Pieter de Wagter


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Year Album Artist
2017 All of Me George Acosta Mastering
2017 Dorothy Diagrams Mastering
2017 Hypersex Moullinex Mastering
2017 Nous Horizon Yuksek Mastering
2017 Waxx Up Eric Legnini Mastering
2015 In Search of Sunrise, Vol. 13.5: Amsterdam Richard Durand Mastering
2014 For Emotional Use Only Rotem Sivan Mastering
2014 Funky Chicken: Belgian Grooves from the '70s Mastering
2014 In Search of Sunrise, Vol. 12: Dubai Richard Durand / Lange Mastering
2013 In Search of Sunrise, Vol. 11: Las Vegas Richard Durand / Myon / Shane 54 Mastering
2013 Kiss from the Past: The Remix Album Allure Mastering
2013 Mellomania 22 Pedro del Mar Mastering
2013 Racine Carrée Stromae Mastering
2013 Same Difference Bobina Mastering
2013 Suite 16 Emilio Fernandez Mastering
2012 In Search of Sunrise, Vol. 10: Australia Richard Durand Mastering
2012 In Trance We Trust, Vol. 18 Marc Simz Mastering
2012 Mellomania, Vol. 21 Pedro del Mar Mastering
2011 All We Have Is Now Betsie Larkin Mastering
2011 Dirk Brossé: A Portrait in Music Dirk Brossé Mastering
2011 In Search of Sunrise, Vol. 9: India Richard Durand Mastering
2011 In Trance We Trust, Vol. 16 DJ Observer / Daniel Heatcliff Mastering
2011 In Trance We Trust, Vol. 17 Bobina Mastering
2011 Juicy Ibiza 2011 Robbie Rivera Mastering
2011 No. 1 Christina Vantzou Mastering
2011 Opus Quatro Mr Sam Mastering
2011 Playa del Lounge, Vol. 2 Pedro del Mar Mastering
2011 Rielism Sied van Riel Mastering
2011 Songs for Clubs Zoo Brazil Mastering
2011 The Bigger Room Alex O'Rion Mastering
2011 Visions Behind Expressions George Acosta Mastering
2011 With Our Heads In The Clouds And Our Hearts In The Fields Sleepingdog Mastering
2010 Around the World Moonbeam Mastering
2010 Back 2 Back Vol.4 Mastering
2010 Changing Lanes First State Mastering
2010 High Glow Jes Mastering
2010 In Search of Sunrise, Vol. 8: South Africa Richard Durand Mastering
2010 In Trance We Trust 015 Virtual Vault Mastering
2010 Juicy Ibiza 2010 Robbie Rivera Mastering
2010 Live At Lowlands Dr. Lektroluv Mastering
2010 Miracle Moments Andy Duguid Mastering
2010 Nocturnal 2010 Matt Darey Mastering
2010 Now & Then Airscape Mastering
2010 Once Upon a Night (Mixed by Ferry Corsten) Ferry Corsten Mastering
2010 Playa del Lounge Pedro del Mar Mastering
2010 Please Don't Panic Zoo Brazil Mastering
2010 Private Party 3 Cor Fijneman Mastering
2010 Privilege Ibiza World Tour 2010 Marcello Marchitto Mastering
2010 Skizø Mojado Mastering
2010 The World of Bobbejaan Songbook Bobbejaan Schoepen Mixing, Mastering
2009 Closer to the Sun Robbie Rivera Mastering
2009 In Trance We Trust, Vol. 13 Carl B. Mastering
2009 Juicy Ibiza 2009 Robbie Rivera Mastering
2009 Opus Tertio: Mixed By Mr. Sam Mr Sam Mastering
2009 Private Party Johan Gielen Mastering
2009 Privilege: World Biggest Club - Ibiza Cosmic Gate / Hardwell Mastering
2009 Seeing People Inner Shape / Roman Oti / Roman Ott / Kurt Rosenwinkel Mastering
2008 Believe Andy Duguid Mastering
2008 Colours Celine / DJ Mark Norman Mastering
2008 Heaven: Deep Trance Essentials, Vol. 6 Mastering
2008 Opus Secundo Mr Sam Mastering
2008 Part of the Weekend Never Dies Radio Soulwax / Soulwax Editing
2007 And Their Refinement of the Decline Stars of the Lid Contribution
2007 Everywhere the Wind Blows Kana Bukuru Lesouple Mastering
2007 Heaven, Vol. 5 Mastering
2007 KM5 Ibiza 2006 Mixing, Mastering
2007 Opus Mr Sam Mastering
2007 Remixes and Rarities: 1992-2005 Dave Clarke Mastering
2007 Sententia Miika Kuisma Mastering
2006 In Trance We Trust, Vol. 11 DJ Phynn Mastering
2006 Lektroluv 007 Dr. Lektroluv Mastering
