Richard Heuberger

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Composer Richard Heuberger was a key figure in Viennese musical life at the turn of the twentieth century. Born in Graz, Heuberger abandoned engineering studies at the age of 26 in order to take up music…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Der Opernball, operetta 1897 Opera
Im chambre séparée (from Der Opernball) Orchestral
Der Opernball (The Opera Ball), overture to the operetta Orchestral
Der Opernball (The Opera Ball), operetta Opera
The Kiss In Your Eyes, waltz for orchestra Orchestral
Suddenly (Im chambre séparée) Orchestral
Ihr Excellenz, operetta 1899 Orchestral
Serenade for strings, Op. 7 ("Nachtmusik") Orchestral
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