friends Fei Yu-Ching Arranger
1993 Wonderous Heart Wang Chieh Arranger, Remix Engineer
1992 Did I Treat You Nicely Li Pi-Hua Arranger
1992 Life Behind a Closed Door Wang Chieh Arranger, Composer
1992 Separate Li Pi-Hua Arranger
1992 Tears of a Hero Wang Chieh Arranger, Composer
1991 A Wondering Heart Wang Chieh Arranger, Composer
1991 Better Forget Myself Than Forget You Wang Chieh Arranger, Remix Engineer
1991 Broken Heart Wang Chieh Arranger
1991 What Kind of Love Could You Understand Ma Tsuii-Ju Arranger
1990 Let Love Free Tracy Huang Arranger
1990 Who Had Found My Heart in Autumn Yeh Huan Arranger, Composer, Lyricist
1989 Thoughts of an Actress Tracy Huang Arranger, Composer, Lyricist, Producer
1988 Put My True Heart in Your Hands Yeh Huan Arranger
1986 Paradise in My Heart Tracy Huang Arranger, Composer
2009 Wonderful Moment Collection Fei Yu-Ching Arranger
A Lone Star Wang Chieh Arranger, Composer
Absolute Voice Arranger
Absolute Voice: Duet Arranger
Absolute Voices-Memory Arranger
All By Himself Wang Chieh Arranger
Dream at Dreamless Night Wang Chieh Arranger
Forever Love [WM Taiwan] Arranger
George Lam 40th Ann. Greatest Hits 3CD Bonus CD George Lam Arranger
Julie Su Gh: Recollection Julie Su Arranger, Engineer, Producer
Love by Fate Julie Su Composer
Lui Fong: Greatest Hits Lui Fong Arranger
My Lovely Legend George Lam Arranger
Police et Vous Real Huang Arranger
Rage Against the Sun Wang Chieh Arranger
To Dream a Life Just for Love Wang Chieh Arranger, Remix Engineer
True Legend 101 Aaron Kwok Arranger
Unforgettable Sammi Cheng Arranger
Wandering Girl Lui Fong Arranger
You Are the One I Want to Meet Lui Fong Arranger