Polibio Fumagalli


Year Title
Ascetica musicale, for organ, Op. 235 Keyboard
La caccia, capriccio for organ, Op. 257 Keyboard Capriccio
Capriccio alla sonata, for organ Keyboard Sonata
Dopo il Vespro, brillante alla galop, for organ in F major, Op. 203 Keyboard Solo
Emulazione, for organ Keyboard Solo
Fantasia for organ in A major, Op. 284/1 Keyboard Fantasy
Giorgiatown, marcia campestre, for organ, Op. 275 Keyboard Solo
Mac Mahon, march for organ in E flat major, Op. 85 Keyboard Solo
Marce Originali (6), for organ, Op. 80 Keyboard March
Marcia della Guardia Nazionale, for organ, Op. 87 Keyboard Solo
Marcia villereccia, for organ Keyboard Solo
Organ Sonata in B flat major Keyboard Sonata
Organ Sonata in D major Keyboard Sonata
Organ Sonata in E minor, Op. 290 Keyboard Sonata
Raccolta di pezzi (6), for organ, Op. 244 Keyboard Solo
Ripieno, for organ Keyboard Solo
Scherzino for organ Keyboard Solo
Scuola d'Organo, for organ, Op. 233 Keyboard
Studi (6) in forma di divertimenti, for organ, Op. 231 Keyboard Etude
Suonate capriccio (6), Op. 81 Keyboard Sonata
Tempo di Sonata-Breve fantasia, for organ in B flat major, Op. 256 Keyboard Fantasy
Toccata e Fuga, for organ, Op. 298 Keyboard Toccata & Fugue
Transcription for organ of Beethoven's overture to "The Creatures of Prometheus" Miscellaneous (Classical)
Transcription for organ of the overture of Weber's "Der Freischütz" Miscellaneous (Classical)
Transcription for organ of the overture of Weber's "Euryanthe" Miscellaneous (Classical)
Trattato teorico-pratico, for organ, Op. 189 Keyboard Solo
Vezzoso per Flauto, for organ Keyboard Solo