2006 Live Recorded at Extrema Outdoor 2006 Dr. Lektroluv Mastering
2005 Angels, Vol. 2: Chill Trance Essentials Mastering
2005 I Love Techno 2005 Mastering, Mixing Assistant
2005 In the Mix Mastering
2005 Infekted by Dr. Lektroluv Mastering
2005 KM5 Ibiza 2005 Mastering
2005 Lektrokuted Mastering
2005 Lektroluv, Vol. 5 Mastering
2005 Monologue Cor Fijneman Mastering
2005 Nite Versions Soulwax Editing
2005 Timeless Trance Yves Deruyter Mixing, Digital Editing
2005 Your Lounge Your Music, Vol. 4 Mastering
2005 Your Lounge Your Music, Vol. 6 Mastering
2004 Angels: Chill Trance Essentials Mastering
2004 In Trance We Trust 009 DJ Mark Norman Mastering
2004 T'Arrête Pas Art Sullivan Mastering
2004 The Dead Texan The Dead Texan Mastering
2003 In Trance We Trust 008 DJ Ton TB Mastering
2003 Kremlin: 2 Days of Kaos Mastering
2003 Nyana Tiësto Mastering
2003 Slice! Lucien Foort Mastering
2003 V.I.P. Eyal Barkan Mastering
2003 Wildlife 2003 DJ Debra Mastering
2002 Aktion Mekanik: Selected by Terence Fixmer Mastering
2002 In Search of Sunrise, Vol. 3: Panama Tiësto Mastering
2002 Outstanding DJ Cor Fijneman Mastering
2001 Boundaries of Imagination Armin van Buuren Remastering
1999 I've Been Thinkin' 'Bout You Gyle Waddy Pre-Mastering
1999 Solar Serenades Ferry Corsten Remastering
1980 TEPR Mastering
A New Day Tom Cloud Mastering
Angels, Humans & Robots Betsie Larkin Mastering
Atmostopia Wstlndr Mastering
Atom Moonbeam Mastering
Belgian Nuggets, Vol. 1 Mastering
Champions System F Mastering
Damaged Red Alert: Back 2 Back Edition Sam Jones / Liquid Soul / Jordan Suckley Mastering
Elle Frappe la Terra Rouge Récital Boxon Mastering
Empire of Matches Blue Monday People / Francois Vaiana Mastering
Expectancy: Collected Library Gems From the 70's Rene Costy Mastering
Fuel Beachclub Menno de Jong Mastering
Full Circle First State Mastering
Funky Chimes Mastering
Gelukkige Verjaardag Tonya Mastering, Mastering Engineer
Global Experience Global Experience / Brian Laruso / Roger Shah Mastering
Goodgreef Future Trance Craig Connelly / Photographer / Jordan Suckley Mastering
Hakili Mamady Keita / Sewa Kan Mastering
In Trance We Trust 019 Mastering
In Trance We Trust, Vol. 20 Menno de Jong / Mike Saint-Jules / Sneijder Mastering
In Trance We Trust, Vol. 21: Mixed by Adam Ellis Mastering
In the Fade [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Joshua Homme Mastering
Inquisifunk TEPR Mastering
Let Your Hands Be My Guide Chantal Acda Mastering
Let's Get Swinging: Modern Jazz in Belgium, 1950-1970 Mastering
Lost Gems From the 70's André Brasseur Mastering
Mellomania 23 Pedro del Mar Mastering
Midnight Hero Howlin' Bill Mastering
Myrki Heima Oliver Englafjord Mastering
Na Drê Dobet Gnahore Mastering
On the Edge Andy Duguid Mastering
On the Quiet Xinobi Mastering
Playa Del Lounge, Vol. 4 Pedro del Mar Mastering
Playa del Lounge, Vol. 3 Pedro del Mar Mastering
Pop Model Mr Sam Mastering
Russia Goes Clubbing: Stage 006 Bobina Mastering
Russia Goes Clubbing: Stage 007 Bobina Mastering
Something for the Pain Ad Brown Mastering
Songs For Clubs, Vol. 2 Zoo Brazil Mastering
Space Odyssey: Mars Moonbeam Mastering
Stranger Than You The Names Mastering
Tell Me the Meaning: The Eclectic Album, Vol. 1 Gyle Waddy Pre-Mastering
The Killing of a Sacred Deer Mastering
The Legendary Bahru Kegne (1929-2000) Bahru Kegne Mastering
The Sky Is The Limit Tom Cloud Mastering
The Square [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Mastering
Trance In Brazil Morttagua Mastering
Unleash the Beat, Vol. 2 Jes Mastering
Unleash the Beat, Vol. 3 Jes Mastering
You Once Told Me Andain Mastering