Richard Davy

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English composer and scholar. The "Informator" and organist at Oxford Davy was also a member of Exeter Cathedral. In the 15th century Davy was the most accomplished of English composers displaying well-learned…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Stabat Mater for 5 voices Choral
Ah myn hart, remembir thee well, for 3 voices Choral
O Domine Caeli Terraeque for 5 voices Vocal Music
A Blessid Jhesu for 3 voices Vocal Music
In Honroe Summae Matris Vocal Music
Joan is sick and ill at ease Vocal Music
Salve Regina Choral
Saint Matthew Passion Choral
Salve Jesu mater vera, for 5 voices Choral
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