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Year Album Artist
2018 Angelus: Music for Organ Zvonimir Nagy Record Label
2018 Concertante: Modern Works for Guitar Campbell Ross Record Label
2018 Dreams Laid Down Alan Rinehart Record Label
2018 Ed Martin: Journeys Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi Record Label
2018 Fancy Colors: Electroacoustic Music by David Taddie David Taddie Record Label
2018 Kid Stuff: Soli for Piano with Percussion Orchestra McCormick Percussion Ensemble Record Label
2018 Matthew Burtner & Rita Dove: The Ceiling Floats Away EcoSono Ensemble Record Label
2018 Michael Wittgraf: Manifold Amanda Deboer Bartlett / Jesse Langen / Michael Wittgraf Record Label
2018 Mind & Machine: Organic and Electronic Works, Vol. 1 Record Label
2018 One at a Time: Solo Instrumental Music by Douglas Anderson Record Label
2018 Rippling: Electroacoustic Music by Robert Morris Robert Morris Record Label
2018 Shadow Etchings: New Music for Flute Orlando Cela Record Label
2018 Steven Kemper: Mythical Spaces Record Label
2018 Stylistic Alchemies Scott Barton Record Label
2018 Ted Coffey: Works for Dance Ted Coffey Record Label
2018 The Music of Gina Biver, 3 Fuse Ensemble Record Label
2018 Waking the Sparrows Duo Sureño Record Label
2017 Alla Elana Cohen: Red Lilies of Bells; Golden Lilies of Bells; White Lilies of Bells Record Label
2017 Betty and the Sensory World Doug Bielmeier Record Label
2017 Brian Belet: Sufficient Trouble Record Label
2017 Christopher Biggs: Decade Zero - Works for Instruments & Electronics Record Label
2017 Cyberistan: The Electro-Acoustic Music of Ken Walicki Eclipse Quartet / Virginia Figueiredo / Rachel Mellis / Tom Peters / Füreya Ünal Record Label
2017 Harmonize Your Spirit with My Calm Vladimir Lande / St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra Record Label
2017 I Dream Awake: New Music by Bill Whitley Record Label
2017 Steve Rouse: Morphic Resonance - Chamber Music Record Label
2017 Verdi's Guitar Alan Rinehart Record Label
2016 Ace Composers: 21st Century Chamber Music by Alan, Christopher, and Eric Schmitz Record Label
2016 Ars Nostra: But Now the Night Kyoung Cho / Sang-Hie Lee / Martha Thomas Record Label
2016 Douglas Anderson: Chamber Symphonies 2, 3 & 4 Di.Vi.Sion / Di.Vi.Sion Piano Trio / Eight Strings and a Whistle Record Label
2016 Hakki Cengiz Eren: Color Studies Argus Quartet / Donald Crockett / Ecce / ECCE Ensemble / Garth Knox / Thornton Edge Record Label
2016 John K. Leupold, II: Exasperating Perpetuation Record Label
2016 Joseph Koykkar: Double Takes and Triple Plays - Contemporary American Music Record Label
2016 Maxwell, Muhly & Couloir Ariel Barnes / Couloir / Heidi Krutzen Record Label
2016 Miguel Chuaqui: Confabulario Record Label
2016 New Music for Clarinet: ... Another Look F. Gerard Errante Record Label
2016 Philip Thompson: Separate Self IonSound Project Record Label
2016 Piano Sonorities: Music by Betty R. Wishart Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi Record Label
2016 React: Music for Flute, Violin, and Interactive Computer Francesca Arnone / Mikylah Myers McTeer Record Label
2016 Robert J. Martin: Embrace the Wind! - Myth, Art, Play, Culture, Spirit and Energy Enkidu String Quartet Record Label
2016 Ron Nagorcka: Song of the Central Tree Record Label
2016 Russell Pinkston: Balancing Acts - Music for Instruments and Electronic Sounds Russell Pinkston Record Label
2016 Scene Rustique Leslie Odom / Soomee Yoon Record Label
2016 Scott Brickman: 96 Strings and 2 Whistles Eight Strings and a Whistle / Beth Levin Record Label
2016 Sidney Bailin: 16-2-60-N-5 - Works for Electronics & Piano Sidney Bailin Record Label
