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Year Album Artist
2021 張敬軒粵語相戀情歌 [Zhang Jingxuan's Cantonese Love Song] Hins Cheung Composer
2013 Deng Ni Deng Dao Wo Xin Tong Jing Xuan Jacky Cheung Composer
2009 Love & Living Hins Cheung Composer
2007 Back To Black Series - Endless Dream Vivian Chow Arranger, Composer
2005 Zuo Ye Meng Hun Zhong Jacky Cheung Composer
2005 Zi Yuen Yi Sheng Ai Yi Ren Jacky Cheung Composer
2005 Zhen Qing Liu Lu Jacky Cheung Composer
2005 Zhen Jin Dian: Annabelle Lui Annabelle Lui Composer
2005 Zhen Jin Dian Paula Tsui Arranger, Composer
2005 Zhen Jin Dian Karen Tong Composer
2005 Zhen Jin Dian Rowena Cortes Composer
2005 Nong Qing Yin Yue He By Heart Composer
2005 More U Love, More U Hurt Sam Tsang Composer
2005 Love in Coincidence Kenny B. Arranger, Composer
2005 Legends: Wo Yu Ni Jacky Cheung Arranger, Composer
2005 Huan Qiu Yi Shuang Qing Yuan Xi Lie Paula Tsui Arranger, Composer
2005 Danny: The True Legend Danny Chan Composer
2005 All the Best George Lam Composer
2005 20 Shi Ji Guang Hui Yin Ji Dcs Xing Xuan Ji Rowena Cortes Composer
2004 Every Step Paula Tsui Arranger, Composer
2004 Best of Alan Tam, Vol. 2 [Sacd Series] Alan Tam Composer
2004 Amour Jacky Cheung Arranger, Composer
2003 Vivian Chow Vivian Chow Arranger, Composer
2002 Live Contact Lam 2001 George Lam Producer
2002 Life Expectation Danny Chan Composer
2002 Hkpo + Alan Live Alan Tam Composer
2002 Chen Bai Qiang Ji Nian Quan Ji, Vol. 5: Meng Li Ren Danny Chan Arranger, Composer
2002 Chen Bai Jiang Ji Nian Quan Ji, Vol. 6: Shen Xian Ye Yi Min Danny Chan Arranger, Composer
2001 My Lovely Legend Danny Chan Composer
2000 Huan Qiu Yi Shuang Qing Yuan Xi Lie Alan Tam Composer
2000 Huan Qiu Yi Shuang Qing Yuan Xi Lie Priscilla Chan Composer
1999 Huan Qiu 2000 Chao Ju Xing Xi Lie Priscilla Chan Composer
1998 Wan Qian Chong Ai 30 Shou Vivian Chow Arranger, Composer
1998 Rowena Cortes Rowena Cortes Composer
1998 Leon Lai Li Ai Bu Ai Jin Xuan Leon Lai Composer
1998 Kwong Mei Yun Zhen Qin Jian Xue Cally Kwong Arranger, Composer
1998 Frances Yip Frances Yip Arranger, Composer
1998 Ban Li Jin 88 Ji Pin Yin Se Xi Lie Agnes Chiang Composer
1993 Yi Sheng Zhi Yuan Ai Yi Ci Cally Kwong / Mei Wan Kwong Arranger, Composer
1993 Wu Yu Ni Jacky Cheung Composer
1993 Creative Album, Vol. 2 George Lam Composer
1991 All Out of Love Danny Chan Composer
1985 BTB: Sha La La Wo Ai Ta Rowena Cortes Composer
陳百強廣東經典歌曲集 Vol.1 [Chen Baiqiang Guangdong Classic Song Collection, Vol. 1] Danny Chan Arranger, Composer
那些追夢時翻唱過的歌, Vol. 1 [Those Songs I Covered While Chasing Dreams, Vol. 1] Arranger, Producer
脱单必备,情歌对唱 [A Must for Getting Off the Single, Love Songs Duet] Arranger, Composer
脱单必备,情歌对唱 [A Must for Getting Off the Single, Love Songs Duet] Arranger, Composer
經典翻唱歌 [Classic Cover Song], Vol.1 Arranger, Composer, Producer
經典翻唱歌 Vol. 2 [Classic Cover, Vol. 2] Arranger, Composer, Producer
經典合唱K歌 [Classic Chorus K Song] Vol.1 Arranger, Composer
張國榮最愛經典金曲 [Leslie Cheung's Favorite Classic Golden Song], Vol. 3 Leslie Cheung Composer
寶麗金半世紀永恆金曲 [Polaroid Half-Century Eternal Golden Song] Vol.1 Arranger, Composer
华语经典男女对唱 [Chinese Classic Male and Female Duet] Arranger, Composer
Zhu Ti Qu 101 Composer
Zhong Zhen Tao Jing Xuan Kenny B. Arranger, Composer
Zhang Xue You 4 He 1 Zhen Zang Ji Jacky Cheung Arranger, Composer
Zhang Guo Rong 88 Yan Chang Hui Leslie Cheung Arranger
Zai Zao Wu Guo Jing Jing Xuan Eddie Ng Composer
Yuan Wang Xin Qu + Jing Xuan Linda Wong Composer
Yong Yuan Shi Ni De Chen Hui Xian Priscilla Chan Composer
Ye Zhen Tang Wu Shi Zhou Nian Johnny Ip Arranger
