Ray Danniels


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Year Album Artist
2015 R40 Live Rush Executive Producer
2013 Clockwork Angels Tour Rush Executive Producer
2013 Vapor Trails: Remixed Rush Management
2012 5 Classic Albums Rush Management
2012 Clockwork Angels Rush Management
2011 Sector 2 Rush Management
2010 Page One Steven Page Management
2009 Grace Under Pressure: 1984 Tour Rush Management
2008 Snakes & Arrows Live Rush Executive Producer, Management
2007 Snakes & Arrows Rush Management
2006 Replay X 3 Rush Management
2005 R30: 30th Anniversary World Tour Rush Executive Producer, Management
2004 Seven Circles The Tea Party Management
2003 Rush in Rio Rush Executive Producer, Management
2002 Another Day Molly Johnson Management
1996 Coloured Sky Coloured Sky Composer
1995 Waiting for the Punchline Extreme Management
1991 A Show of Hands [Video] Rush Management
1991 Roll the Bones Rush Management
1989 Presto Rush Management
1987 Great Dirty World Gowan Staff
1985 Grace Under Pressure [Video] Rush Management
1985 Strange Animal Gowan Management
1982 Exit...Stage Left [Video] Rush Management
1982 Home Field Gowan Management
1980 Permanent Waves Rush Management
1978 Hemispheres Rush Management
1976 2112 Rush Management
1976 All the World's a Stage Rush Personal Manager