Ralph Alfonso


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Year Album Artist
2017 Rarities The Diodes Photography, Liner Notes
2012 2 Fraze Gang Design
2011 Like The Shore Is To The Ocean Franco Proietti Morph-Tet Producer, Design
2010 Andiwork III Andy Creeggan Design
2010 Live with What You Know Dave Rave Photography, Design
2009 Black and White: Live Alternative TV Design
2009 Plunt Plunt Design
2009 The Liverpool Ralph Liner Notes, Composer, Vocals
2009 Winter Adrienne Pierce Assembly
2008 One Way Ticket The Nerves Photography
2008 Rendezvous Bedsit Poets Design
2008 The Orchid Highway The Orchid Highway Photography
2007 How to Build a Lighthouse Kevin Kane Design
2007 In the Blue of My Dreams Dave Rave Design
2007 Magic Hour Sailor Songs C.R. Avery Photography, Design
2007 The Love Parade Lola Dutronic Design
2007 What Is This Place? Ian Ferrier Design
2006 Anthology, Vol. 1: The Hot Tunes Dave Rave Design, Cover Art
2006 Anthology, Vol. 2: The Cool Tunes Dave Rave Design, Cover Art
2005 A Town by the Sea Joe Mannix CD Art Adaptation
2005 Allegro Robert Michaels Design
2005 Assassin Margaret Cho Design
2005 Essex Hideaway Kimberley Rew Photography
2005 Into the Heart of Sangoma Ann Mortifee Design
2005 Road Ragas Live Harry Manx Design
2005 The Other Side LOU Design
2005 The Summer That Changed Bedsit Poets Design
2004 After the Flood The Clumsy Lovers Design
2004 Andiwork II Andy Creeggan Design
2004 Around the Universe in 80 Minutes: A Tribute to Klaatu Production Assistant
2004 BHB4 Dee Long Production Advisor
2004 For the People Brutus Reissue Design
2004 Going the Distance Package Design
2004 Gutter Pastoral Kevin House Design
2004 Indiana David Mead Layout Design
2004 Love Always Follows Me Lauren Agnelli Design, Concept
2004 Maybe This Christmas Tree Typography
2004 Men in Plaid: A Tribute to the Bay City Rollers Production Assistant
2004 Real Live! Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Liner Notes, Interviewer
2004 Shushan the Palace (Hymns of Earth) Jane Siberry Design
2004 Sky High: The Complete Silverlode Silverlode Reissue Design
2004 The World of Lola Dutronic Lola Dutronic Design
2003 Everyday Magic Dave Rave Design
2003 King of Missouri Anton Barbeau Design
2003 Original Recordings 1983-1984 Katrina & the Waves Liner Notes, Design, Interviewer
2003 Waking the Fury Annihilator Design, CD Art Adaptation
2002 Another Side of Love Dave Rave Liner Notes, Design
2002 Chatham: An Angel Moves Too Fast To See (Selected Works 1971-1989) Rhys Chatham Guitar
2002 Driving in the Rain 3 Am: Songs to Get Lost With Liner Notes, Sequencing, Design, Composer
2002 Great Central Revisited Kimberley Rew Graphic Assembly
2002 Replies Rose Ranger Design
2002 The Big Book of Sad Songs Paul Hyde Package Design
2002 The Real Thing Myk Gordon Liner Notes, Design
2001 BB Gabor/Girls of the Future B.B. Gabor Liner Notes, Reissue Design
2001 Carnival Diablos Annihilator Design
2001 Seeing Red LiveonRelease Design
2001 This Is for the Night People Ralph Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Hi Hat, Whisper, Composer
2000 Criteria for a Black Widow Annihilator Package Design
2000 Ghosts of the Mighty Fraser The Tiller's Folly Design
2000 Olympia 66 Ralph Vocals, Composer
2000 Postcards Tom Landa & The Paperboys / Paperboys Design
2000 Psycho Beach Party Design
2000 Sophisticated Boom Boom Ralph Producer, Vocals, Design, Sketches, Group Member, Composer
2000 The Best of the Fast: 1976-1984 Fast Photography, CD Art Adaptation
2000 The Days in Between Blue Rodeo Design
2000 The Gaiety Records Story Design
2000 The Souls of Inspyration The Souls of Inspyration Reissue Design
2000 Thomas and the Magic Railroad Hummie Mann Package Design
2000 Trunks The Brothers Creeggan Design
199? Remains Annihilator Art Direction, Design
1999 Better Than Chocolate CD Art Adaptation
1999 Heaven & Earth Agnelli & Rave Cover Design
1999 Just Like a Vacation Blue Rodeo Photography, Liner Notes, Design
1999 Somebody Else Tekla Cover Art
1998 Brothers Creeggan, Vol. 2 The Brothers Creeggan Design
1998 Due South, Vol. 2 Design
1998 How Far Shallow Takes You Gob Re-Assembly, Typing
1998 I Bificus Bif Naked Artwork, Layout Design
1998 Spine Veda Hille Print Production
1998 Tired of Waking Up Tired: The Best of The Diodes The Diodes Compilation Producer, Photography, Liner Notes, Design, Cover Photo
1997 500wattburner@seven Sparkmarker Design
1997 Angels Weep [EP] Mythos Artwork, Design
1997 Brewed Awakening Design
1997 Inventing the Abbotts Michael Kamen Cover Design
1997 Molinos Paperboys Design
1997 VI Loverboy Design
1996 Disorder The Ugly Photography
1996 Due South Design
1996 Get It Straight The Modernettes Design
1996 High Times: Greatest Hits 1979-1995 Frank Soda & The Imps Design, Photo Restoration
1996 Introspection Mythos Design, Concept
1996 No Escape The Young Canadians Design, Photo Restoration
1996 Refresh the Demon Annihilator Art Direction, Design
1996 Remix? Peace Love & Pitbulls Design
1995 Her Greatest Hits Shirley Bassey Design
1995 Innocent Ballet Zappacosta Artwork, Design
1995 King of the Kill Annihilator Art Direction, Design
1994 Pull the Wool Itch Layout Design, Art Assistant
1993 D.I.Y.: Starry Eyes: UK Pop, Vol. 2 Photography
1993 Endsville Huevos Rancheros Photography, Design
1991 Welcome to My Dream MC 900 Ft. Jesus Reissue Supervisor
1990 Hell with the Lid Off MC 900 Ft. Jesus Reissue Supervisor
1989 Valentino's Pirates Dave Rave Reissue Design
1987 Exorcise This Wasteland Single Gun Theory Reissue Design
1984 Katrina & The Waves, Vol. 2 Katrina & the Waves Liner Notes, Interviewer
1983 Katrina & the Waves Katrina & the Waves Liner Notes, Interviewer
1983 Prototype Prototype Reissue Design
1983 Shock Horror! The Waves Liner Notes, Interviewer
1982 The Bible of Bop Kimberley Rew Liner Notes
1981 Bombs and Lullabies, 1981-1988 David Quinton Redesign
1980 Action/Reaction The Diodes Liner Notes, Reissue Design
1979 An Act of Goddo Goddo Design, Reissue Design
1976 Goddo Goddo Design, Reissue Design
1970 Christmas Christmas Reissue Design
1968 A Passing Fancy Passing Fancy Reissue Design
Do What You Should Graham Brown Design
Live! A Weekend At Centre St. Ambroise Franco Proietti Morph-Tet Design
Starfish on the Beach Terry Jacks Sleeve Design