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Year Album Artist
2008 Bu Hui Tsai Chin Composer
2007 Bu Ke Bu Xin...Yuan Andy Lau Composer
2005 Polygram Forever Superstar Chang Ho Chirl Composer
2005 Pamper Diana Diana Yang Composer
2005 Northern Wind Ho Chril Chang / Chang Ho Chirl Composer
2005 Let's Go, My Friends Chang Ho Chirl Composer
2005 Huan Qiu Yi Shuang Qing Yuan Xi Lie Andy Lau Composer
2005 Flower Rain Angus Tung Composer
2005 A Story of a Woman Hsiu Chen Chen Composer
2004 Endless Love Andy Lau Composer
2002 Zhen Jin Dian: Andy Lau Andy Lau Composer
2001 Zhen Jin Dian Angus Tung Composer
1999 Wen Bie Jacky Cheung Composer
1995 Polygram Forever Superstar [3 CD] Michael Huang Composer
1994 Qing Chun Meng Alan Tam Composer
1994 Having a Date One Day Ming Chun Kao Composer
寶麗金 超級精選 [PolyGram Super Pick] Producer
友誼萬歲!畢業快樂 [Longlive Friendship! Happy Graduation] Producer
Xiang Xiang Xiang Michael Huang Composer
Wo He Wo Zhui Zhu De Meng Andy Lau Composer
The Beginning of Word Ming Chun Kao Composer
Summer Story Kenny Ho Composer
Shi Ting Zhi Wang Andy Lau Composer
Remember Me Wood Guitar Composer
PolyGram 50 [Classic Mandarin Golden Melody] Producer
Mandarin Tunes for Banana, Vol. 1 Producer
Lover Diana Yang Composer
Love Whispers of Rose Diana Yang Composer
Lin Xuan : Tan Yong Lin De Yin He Sui Yue Alan Tam Composer
Jin Die Zhi Zun Jing Xuan Composer
It's Loneliness, I Think Kenny Ho Composer
Favourite Mandarin Hits From ... PolyGram 50th Anniversary Producer
Drifting Love Tan Lee Composer
Cantonese 101 Composer
Be Not Cruel Huang Ya-Ming Composer
Ai De Bi Ni Shen Jacky Cheung Composer
Affectionate in the Dream Diana Yang Composer
Adore Diana Yang Composer