Protone Records


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Year Album Artist
1999 Go for It Jim Lazlo Record Label
1999 Orgasm/T Energy (Parts 1 & 2) Caesar Record Label
1999 Planet P Warlock Record Label
1998 Ayke Agus Doubles: Heifetz Encore Transcriptions Ayke Agus Record Label
1997 Rachmaninoff: Etudes Tableaux Complete Op.33 & 39 Constance Keene Record Label
1995 Victoria Bond: Thinking Like a Mountain; Liu Tingyu: Su-San Suite Record Label
1988 Sherry Kloss Plays Forgotten Gems Record Label
1986 Keene plays Rachmaninov: Preludes Constance Keene Record Label
1985 Elegant Machinery Data Record Label
1984 Deodato Deodato Record Label
1984 Heart First Hazell Dean Record Label
1984 Wonderful Years: Love Songs George Benson Record Label
1965 Opus One Hank Bagby Record Label
An American Collage, Vol.1 Record Label
Bach: The Art of Fugue Record Label
Bach: Toccata and Fugue/Partita No.1/Italian Concerto/French Suite Constance Keene Record Label
Caribbean Rhythms for Piano Record Label
Constance Keene Plays Sonatas Constance Keene Record Label
Constance Keene plays Chopin and Mendelssohn Constance Keene Record Label
Constance Keene plays Familiar Favorites Constance Keene Record Label
From Juon to Jazz Aguilar-Delgado Duo Record Label
Handel: The Harmonious Blacksmith/Beethoven: Thirty Two Variations in C Minor/Mendelssohn: Variations Serieuses/Schum Constance Keene Record Label
MacDowell: Piano Music Constance Keene Record Label
Mendelssohn: Variations Serieuses/Liszt: Concert Etude/Mozart: Sonata in D/Schumann: Kreisleriana Kara Christianson Ahmann Record Label
Musical Mementos of Jascha Heifetz Jascha Heifetz Record Label
Respighi: Ancient Airs And Dances/Tre Preludi/Liszt: Deux Légendes/Harmonies Poetiques Et Religieuses/Bénédiction De James Raphael Record Label
Three American Premieres Roberta Rust Record Label
Wagner: Tristan und Isolde/Liebesnacht/Struass: Der Rosenkavalier Record Label