2016 Ted Moore: Gilgamesh & Enkidu Enkidu String Quartet / Ted Moore Record Label
2016 Textures: New Works for Trumpet James Zingara / James Zingara Record Label
2016 The Postcard Sessions Allen Harrington / Harrington-Loewen Duo Record Label
2016 The Preludes Project: Chopin, O'Riordan Holly Roadfeldt Record Label
2016 To Keep the Dark Away: Liszt, Prokofiev, Shatin Gayle Martin Record Label
2016 Vanishing Point Lottie Enns-Braun / Allen Harrington Record Label
2016 Zoran Scekic: Just Music Zoran Scekic / Ana Žgur / Ana Zgur Record Label
2015 5 Piece Combo: The Complete Suites for Wind Quintet by Don Gillis Madera Wind Quintet Record Label
2015 Alberts' Window Eight Strings and a Whistle Record Label
2015 Between Rock & A Hard Place McCormick Percussion Ensemble Record Label
2015 Composed Jennifer Borkowski Record Label
2015 Craig Madden Morris: Circle of Love and Other Choral Offerings The Composer's Choir / Daniel Shaw Record Label
2015 Immersion, Absorption, Connection: Edgar Barroso Record Label
2015 James M. Stephenson: The Devil's Tale - A Sequel to Stravinsky's L'Histoire du Soldat Mike Fansler / Western Illinois University Faculty Chamber Players Record Label
2015 Mary Ann Joyce-Walter: Immortal Diamond Vladimir Lande / St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra Record Label
2015 Masatora Goya: Dream of Sailing Record Label
2015 Michael Calvert: Rhapsody on a Riff Matthew Marshall Record Label
2015 Nature The City of Tomorrow Record Label
2015 Pamela J. Marshall: Through the Mist Record Label
2015 Plot: Music for Unspecified Instrumentation McCormick Percussion Ensemble Record Label
2015 Robert J. Martin, Neely Bruce: Playful Edge of the Wave - Image-Based Music for Solo Piano Shirley Blankenship / Neely Bruce Record Label
2015 Samuel Pellman: Selected Galaxies Samuel Pellman / Samuel Pellman Record Label
2015 She Lost Her Voice, That's How We Knew: Music by Frances White Kristin Norderval Record Label
2015 String Quartets for Michael Matthews Clearwater Quartet Record Label
2015 Thomas Juneau: Visions Eternal Juneau Vocal Alliance / Summit Chorale Record Label
2015 Tornado Project: Trios for Flute, Clarinet, and Computer Esther Lamneck / Elizabeth McNutt Record Label
2014 Dear Darwin: An Abecedarium for Soprano and Piano Ginger Yang Hwalek / Nancy Ellen Ogle Record Label
2014 Debra Kaye: And So It Begins - Chamber Music & Solos Record Label
2014 Geographies & Geometries: Chamber Works by Matthew Malsky C-Squared / Radius Ensemble / Worcester Chamber Music Society Record Label
2014 John Beall: Appalachian Inspiration Record Label
2014 Marie Nelson Bennett: Orpheus Lex Harold Rosenbaum Record Label
2014 Metropolis Harrington-Loewen Duo Record Label
2014 Six Departures Trio Verlaine Record Label
2014 Soli for Soprano with Percussion Orchestra Jamie Jordan / McCormick Percussion Ensemble / Robert McCormick Record Label
2014 Solo Non Solo Sauro Berti Record Label
2014 The Lyric Clarinet F. Gerard Errante Record Label
2014 Walter Ross: Triumvirate Robert Black / Artem Chirkov / Vladimir Lande / George Manahan / Marjorie Mitchell / Richard Stoltzman Record Label
2013 Bruce Mahin, Graham Hair: Music from 3 Continents Jacqueline Pollauf / Scottish Voices / Alex South / Helen Thomson Record Label
2013 Gheorghe Costinescu: An Evolving Cycle Stephen Gosling Record Label
2013 Gregory Hall: Compositional Improvisations Gregory Hall Record Label
2013 James Adler & Friends James Adler Record Label
2013 Ketty Nez: Thresholds Boston University Wind Ensemble / David J. Martins / Ketty Nez Record Label
2013 Marga Richter: Poetic Images Beyond Poetry Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra / Gerard Schwarz / Seattle Symphony Orchestra Record Label
