Richard Marr


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Year Album Artist
2013 Stomp Big D and the Kids Table Engineer, Vocal Engineer, Guitar Engineer, Dub Engineer, Piano Engineer
2013 Stroll Big D and the Kids Table Engineer, Vocal Engineer, Guitar Engineer, Dub Engineer, Piano Engineer
2007 Coolest Songs in the World, Vol. 1 Audio Production
2007 Sinners Stick Together The Sterns Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2007 Something Unknown The Glass Set Producer
2007 Songs for You Shawn Waters Engineer
2007 The Bad Road Defcon 4 Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2006 The Esperantos The Esperantos Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2006 Where the Sun Never Sets A Global Threat Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2005 Get the Femuline Hang On The Rudds Engineer
2005 Live in Boston Toxic Narcotic Assistant Engineer
2005 Louder Than Hell Engineer, Mixing
2005 Meet Mach 5 Mach 5 Producer, Audio Production
2005 Pussycat The Charms Producer, Engineer
2005 Smother Party Remote Islands Engineer, Mixing
2005 The End of the World The End of the World Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2004 All the Plastic Animals Erika Simonian Engineer
2004 Chaos Continues For the Worse Engineer, Audio Engineer
2004 Shocktwins Brett Rosenberg Mixing, Mastering
2004 Toxic Narcotic/Misery Misery / Toxic Narcotic Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 28 Plastic Blue Versions of Endings Without You Francine Engineer
2003 Blondes Prefer the Gentlemen The Gentlemen Engineer
2003 Dark Thirty Quintaine Americana Engineer
2003 Problematic The Brett Rosenberg Problem Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 The Rudds The Rudds Engineer, Mixing
2002 29 1/2 Erika Simonian Producer, Engineer
2002 50,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong Producer, Engineer
2002 Destroyer The Brett Rosenberg Problem Producer, Engineer, Audio Production
2002 Takeout Flexie Producer, Engineer, Guitar
2002 We're All Doomed Toxic Narcotic Mixing
2001 Mass Avenue Freeze-Out The Gravel Pit Engineer
2001 Revenge of Andromeda Langtry & the Pocket-Sized Planets Tracking
2000 Gut Wringing Machine Naked Aggression Mastering
2000 Planet Detox Langtry & the Pocket-Sized Planets Engineer, Mixing
1999 Brompton's Cocktail Meg Hentges Mixing Assistant
1999 Minor Chords and Major Themes Gigolo Aunts Assistant Engineer
1999 The Silver Gorilla The Gravel Pit Vocals, Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1998 Far Places Push Kings Engineer
1998 Lullaby Themes for Sleepy Dreams Susie Tallman Engineer, Audio Engineer
1998 Manhole Talking to Animals Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1997 All Over the Land Syrup USA Mixing Assistant
1997 Gun Shy Trigger Happy Jennifer Trynin Mixing
1997 In Harm's Way PermaFrost Assistant Engineer
1997 No One Here Gets in for Free: Rare & Unreleased The Gravel Pit Engineer, Mixing
1996 Aloha Via Satellite Poundcake Assistant Engineer
1996 Derailer Little John Assistant Engineer
1996 Head to the Ground Expanding Man Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1996 Season of Rain Merrie Amsterburg Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1996 The Cable Guy Assistant Engineer
1996 The Gravel Pit Manifesto The Gravel Pit Assistant Engineer
1996 The Oswald Cup Technical Jed Assistant Producer
1995 So Long, 174th Street [Cast Recording] Robert Morse Choir/Chorus
1993 Third Degree Burn Eric Essix & Modern Man Assistant Engineer
2009 Mouth Sewn Shut Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Absinthe Rose/Humanwine [Split CD] Absinthe Rose / Humanwine Mixing, Mastering
Aftermathematics LP/Get Off Your Ass EP Opposition Rising Engineer, Mixing, Drums, Group Member
Bacchanalia The Strange Avenues Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Black Earth Absinthe Rose Engineer, Mixing
Carry On! Razors In the Night Producer, Engineer
DimWorld Act II War Of Words Producer, Engineer
First Image The Glass Set Producer
Higher Guns Void Union Engineer
In the Age of Corporate Personhood Disaster Strikes Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Night on Broadway, Instrumental Yoni Gordon Engineer, Mixing
Socialized Refuse Resist Producer, Engineer, Mixing
The More We Learn the More We Learn That We're Wrong Absinthe Rose Mixing, Engineer