Ye Li Yi Wu Shi Zhou Nian Frances Yip Arranger, Composer
Ye Li Yi Frances Yip Arranger, Composer
Xu Xiao Feng Jin Qu Jing Xuan Paula Tsui Arranger, Composer
Xin Qu Yu Jing Xuan Paula Tsui Arranger, Composer
Xian Chang Pian Leslie Cheung Arranger
Wu Sheng Sheng You Sheng Danny Chan Arranger, Composer
Wo Shuo Guo Nao Ni Kuai Li Jing Xuan Eddie Ng Composer
Wo De Suo YouII Danny Chan Arranger, Composer
Wo De Suo You Danny Chan Arranger, Composer
Unforgettable 20 Eric Suen Arranger, Composer
Theme Songs 101 Composer
Tan Yong Lin Ge Zhe Lian Ge Nong Qing San Shi Nian Yan Chang Hui Alan Tam Composer
Sheng Ming Zhi Mi Johnny Ip Arranger, Composer
San He Yi Zhen Zang Ji Christopher Wong Composer
Remix 101 [8 CD] Arranger
Re. Min Vivian Chow Arranger
Re Li Jie Pai Jing Xuan Stars Arranger
Qing Gan de Jin Qu Andy Lau Composer
PolyGram 50 GOLDEN Hits Composer
Pink Dahlia Hins Cheung Arranger, Composer
Pei Zhu Ni Zou Lowell Lo Arranger
Pei Ni Dao Shu Leslie Cheung Composer
Paula Paula Tsui Composer
P.S. I Love You Hins Cheung Composer
Nu Shen Shi Dai: Xi Le Wei Yong Priscilla Chan Arranger
Nu Shen Shi Dai: Jin Shang Tian Hua Priscilla Chan Arranger, Composer
Nu Shen Shi Dai: Hun Yin Jin Qu Priscilla Chan Arranger
No. Eleven Hins Cheung Composer
Nan Zi Han Long Jie Li Arranger
Mai Jie Wen Connie Mac Composer
Ma Zheng Tang Zheng Guang Huang / Johnny Ip / Wu Ma Li Arranger
Lu Guan Ting Masterpieces Since 1982 Arranger
Lian Ai Yu Gao Gigi Leung Arranger
Li Ming Ni Ai Bu Ai Jing Xuan 2 Leon Lai Arranger, Composer
Li Ming 24K Jin Jing Xuan Leon Lai Arranger, Composer
Lang Man Qing Ge Pian Andy Lau Composer
Jin Zai Bu Yan Zhong Vivian Chow Arranger, Composer
Jin Tiao Xi Xuan Kim Pei Shan Composer
Ji Xing Ye Che Li Ji Zhang Arranger, Composer
Ji Pin Dui Chang Pian Composer
Ice & Fire [Mix] Arranger, Composer
Huang Kai Qin Gei Ni Liu Nian 30 Shou Christopher Wong Composer
Huan Qiu Gao Ge Chen Bai Qiang Arranger, Composer
Huan Qiu Ci Xuan-Pan Yuan Liang Arranger, Composer
Hot Summer Leslie Cheung Composer
Hong Chen Zhi Dan Kim Pei Shan Composer
George Lam 40th Ann. Greatest Hits 3CD Bonus CD George Lam Composer, Producer
Gang Le [Alan Live 2002] Alan Tam Composer
Forever Leslie Leslie Cheung Composer
Feng Huo Qing Chou Yang Xiao Jing Arranger
Fei Sheng Bai Dai Xi Lie Ye Li Yi Jing Xuan: Nan Xiong Nan Di Frances Yip Arranger
Evolve Priscilla Chan Composer
Elegance & Charm: Wen Zhi Pian Pian Chen Bai Qiang Danny Chan Arranger, Composer
EMI Xing Xing Chuan Ji Zi Michael Kwan Michael Kwan Arranger
EMI Xing Xing Chuan Ji Zi Albert Au Composer
EMI Xing Xing Chuan Ji Eddie Ng Composer
EMI Lovely Legend: Andy Lau Andy Lau Composer
EMI Lovely Legend: Albert Au Albert Au Composer
Duo Yi Dian Jing Xuan Ji, Vol. 8 Albert Au Composer
Dui Zhu Chang Arranger, Composer
Denon Mastersonic: Shuang Ye Frances Yip And Johnny Ip Johnny Ip / Frances Yip Arranger, Composer
Danny Chan: La Vie En Rose Greatest Hits Danny Chan Composer
Da Re+Untitled Leslie Cheung Arranger, Composer
Cinepoly 40th Anniversary Classic 101 Arranger, Composer
Chi Xin Yan Nei Zang Danny Chan Arranger
Chen Hui Xian 32 Shou Xuan Priscilla Chan Composer
Cantopop Arranger
Cantonese 101 Composer
Belove Danny Danny Chan Arranger, Composer, Producer
Bao Zi Dan Long Jie Li Arranger
Back to Priscilla: 30th Anniversary Collections Priscilla Chan Arranger, Composer
Back To Priscilla Priscilla Chan Composer
BTB Qin Jin Ni Leon Lai Arranger, Composer
Alan Tam Alan Tam Composer
Ai De Tai Sha Jing Xuan Leon Lai Arranger, Composer
93' Original Works Remastering George Lam Composer

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