Los Angeles-based performance artist-turned-pop star Poppy -- born Moriah Rose Pereira and formerly known as That Poppy -- gained a substantial following on social media with her early videos, the subjects of which grew ever more absurd and bizarre. When she began making music for Diplo's Mad Decent label, Poppy's commentary on social media and fame became even more meta; the self-referential electro-pop of 2017's Poppy.Computer and the forays into nu-metal and dance-pop on the following year's Am I a Girl? further blurred the project's boundaries. In 2020, she boldly re-branded with the critically acclaimed, Grammy-nominated I Disagree, which fully adopted the pop-metal direction she had been teasing. Her 2021 follow-up, the live-to-tape Flux, focused her riff-heavy execution even further. Poppy emerged on YouTube in 2014 with a video ...
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