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Year Album Artist
2021 Peut-etre un reve II Joseph Edgar Mastering Engineer
2021 Impressions New Bleach Mastering Engineer
2020 Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs Klô Pelgag Mastering
2020 Aidan Knight Aidan Knight Mastering
2019 Matthias & Maxime [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Jean-Michel Blais Mastering
2019 Après Le Crash Jipé Dalpé Mastering
2018 Vu D'ici Petula Clark Mastering
2018 Dans Ma Main Jean-Michel Blais Mastering
2017 Main Girl Charlotte Cardin Mastering
2016 Wrong We Are Wolves Mastering
2016 Unstatic Manu Katché Mastering
2015 Tss Tss Chocolat Mastering
2015 In the A.M. Wilds The High Dials Mastering
2015 Ad Perpetuum Antoine Fafard Mastering
2014 Songs of a Siren Lea Longo Mastering
2013 Film Music Gala Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Sax (Alto)
2011 L' Avocat du Yab Dany Bedar Mastering
2010 Tron: Legacy Daft Punk Clarinet
2010 Le Ciel de Mes Combats Éric Lapointe Mastering
2009 Livin' out Loud Johnny Lima Mastering
2009 Line 'Em Up Sweetbriar Mastering
2009 Good Things Happen! Les Julian Mastering
2008 Requiem Pour un Vivant MMCircle Mastering
2008 Dimensions d'Istanbul Eric St-Laurent Mastering
2008 Bonjour Bonsoir Chapeaumelon Mastering
2008 All Along The Sometime Favorites Mastering
2007 Plum Shark Plum Shark Mastering
2007 Airs du Marais Le Swompards De L'est Mastering
2006 Unstable Matter Spaced Out Mastering
2006 Unicorn Digital: Progression in Balance, Vol. 2 Mastering
2006 Sphere Karcius Remastering
2006 Sibylle MMCircle Mastering
2006 Retrospective Retroheads Mastering
2006 Mic Life/Nü Rap NRG Inflammable Mastering
2006 Kaleidoscope Karcius Mastering
2006 Introspective Retroheads Mastering
2006 Evita [2006 London Cast Recording] Clarinet, Clarinet (Bass), Sax (Tenor)
2006 Continium Karfagen Mastering
2006 Basic Communication Xinema Mastering
2006 A Sleeper's Awakening Pictorial Wand Mastering
2006 A Little Piece of Quiet Chuck Baker Mastering
2005 Wanderer of the Ocean [EP] The Dreamcatcher Mastering
2005 The Circle of Madness Kaos Moon Mastering
2005 So... This Is Earth Dimension X Mastering
2005 Nil Novo Sub Sole Nil Mastering
2005 Circlefour Circlefour Mastering
2005 A Cold Mourning Angels in Anarchy Mastering
2004 Unicorn Records: Progression in Balance, Vol. 1 Producer, Mastering, Composer
2004 The Woman In White [Original Cast Recording] Clarinet, Clarinet (Bass)
2003 Mood Swings Addison Project Primary Artist
2002 South Pacific [2001 Royal National Theatre Production] Clarinet, Saxophone
2001 Peaceful Valley Stephane Crytes Composer
2001 Let It Come Down Spiritualized Clarinet
2000 Viva Mexico Luis Cobos Clarinet
2000 IFC in Your Ear, Vol. 2 Clarinet (Contrabass), Primary Artist
1999 Joan of Arc [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Eric Serra Clarinet, Clarinet (Bass)
1997 Saxomania Saxpak Sax (Soprano), Group Member
1997 Once on This Island [Jay] Clarinet (Bass)
1996 The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Hits of Pink Floyd Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Clarinet
1996 Pride & Prejudice [1995 Television Soundtrack] Carl Davis Clarinet
1996 Les Misérables: 10th Anniversary Concert Original London Cast Clarinet, Saxophone
1995 Once On This Island [Original Cast] Clarinet (Bass)
1993 Orlando Clarinet (Contrabass)
1989 Neither Fish nor Flesh Terence Trent D'Arby Clarinet
Young and Rich Mastering Engineer
Young Love [2021] Mastering Engineer
Trending Sounds, Vol. 2 Mastering Engineer
Trending Now, Vol. 21 Mastering Engineer
Toque De Hip Hop Mastering Engineer
Thesis Ov Warfare Erimha Mastering Engineer
The Rain Eli Rose Mastering Engineer
The Hazytones II: Monarchs of Oblivion Hazytones Mastering
The First Law Erimha Mastering Engineer
Stranger New Bleach Mastering Engineer
Start Over Zach Zoya Mastering Engineer
Spectrum Zach Zoya Mastering Engineer
Sortie de secours Connaisseur Ticaso Mastering Engineer
Solus Operandi Antoine Fafard Mastering
Slurpee Zach Zoya Mastering Engineer
Shame Saens Mastering Engineer
Second Edition Daedalean Complex Mastering
Pâlir Au Soleil (Les Arcs-En-Ciel) Simon Lachance Mastering Engineer
Prog-Resiste Mastering, Realization, Composer
Petty Lost Love Mastering Engineer
Nothing Toulouse Alain Boyer / Jean Cyr / Gaétan Daigneault / André Leroux / Michel Morissette Mastering
Normal de l'Est Connaisseur Ticaso Mastering Engineer
Necessary Evil Nikki Yanofsky Mastering Engineer
Mémoires vives Guillaume Bordel Mastering Engineer
Michel-Ange Omnikrom Mastering
Masarap (Delicious) Wavelength Mastering
Main Girl Charlotte Cardin Mastering
Magnetic Celina Wolfe Mastering
Lucill Lucill Mastering Engineer
Loin de toi Kemmler / Eli Rose Mastering Engineer
Like It Doesn't Hurt Charlotte Cardin Mastering
Les Vapeurs qui nous font avancer Tom Chicoine Mastering Engineer
Lemonade Sean Hassard Mastering Engineer
Leave Damien Poupart-Taussat Mastering
Le Sens du Vent Raton Lover Mastering Engineer
Le Cap Zach Zoya Mastering Engineer
La Porte de l'hôpital Antoine Lachance Mastering Engineer
La Déclaratíon D'Angela Parker Angela Parker Mastering, Realization
La Rue m'appelle encore Connaisseur Ticaso Mastering Engineer
La Nuée Simon Leoza Mastering Engineer
L' Orage Eli Rose Mastering Engineer
L' Abime Abime Mastering
In Shades Of Grey Mathieu Landry Mastering
Imaginary Structures Levi Dover Mastering
Humble Pie Velvet Black Mastering Engineer
Hip Hop Internacional Mastering Engineer
Hip Hop Hits [2021] Mastering Engineer
Hell Lost Love Mastering Engineer
Fotografie Magillah Mastering
Feelings Zach Zoya Mastering Engineer
Exclamations! The Morph-Tet Mastering
Epoch Eric St-Laurent Mastering
Drive Charlotte Cardin Mastering
Double Vision White-B Mastering Engineer
Double Vision White-B Mastering Engineer
Double Shifts Charlotte Cardin Mastering
Dos Large Connaisseur Ticaso Mastering Engineer
Dirty Dirty Charlotte Cardin Mastering
Chansons Sorties des Limbes Daniel Boyer Bell Arrangements, Basse
Bounce The Paul Deslauriers Band Mastering
Bloom Simon Leoza Mastering Engineer
Big Bad Bertha The Disciples of Ursula Big Band Mastering
Best of 2020 Hip-Hop Mastering Engineer
Belle Élodie Antoine Lachance Mastering Engineer
Barrage Raton Lover Mastering Engineer