Research Composer


Year Title
La Algeria Del Batallon Vocal Music
Anaconda, rhumba Orchestral
As The Years Go By (after Brahms' Hungarian Dance No. 4) Vocal Music
Banjo Medley Miscellaneous (Classical) Medley
Blumenorakel Vocal Music
Cant Voi L'Aube Du Jour Venir Miscellaneous (Classical)
Canto Mediterraneo Miscellaneous (Classical) Song
Carillon of the Washington National Catherdal & choir Processional: Psalm 145 Choral Psalm
Chant du Rossignol Miscellaneous (Classical)
Charleston Miscellaneous (Classical)
Cheerful Thoughts, improvisation for chamber ensemble Miscellaneous (Classical)
Concerto for Index Finger (Gracie Allen Skit) Concerto Concerto
Crucifix for tenor, baritone (chorus ad lib) & orchestra Choral
Crucifix Vous Qui Pleurez Miscellaneous (Classical)
Cuidoient Lie Losengier Miscellaneous (Classical)
Dancing Without Any Music, waltz Orchestral
Daydream Choral
Depairte, Depairte Miscellaneous (Classical)
A Dream Of Peace Miscellaneous (Classical)
Én is hittem egyszer (I believed once) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Epilogue Miscellaneous (Classical)
Fantasy on A Xinjiang Folk Song Vocal Music Fantasy
Fete de la Circoncision Miscellaneous (Classical)
Flocons de Neige Miscellaneous (Classical)
Fugue in C (Fanfare) Fugue
A Gradual & Alleluia Easter Sunday Mass: Haec Dies, Alleluia, Pascha Nostrum Choral Gradual
Happiness, improvisation for chamber ensemble Miscellaneous (Classical)
High Cauled Cap Medley Miscellaneous (Classical) Medley
Instrumental Kyrie Choral Kyrie
Invincible Lord of Hosts Miscellaneous (Classical)
Islas Canarias Miscellaneous (Classical)
It Happens Vocal Music
Jherusalem, Grant Damage Me Fais Miscellaneous (Classical)
Jota Miscellaneous (Classical)
Jota de la Dolores Miscellaneous (Classical)
Jugosalvijo Miscellaneous (Classical)
Lacrimae Christi (by Bohm) Vocal Music
The Legacy Miscellaneous (Classical)
Lejos de T¡ Miscellaneous (Classical)
Lessons (6) for harpsichord Keyboard
Little Bells Miscellaneous (Classical)
Lucky Me, Lucky You, quickstep Orchestral
Lullabye Miscellaneous (Classical) Lullaby
1617 Magnificat secundi toni Choral Magnificat
Mamma mia dammi cento lire Vocal Music
Marche de la 349th March
Maria Wiegenlied Miscellaneous (Classical) Lullaby
Marvellous, tango Orchestral
Masquing Ayre Air
Mediterraneo Miscellaneous (Classical)
Memento Verbi (Communion, 20th Sunday After Pentecost) Choral Communion
Messe de l'Epiphanie Choral Mass
Messe de la Nativite Choral Mass
Messe de Paques Choral Mass
Messe pour un Martyr Choral Mass
Miguelon Miscellaneous (Classical)
Mon Cuer Vit en Esmoy Miscellaneous (Classical)
New York City Miscellaneous (Classical)
Niederlandisch Liedgen Miscellaneous (Classical)
Oh! Pálida Madona Miscellaneous (Classical)
Old Friends Miscellaneous (Classical)
Opening Fanfare Miscellaneous (Classical) Fanfare
La Orilla de un Palmar Miscellaneous (Classical)
Ott ahol a Maros víze (Where the water of the Maros) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Par Deus Choral
Parla Miscellaneous (Classical)
La Partida Miscellaneous (Classical)
La Partida Vocal Music
Pesares Miscellaneous (Classical)
Los Picaros Estudiantes Miscellaneous (Classical)
Plaine D'Ire et de Desconfort Miscellaneous (Classical)
Plenst Dieu, le Filz Marie Miscellaneous (Classical)
Quiet Time, improvisation for chamber ensemble Miscellaneous (Classical)
Remember Me?
Rey Aquein Miscellaneous (Classical)
Ritual Miscellaneous (Classical)
La Rochr el Fuso Miscellaneous (Classical)
Sacristy Bell Miscellaneous (Classical)
Sailing Miscellaneous (Classical)
Salpinx call Vocal Music
Sambarita, samba Orchestral
Sanctus in eternis - Sanctus et ingenitus, four part isorhythmic motet (Folio 75 verso - 75 recto) Choral Motet
Serenata Vocal Music Serenade
Seven Magnificiant Antiphons Miscellaneous (Classical)
Siciliani Vocal Music
Silz A Cui Je Suis Amie Miscellaneous (Classical)
Sombra Del Nublo Miscellaneous (Classical)
Sonata Quarta for violins & continuo Sonata
Song of the New Covenant Vocal Music
Spanish Dance Miscellaneous (Classical)
Die Stadt der Lieder
Stikhira to the Russian Holymen Miscellaneous (Classical)
Swedish Folk Songs (3) Vocal Music Song
T-Rex Chamber Music
Talking Spirits Vocal Music
They Are Valiant Miscellaneous (Classical)
Transition Miscellaneous (Classical)
Tus Ojitos Negros Miscellaneous (Classical)
Two Verses for organ Keyboard
Unsere Quelle Vocal Music
Vadvirágos erdoszélen (On the fringe of the forest) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Variations on Daphne (3) Miscellaneous (Classical) Variations
Vespers of 17 December Choral
La Villana Miscellaneous (Classical)
Voluntary in A minor Miscellaneous (Classical) Voluntary
Vous Ne Savez Que Me Fist Miscellaneous (Classical)
Where He Leads Me Miscellaneous (Classical)
Who Can Tell Me? Vocal Music
Wir sind von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt ( Beatles Imitationen) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
You're Dancing on the Strings of My Heart, slow foxtrot Orchestral
Zelonica Vocal Music