2013 Mark Winges: Night Voiced - New Chamber Music for Viola Ellen Ruth Rose Record Label
2013 Richard Cornell: Tracer Record Label
2013 Robert Dusek: Runes - A Piano Fantasy Bryan Pezzone Record Label
2013 Spectral Blues Alex Lubet Record Label
2013 Strange Flowers: Chamber Music by Kirk O'Riordan Reuben Councill / Marianne Gythfeldt / Holly Roadfeldt / Lawrence Stomberg Record Label
2013 Wine Dark Sea Couloir Record Label
2012 Andrew May: Imaginary Friends, Music for Instruments and Computer Record Label
2012 Concerti for Piano with Percussion Orchestra Ji Hyun Kim / McCormick Percussion Ensemble / Robert McCormick Record Label
2012 Mary Ann Joyce-Walter: Cantata for the Children of Terezin Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra / Oxnaya Oleskaya / Robert Ian Winstin Record Label
2012 Rachel Lee Guthrie: Exploring the Heart Record Label
2012 Scott Brickman: Winter & Construction Record Label
2012 Walter Ross: Through the Reeds Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra / Kirk Trevor Record Label
2011 Michael Matthews: Preludes & Bagatelles Daan Vandewalle Record Label
2011 Nálada Lisa Miles Record Label
2011 Sprezzatura Cullan Bryant / Shelly Tramposh Record Label
2010 Alan Beeler: Quintessence Record Label
2010 Christopher J. Keyes: With a Distant Eye Christopher Keyes Record Label
2010 Excursions: Orchestral, Chamber & Choral Works by Marie Nelson Bennett Richard Stoltzman Record Label
2010 Keep Going: The Music of Elias Tanenbaum Ensemble Pi Record Label
2010 Tangos for Piano Amy Briggs Record Label
2008 The Fifth Row: An Acoustic Tour of Historic Theaters Stuart Weber Record Label
2006 Laurel Firant: Music for Solo Piano and Violin and Piano Record Label
Amos Elkana: Casino Umbro Record Label
Chiaroscuro: Chamber Music of Ricahrd Lavenda Record Label
Clusters: Music by Hubert Howe Hubert S. Howe Record Label
Concerti for Strings with Percussion Orchestra McCormick Percussion Ensemble Record Label
Craig Madden Morris: Dreams - Chamber Music Record Label
Crosswind Tower Duo Record Label
From Moog to Mac Herbert Deutsch Record Label
Gheorghe Costinescu: Jubilus & Pantomime Record Label
Halflight Kim Halliday Record Label
Honeyland Aidan Andrew Dun / Lucie Rejchrtova Record Label
Interfaces Jeff Morris Record Label
Jupiter Duo: The Music of Alla Elana Cohen Sebastien Baverstam / Alla Elana Cohen Record Label
Kim Halliday: Birdsong in Mist Record Label
Kyong Mee Choi: Eternal Tao - A Multimedia Opera Michael Lewanski Record Label
Leaning Toward the Fiddler: Music for Voice and Violin Hope Wechkin Record Label
Many New Trails to Blaze UAB Chamber Trio Record Label
Mark Vigil: The Palest Rose Record Label
Matthew Burtner: Glacier Music - Ecoacoustics of Glaciers Albemarle Ensemble / Brandon Bell / Matthew Burtner / Rivanna String Quartet / Trevor Saint Record Label
McDuo: Works for Flute & Percussion McCormick Duo Record Label
Music for Keyboard Percussions McCormick Percussion Ensemble / Robert McCormick Record Label
Music for the End of Winter Kate Boyd Record Label
Newton D. Strandberg: Essays & Sketches Record Label
Paul Lombardi: Peace of Mind & Matter - String Duets Record Label
Quartet at the Crossroads New Hudson Saxophone Quartet Record Label
Sounds of a Different Universe: Chamber Works of André M. Santos Record Label
Stars, Stories, Song: Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon, David Liptak Jerry Hou Record Label
Stefan Poetzsch: Light On Stefan Poetzsch Record Label
The Music of Gui Sook Lee McCormick Percussion Ensemble Record Label
Toward the Light Elaine Huckle Record Label