Pietro Paulo Borrono

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An Italian composer and lutenist who is thought to have one time served the Duke of Milan, and possibly, Francois I Borrono wrote three collections for lute, the last in corroboration with the noted musician…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Saltarello de la preditta Miscellaneous (Classical)
Pavana la Gombertina Orchestral
Saltarello Miscellaneous (Classical)
Pavana chiamata la Milanesa Orchestral
Saltarello la Traditorella, for lute consort (from Intabolatura de Liuto) Chamber Music
Saltarello chiamato bel Fiore Miscellaneous (Classical)
Saltarello chiamato el Mazolo Miscellaneous (Classical)
Pescatore che va cantando Miscellaneous (Classical)
Pavana ditta la Malcontenta Saltarello de la preditta, for lute Chamber Music
Pavana chiamata la Desperata Orchestral
Fantasia Miscellaneous (Classical)
Fantasia (from Intabolatura de Liuto, 1536) 15?? Chamber Music
Saltarello chiamato Antonola Miscellaneous (Classical)
Pavana e saltarello "della Milanese", for chamber ensemble 1546 Chamber Music
Tocha tocha la canella Miscellaneous (Classical)
Saltarello ditto Rose e Viole, for lute Chamber Music
Pavana ditta la Desperata Saltarello de la ditta, for lute Chamber Music
Tochata da sonare nel fine del ballo, for lute consort (from Intabolatura de Liuto) Chamber Music
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Toccata Miscellaneous (Classical)
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